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Polotsk Uezd, Vitebsk Gubernia, Duma Voter Lists, 3rd Duma, 1907

Copyright © 2008 Michael Steinore


The table below contains 1,142 Jewish voters from Polotsk uezd (district) who were registered to vote in the first or second electoral congresses (assemblies) of city voters for the 3rd Duma in 1907. For more information on interpreting Duma voter list information, please read one or more of the excellent introductions and FAQs on Duma lists available on JewishGen® ( This introduction will focus on these Polotsk lists, which contain full name, voter number, and place of residence. The reason the voter qualified to vote is not included, but if you are interested in a specific person, please contact me. The source of these lists is Vitebskie Gubernskie Vedomosti, the provincial newspaper of Vitebsk Gubernia, which had this logo.

Polotsk was one of the eleven uezds (districts) that comprised Vitebsk Gubernia from 1866 to 1917. The city of Polotsk was the principal town in the district. A Vitebsk Gubernia map shows the geographical boundaries of each uezd, and the city of Polotsk, with a filled-in red dot. 83% of the Jewish voters in the Polotsk lists were listed as residing in the city of Polotsk, 9% are listed as residing in the shtetl of Sirotino, and the remainder in various volosts (townships), small villages and estates. Various abbreviations for administrative areas and town types are used in the list, for example: m. (mestechko), vol. (volost), d. (derevnya), im. (imenye), s. (selo).

Because nationality/religion is indicated for each voter on the lists, Jews are explicitly identified as such. Other nationalities on the lists are: Russian Orthodox, Belarussian Catholic, Lutheran, Old Believers, Poles, and Germans. I extracted only the Jewish voters. Jews accounted for 1,142 of 1,910 voters (60%) in the Polotsk lists. It may appear odd that Jews are a majority of registered voters on these lists at a time when they lived under repressive and discriminatory laws. However, these lists contain only those categories of voters where Jews are likely to be found. There are additional 3rd Duma voter lists containing landowners, nobility, clergy, pensioners, etc. which have few or no Jews. The votes of these latter voters generally counted far more in a complex, weighted voting scheme. Therefore the influence of the Jewish vote was not as great as these lists make it seem.

I sorted the table below by surname, then by congress (1 or 2), then by voter number within the congress. There are several pairs of voters from the same congress who meet this criteria:

  • They both have the same surname
  • They have consecutive voter numbers
  • Either both have the same patronymic, or one's patronymic is the first name of the other
    These are possibly brother-brother or father-son relationships. I retained the congress (C1, C2) and the voter number in the table in order to make it possible to reconstruct the original order of each list. For example, "C2-143" means voter #143 from the second congress list. The genealogical significance of the congress is probably nil, which is why I mixed the two lists together.

    Review the full list carefully because names may be spelled differently than you are used to seeing them. They are transliterated from Russian, and have not been Americanized nor converted to their Hebrew equivalents. Frequently, the same surname or first name appears with minor variations in vowels or consonants. It will be tempting to think that this is a mistake that I made, but I transliterated the lists exactly as I saw them. The more likely explanations are that the names were originally obtained from a source that provided them verbally, the typesetter may have made some mistakes, and/or the typesetter ran out of a particular letter, and used a similar looking letter as a replacement. The list has duplicate names. This is usually because the same voter qualified in more than one qualification category, but it could also be because two or more Jews have the same name. Some entries are filled with '--'. This means the name was not provided on the original list. Some entries contain a '?'. This indicates an illegible letter in cyrillic.

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    Polotsk uezd, Vitebsk Gubernia, Duma Voter Lists. Copyright © 2008 Michael Steinore

    Congress-Voter # Surname First name(s) Patronymic Place of residence
    C2-59 Abelskiy Dovid Berkov Polotsk
    C2-21 Abkin Leizer Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-22 Abkin Movsha Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-23 Abkin Itsyk Berkov Polotsk
    C2-78 Abolskiy Kastriel Berkov Polotsk
    C2-50 Abramovich Leizer Yankelev Nik. Zh. Dor.
    C2-51 Abramovich Iosel Iokhelev Polotsk
    C2-52 Abramovich Meyer Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-53 Abramovich Yankel Ekhilev Polotsk
    C2-54 Abramovich Samuil Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-55 Abramovich Shmuila Yankelev Polotsk
    C1-1 Abramzon Movsha Peisakhov Polotsk
    C2-42 Abramzon Berka Abramov Ekiman
    C2-43 Abramzon Movsha Nokhimov Ekiman
    C2-44 Abramzon Zelik Abramov Ekiman
    C2-64 Abt Zalman Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-65 Abt Abram-Berka Falkov Polotsk
    C2-72 Afremov Elya Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-83 Afroslich Shevel Mordukhov Gomel
    C2-24 Akhitov Borukh Shneerov Polotsk
    C2-14 Akselrod Iosel Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-15 Akselrod Mikhel Simonov Polotsk
    C2-16 Akselrod Kopel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-17 Akselrod Zalman Movshev Polotsk
    C2-18 Akselrod Abram Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-19 Akselrod Izroil Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-20 Akselrod Yuda Movshev Polotsk
    C2-56 Albin Shlema Avseyev Polotsk
    C2-85 Aleinikov Zalman Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-69 Alikimovich Zavel Avelev Polotsk
    C2-70 Alikimovich Avsei Avelev Polotsk
    C2-71 Alikimovich Khaim Avelev Polotsk
    C2-60 Aloi Vulf Aki?ov Polotsk
    C2-61 Aloi Avram Izroelev Polotsk
    C2-10 Altbregin Yankel Meyer Yudov Polotsk
    C2-7 Altbregin Yuda Matisov Polotsk
    C2-8 Altbregin Rakhmil Movshev Polotsk
    C2-9 Altbregin Faibish Movshev Polotsk
    C2-25 Altshuler Movsha Libmanov Polotsk
    C2-26 Altshuler Rafal Libmanov Polotsk
    C2-57 Altvazer Aron Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-2 Aluf Shmuila Itsykov Polotsk
    C2-3 Aluf Dovid Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-4 Aluf Movsha Itsykov Polotsk
    C2-5 Aluf Aron Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-79 Amelkin Mikhel Berkov Polotsk
    C2-66 Ant Zalman Falkov Polotsk
    C2-77 Antselevich Aron Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-63 Apt Movsha Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-6 Arkus Girsha Leizerov Polotsk
    C2-67 Arlievskiy Meyer Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-68 Arlievskiy Dovid Yankelev Polotsk
    C1-2 Aronson Khatskel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-86 Aronson Khatskel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-40 Arsh Itsyk Khaimov Ekiman
    C2-41 Arsh Itsyk Aronov Ekiman
    C2-58 Ashbel Girsh  Nokhimov Polotsk
    C2-90 Asinovskiy Mendel Berkov Polotsk
    C2-91 Asinovskiy Mendel Afroimov Polotsk
    C2-92 Asinovskiy Vulf Samsonov Polotsk
    C2-93 Asinovskiy Khaim Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-73 Astanovskiy Movsha Notov Polotsk
    C2-11 Averbukh Dovid Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-12 Averbukh Leiba Sholomov Polotsk
    C2-13 Averbukh Yankel-Gilka Kastrielev Polotsk
    C2-94 Averbukh Rofal Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-87 Avgustinov Leiba Khononov Polotsk
    C2-62 Avstraikh Vulf Yakovlev Polotsk
    C2-249 Babin Itsyk Leibov Polotsk
    C2-228 Bakhmenda Khaim Berkov Polotsk
    C2-229 Bakhmenda Genikh Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-230 Bakhmenda Khaim Avseyev Polotsk
    C2-134 Bam Sholom Girshev Polotsk
    C2-138 Bank Vulf Girshev Polotsk
    C2-162 Bargik Iosel Girshev Polotsk
    C1-4 Barkan Beniamin Lazarev Polotsk
    C1-5 Barkan Abram Lazarev Polotsk
    C2-107 Barkan Beinus Lazarev Polotsk
    C2-108 Barkan Shlema Berkov Polotsk
    C2-109 Barkan Nokhim Avseyev Sirotino
    C2-110 Barkan Lipa Evelev Sirotino
    C2-111 Barkan Dovid Girshev Polotsk
    C2-112 Barkan Leiba Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-113 Barkan Rofal Girshev Polotsk
    C2-114 Barkan Shmerka Itsykov Polotsk
    C2-115 Barkan Meyer Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-116 Barkan Borukh Abramov Polotsk
    C2-117 Barkan Elya Aronov Polotsk
    C2-118 Barkan Beinus Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-181 Barlin Zelik Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-170 Barsuk Yankel Elyev Polotsk
    C2-171 Barsuk Berka Nosonov Polotsk
    C2-244 Baskin Taftel Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-245 Baskin Girsha Abramov Polotsk
    C2-246 Baskin Movsha Shevelev Polotsk
    C2-156 Beilinson Berka Shmuilov Sirotino
    C2-157 Beilinson Khaim Shmuilov Sirotino
    C2-158 Beilinson Shlema Khaimov Sirotino
    C2-159 Beilinson Meyer Avseyev Gomel
    C2-160 Beilinson Noson Abramov Gomel
    C2-161 Beilinson Avsei Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-206 Beiner Gershen Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-178 Belinchik Yosif Solomonov Polotsk
    C1-9 Belinkiy Genekh Simonov Polotsk
    C2-100 Belinkiy Zalman Tsalkov Polotsk
    C2-101 Belinkiy Mordukh Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-102 Belinkiy Movsha Zalmanov d. Shumilino
    C2-103 Belinkiy Mordukh Leibov Polotsk
    C2-104 Belinkiy Genokh Beinusov Polotsk
    C2-105 Belinkiy Abram Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-106 Belinkiy Vulf-Zalman Berkov Polotsk
    C2-169 Belison Avsei Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-221 Belnin Leizer Danilov Gomel
    C2-187 Berenson Mordukh Mikhelev Polotsk
    C1-7 Berezovskiy Leiba Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-234 Berezovskiy Iosel Leibov Polotsk
    C1-6 Berlin Izrail Berkov Polotsk
    C2-172 Berlin Zalman Shayev Polotsk
    C2-173 Berlin Izrail Berkov Sirotino
    C2-174 Berlin Lipa Evnov Polotsk
    C2-175 Berlin Zalman Shayev Polotsk
    C2-176 Berlin Abram Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-202 Berzon Izroil-Leiba Beniaminov Polotsk
    C2-203 Berzon Dovid Kalmanov Polotsk
    C2-204 Berzon Leiba Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-205 Berzon Zalman-Aron Movshov Polotsk
    C2-280 Berzon Mina Leibov Polotsk
    C2-286 Beshkin Yosif Yosifov zaber. dacha
    C2-303 Beshkin Iosel Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-289 Bezrodnyi Elya Girshev Polotsk
    C2-135 Bim Itsyk Gilkov s. Yurovichi
    C2-136 Bim Movsha Gilkov Ekiman
    C2-287 Bimbam Aron Leibov d. Ivanovo
    C2-163 Bimbat Shevel Abramov Polotsk
    C2-290 Birman Yuda Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-282 Birman? Rofal ?reidelev im. Kazimir.
    C2-164 Birmand Yudel Ruvinov Polotsk
    C2-168 Blinchikov Elya Leibov Polotsk
    C2-233 Blumberg Khaim-Yankel Leibov Polotsk
    C2-207 Blyakhman Khaim Traitelev Polotsk
    C2-208 Blyakhman Sholom Kalmanov Polotsk
    C2-209 Blyakhman Leiba Leizerov Gomel
    C2-210 Blyakhman Abram-Itsyk Elyev Polotsk
    C2-242 Blyakhman Traitel Elyev Polotsk
    C2-247 Blyakhov Ruvin Mordukhov Polotsk
    C2-248 Blyakhov Zalman Leibov Polotsk
    C2-300 Blyum Fishel Urielev Polotsk
    C2-137 Bocheikovskiy Zalman Aizikov Polotsk
    C2-299 Borenshtein Erukhim Avramov Polotsk
    C2-150 Borgin Girsha Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-151 Borgin Iosel Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-296 Borman Samuil Yudov Polotsk
    C2-240 Borok Movsha Itsykov Polotsk
    C2-95 Boyarskiy Shmuila Morimov Polotsk
    C2-96 Boyarskiy Oser-Abel Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-97 Boyarskiy Rakhmiel Samuilov Polotsk
    C2-98 Boyarskiy Izroil Morimov Polotsk
    C2-119 Breida Erufim Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-120 Breida Itsyk Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-126 Breida Vulf Donov Polotsk
    C2-122 Breido Berka Itsykov Shatilovo Petr. vol.
    C2-123 Breido Girsha Erukhimov d. Zun
    C2-124 Breido Itsyk Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-125 Breido Girsha Itsykov Polotsk
    C2-165 Briker Abram Movshev Polotsk
    C2-166 Briker Leiba Abramov st. Bol. Pol. zh. d.
    C2-167 Briker Ruvim Kastrielev Polotsk
    C2-288 Brin Gilel Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-139 Brod Elya Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-140 Brod Shmuila Shlemov Polotsk
    C1-8 Broida Mendel Itsykovich Polotsk
    C2-188 Bruskin Girsha Shabshelev Polotsk
    C2-189 Bruskin Berka Minashev Polotsk
    C2-190 Bruskin Itska Minashev Polotsk
    C2-191 Bruskin Movsha Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-192 Bruskin Meyer Shabsev Polotsk
    C2-193 Bruskin Izroil Ruvinov d. Zabory
    C2-194 Bruskin Ruvin Matusov d. Zabory
    C2-195 Bruskin Zalman Avramov Polotsk
    C2-196 Bruskin Iosel-Girsh Movshev Polotsk
    C2-197 Bruskin Tankhel Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-198 Bruskin Meyer Falkov Polotsk
    C2-199 Bruskin Izroil-Yankel Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-200 Bruskin Girsh-Khaim Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-201 Bruskin Girsha Tankhelev Polotsk
    C2-276 Brustin Abram Ioselev Polotsk
    C1-10 Budnevich Alter Abramov Polotsk
    C2-143 Budnevich Shmuila Berkov Polotsk
    C2-144 Budnevich Mendel Ioselev Sirotino
    C2-145 Budnevich Izroil Ioselev Sirotino
    C2-146 Budnevich Tsalka Mordukhov Polotsk
    C2-147 Budnevich Alter Tsalkov Polotsk
    C2-148 Budnevich Iosel Elyev d. Shumilino
    C2-149 Budnevich Gilka Berkov Polotsk
    C2-211 Budnyanskiy Mendel Berkov Polotsk
    C2-212 Budnyanskiy Berka Simonov Polotsk
    C2-213 Budnyanskiy Leiba Berkov Polotsk
    C2-214 Budnyanskiy Zalman Berkov Polotsk
    C2-184 Bugakov Girsh Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-275 Bunin Berka Mordukhov Polotsk
    C2-278 Byalostotskiy Yakov Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-130 Bykhovskiy Abram Falkov Polotsk
    C2-131 Bykhovskiy Nokhim Falkov Polotsk
    C2-132 Bykhovskiy Simon Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1660 Chashnik Genekh Shlemov Polotsk
    C2-1656 Chernitskiy Mikhel Mordukhov Polotsk
    C2-1657 Chernitskiy Mordukh Shmerkov Polotsk
    C2-1658 Chernom Movsha Avelev Polotsk
    C2-1659 Chernyi-Shvarts Evel Abramov Polotsk
    C2-582 Dainovskiy Khaim Berkov Polotsk
    C2-604 Dan Greinem Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-591 Daniakh Yokhim Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-592 Danilov Faibish Danielev Polotsk
    C2-589 Davidson Borukh Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-593 Davidson Beniamin Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-596 Davidson Zalman Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-601 Davidson Mendel Itsykov Polotsk
    C1-26 Demenshtein Meyer Nakhman. Polotsk
    C1-27 Demenshtein Dovid Aronov Polotsk
    C2-617 Derechinskiy Yosif Isakov Sirotino
    C2-587 Deres Khaim Abramov barsuki zam. vol.
    C2-594 Dimenshtein Itska Simkhov Polotsk
    C2-595 Dimenshtein Movsha Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-605 Dobkin Shlema Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-607 Dobkin Shlioma  Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-615 Dobromyslin Abram Notov Sirotino
    C2-616 Dobromyslin Girsha Notov Sirotino
    C2-610 Donskoi Girsha Yankelev Sirotino
    C2-611 Donskoi Movsha Ioselev Sirotino
    C2-612 Donskoi Zalman Leibov Sirotino
    C2-613 Donskoi Kalman Abramov Sirotino
    C2-614 Donskoi Iosel  Abramov Sirotino
    C2-564 Drabkin Pinkhus Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-583 Drabkin Leizer Itsykov Polotsk
    C2-584 Drabkin Mendel Itskov Polotsk
    C2-585 Drabkin Mordukh Itskov Polotsk
    C2-590 Drabkin Yuda Itskov Polotsk
    C2-600 Drabkin Dovid Gertsev Polotsk
    C1-28 Druts Abram Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-603 Druts Abram Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-597 Druyan Bentsian Rafalov Polotsk
    C1-25 Dvorkin Aron Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-602 Dymenshtein Dovid Meierov Polotsk
    C2-598 Dymshits Girsha Leivikov Polotsk
    C2-599 Dymshits Simon Leivikov Polotsk
    C2-586 Dyner Zadman Itskov im. Trodov.
    C2-1785 Elman Kushel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1786 Elman Girsha Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1792 Emanuel Mendel Itskov Polotsk
    C2-1793 Emanuel Mordukh Khaimov Polotsk
    C1-82 Epshtein Movsha Itskov Polotsk
    C1-83 Epshtein Leiba Izrailev Polotsk
    C1-84 Epshtein Itsyk Movshev Polotsk
    C1-86 Epshtein Rafail Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1787 Epshtein Izroil Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1788 Epshtein Abram Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-1789 Epshtein Mordukh Zundelev Polotsk
    C2-1790 Epshtein Ilya Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1791 Epshtein Rafail Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-1794 Etinberg Iser Litmanov Polotsk
    C1-85 Etingof Khaim Shmuilov Polotsk
    C1-87 Etingof Shmuila Ioselev Polotsk
    C1-72 Faenson Berka Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1612 Faenson Ruvin Itskov Polotsk
    C2-1617 Farbman Shlema Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-1607 Feigelson Aron Leizerov Polotsk
    C2-1611 Feigin Zelik Gilkov Polotsk
    C2-1615 Feiginov Meyer Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1613 Fidelman Shmerka Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-1606 Fish Perets Sholomev Polotsk
    C2-1603 Fraifeld Ruvin Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-1604 Fraifeld Berka Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-1605 Fraifeld Leiba Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1608 Freidkin Izroil Borukhov Polotsk
    C2-1609 Freidkin Borukh Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-1614 Freidlin Meyer Avelev Polotsk
    C2-1596 Fridman Movsha-Meyer Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1597 Fridman Khaim Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1598 Fridman Izroil Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1599 Fridman Samuil Mendelev Polotsk
    C2-1600 Fridman Mendel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1601 Fridman Khaim-Itska Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1610 Frudkin Mendel Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-1602 Frumkin Khaim Itskov Polotsk
    C2-553 Galbraikh Shmuila Mendelev Polotsk
    C1-13 Galerkin Itsyk Irmovich Polotsk
    C1-14 Galerkin Leiba Irmovich Polotsk
    C2-393 Galerkin Itsyk Irmiev Polotsk
    C2-394 Galerkin Itska Zorokhov Polotsk
    C2-395 Galerkin Abel Zorokhov Polotsk
    C2-396 Galerkin Movsha Irmiev Polotsk
    C2-397 Galerkin Mendel Girshev Polotsk
    C2-398 Galerkin Girsha Faibishev Polotsk
    C2-399 Galerkin Leiba Irmiev Polotsk
    C2-400 Galerkin Abram Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-401 Galerkin Yuda Itskov Polotsk
    C2-538 Gamusin Khaim Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-546 Gandman Shlioma-Zelik -- Polotsk
    C2-508 Ganeli? Alter Aronov Polotsk
    C2-437 Ganz Mendel Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-498 Gasinovsky Yankel Sinaev Polotsk
    C2-499 Gasinovsky Neukh Aronov Polotsk
    C2-526 Gaukhman Yankel-Itsik Elyev Polotsk
    C2-527 Gaukhman Yankel Elyev Polotsk
    C2-510 Ge?s Dovid Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-392 Geilikman Tevel Zevelev Polotsk
    C2-438 Gelbart Sima Movshev Polotsk
    C2-439 Gelbart Meyer Gelmanov Polotsk
    C2-505 Gelman Evel Ziskov Polotsk
    C2-364 Gelshtein Zalman Yokholev Polotsk
    C2-365 Gelshtein Mendel Zekhelev Polotsk
    C2-366 Gelshtein Mordukh-Iosher Zekhelev Polotsk
    C2-367 Gelshtein Berka Yokhelev Polotsk
    C2-368 Gelshtein Gershen Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-369 Gelshtein Iosel Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-370 Gelshtein Avsei Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-537 Gendin Beniamin Zuskov Polotsk
    C2-511 Genov Borukh Khatskelev Polotsk
    C2-512 Genov Meyer Shayev Polotsk
    C2-523 Gershburg Abel Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-524 Gershburg Avsei Abelev Polotsk
    C2-371 Gershits Avsei Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-491 Gilchenok Abram Khaimov Polotsk
    C1-23 Gilshtein Gershen Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-440 Gindin Sima Shlemovich Polotsk
    C2-441 Gindin Dovid Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-442 Gindin Meyer Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-443 Gindin Izroil Leibov Polotsk
    C2-444 Gindin Yankel Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-445 Gindin Zalman-Leiba Kalmanov Polotsk
    C2-446 Gindin Yankel Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-447 Gindin Itska Leibov Polotsk
    C2-448 Gindin Simon Abramov Polotsk
    C2-449 Gindin Simon Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-450 Gindin Gershen Izroilev Polotsk
    C1-16 Ginzburg Khaim Zalmanov Polotsk
    C1-17 Ginzburg Moisei-Rafail Vulfov Polotsk
    C1-18 Ginzburg Rafail Iserov Polotsk
    C1-19 Ginzburg Mordukh Abramov Polotsk
    C2-428 Ginzburg Vulf Eberov Polotsk
    C2-429 Ginzburg Nokhim Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-430 Ginzburg Izroil Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-431 Ginzburg Moisei Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-432 Ginzburg Abram Girshev Polotsk
    C2-433 Ginzburg Beniamin Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-490 Gitlin Movsha Berkov Polotsk
    C2-456 Glazman Mendel Itskov Polotsk
    C2-457 Glazman Shevel Itskovich Polotsk
    C2-458 Glazman Itsik Avelev Polotsk
    C2-459 Glazman Leiba Itskov Polotsk
    C2-460 Glazman Itska Avseyev Polotsk
    C2-532 Glezin Yankel Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-539 Glikman Leiba Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-520 Gober Abram Avseyev Polotsk
    C2-519 Gofenshefer Shender Shmerkov Polotsk
    C2-530 Gofman Izroil Leibov Polotsk
    C2-531 Goftman Izroil Levikov Polotsk
    C2-509 Golbreikh Sholom Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-405 Goldin Elya Leibov Polotsk
    C2-406 Goldin Mikhel Elyevich Polotsk
    C2-407 Goldin Dovid Idelev Polotsk
    C2-408 Goldin Nokhim Mordukhov d. Borsukha
    C2-409 Goldin Noson Peisakhov Polotsk
    C2-410 Goldin Peisakh Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-411 Goldin Berka Shliomov Polotsk
    C2-412 Goldin Mikhel Elyev Polotsk
    C2-552 Goldshtein Movsha Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-451 Golman Khaim Borukhov Polotsk
    C2-452 Golman Leizer Borukhov Polotsk
    C2-453 Golman Movsha Tsalkov Polotsk
    C2-454 Golman Nokhim Tsalkov Polotsk
    C2-455 Golman Khaim Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-513 Golomshtok Noson Nokhimov Polotsk
    C2-514 Golomshtok Movsha Izrailev Polotsk
    C2-500 Golts Girsha Shebshelev Polotsk
    C1-20 Gordin Iokhonon Irmovich Polotsk
    C2-492 Gordin Movsha Berkov Polotsk
    C2-404 Gorosh Menakhim Elyev Polotsk
    C2-403 Gorosh  Mendel Elyashev Polotsk
    C2-402 Gorosha Minakhem Ilyashev Polotsk
    C2-529 Gotgilf Aron Leibov Polotsk
    C2-525 Grin Movsha Aronov Polotsk
    C2-502 Grinblat Khaim Yudov Polotsk
    C2-503 Grinblat Shmuil Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-504 Grinblat Rafol Oserov Polotsk
    C2-521 Gringroz Aron Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-522 Gringroz Peisakh Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-434 Grinzaid Abram Simonov Polotsk
    C2-435 Grinzaid Abram Girshev Polotsk
    C2-436 Grinzaid Movsha Simonov Polotsk
    C2-515 Grodinskiy Borukh Aronov Polotsk
    C2-516 Grodinskiy Mordukh Borukhov Polotsk
    C2-517 Grodnenskiy Abram Leibov Polotsk
    C2-518 Grodnenskiy Leiba Aronov Polotsk
    C2-493 Grudnikov Zalman Shliomov Polotsk
    C2-494 Grudnikov Berka Shliomov Polotsk
    C2-495 Grudnikov Leiba Leizerov Polotsk
    C2-506 Gubelban Itsik Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-507 Gubelbank Itska Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-497 Gulyak Abram Itskovich Polotsk
    C1-21 Gurevich Shevel Avseyev Polotsk
    C1-22 Gurevich Dovid Shayevich Polotsk
    C2-372 Gurevich Izroil Peisakhov Polotsk
    C2-373 Gurevich Noson Berkov Polotsk
    C2-374 Gurevich Yankel Leibov Polotsk
    C2-375 Gurevich Izroil Shevelev Polotsk
    C2-376 Gurevich Khaim Shmerkov Polotsk
    C2-377 Gurevich ?evi? Zalmanov Kazimirovo
    C2-378 Gurevich Ziska Tevelev ?? dacha
    C2-379 Gurevich Khaim-Berka Shmuilov Sit. dacha
    C2-380 Gurevich Mordukh Movshev Polotsk
    C2-381 Gurevich Iosel Girshev Polotsk
    C2-382 Gurevich Dovid Shaev Polotsk
    C2-383 Gurevich Pinkhus Aronov Polotsk
    C2-384 Gurevich Shmerka Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-385 Gurevich Mikhel Aronov Polotsk
    C2-386 Gurevich Shevel Gamsheyev Polotsk
    C2-387 Gurevich Aron Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-388 Gurevich Khaim Yudov Polotsk
    C2-389 Gurevich Berka Aronov Polotsk
    C2-390 Gurevich Movsha Abelev Polotsk
    C2-391 Gurevich Rafail Abramov Polotsk
    C2-563 Guterman Yudel Leivikov Polotsk
    C2-551 Gutin Shevel Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-413 Gutkin Berka Teselev Polotsk
    C2-414 Gutkin Faibish Neukhov Polotsk
    C2-415 Gutkin Mendel Abramov Polotsk
    C2-416 Gutkin Vulf Neukhov Polotsk
    C2-417 Gutkin Neukh Faibishev Polotsk
    C2-418 Gutkin Itsyk Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-419 Gutkin Mikhel Itsikov Polotsk
    C2-420 Gutkin Iosel-Meyer Itskov Polotsk
    C2-421 Gutkin Samuil Itskov Polotsk
    C2-422 Gutkin Itsik Leibov Polotsk
    C2-423 Gutkin Anshel Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-424 Gutkin Zalman Oserov Polotsk
    C2-425 Gutkin Borukh Shliomov Polotsk
    C2-426 Gutkin ?eivas Gutmanov Polotsk
    C2-427 Gutkin Samuil ?eldev Polotsk
    C2-714 Ilyev Gertsel Borukhov Polotsk
    C2-715 Ilyev Borukh Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-716 Ilyev Zalman Borukhov Polotsk
    C2-717 Imenitov Moisei Aleksandr. Polotsk
    C1-31 Iofe Iokhel Saimovich Polotsk
    C2-721 Iofe Movsha Lazarov Polotsk
    C2-722 Iofe Dovid Pinkhusov Polotsk
    C2-723 Iofe Girsha Lazarev Polotsk
    C2-724 Iofe Izrail Lazarev Polotsk
    C2-725 Iofe Moisei Inselevich Polotsk
    C2-726 Iofe Vulf Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-727 Iofe Yokhel-Khaim Tsalkov Polotsk
    C2-728 Iofe Rafail Lazarev Polotsk
    C2-729 Iofe Girsha Gershenov Polotsk
    C2-730 Iofe Ilya Pinkhusov Polotsk
    C2-731 Iofe Lazar Gershenov Polotsk
    C2-732 Iofe Mendel Avseyev Sirotino
    C2-733 Iofik Movsha Girshev Chernolazovo
    C2-734 Ioselevich Nokhim Zalmanov Chernolazovo
    C2-713 Itingof Abram Shepshelev Polotsk
    C2-718 Itkenson Shlema Movshev Polotsk
    C1-30 Izraelit Zalman Borukhov Polotsk
    C2-711 Izroelit Zalman Borukhov Polotsk
    C2-712 Izroelit Borukh Zalmanov Polotsk
    C1-33 Kabalkin Noson Senderov Polotsk
    C1-34 Kabalkin Shender Abramov Polotsk
    C2-860 Kabalkin Sender Abramov Polotsk
    C2-912 Kachan -- -- Polotsk
    C2-928 Kachtov Movsha Zalmanov Polotsk
    C1-35 Kagan Gilka Itsykov Polotsk
    C1-36 Kagan Nokhim Elyevich Polotsk
    C2-737 Kagan Berka Abramov Polotsk
    C2-772 Kagan Gershen Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-785 Kagan Mordukh Girshev Polotsk
    C2-787 Kagan Shmerka Gilkov Polotsk
    C2-798 Kagan Leiba Elyev Polotsk
    C2-808 Kagan Gilel Itskov Polotsk
    C2-812 Kagan Pinkhus Gilkov Polotsk
    C2-814 Kagan Nokhim Elyev Polotsk
    C2-931 Kagan Abram Nokhimov Polotsk
    C2-786 Kagotov Girsha Simonov Polotsk
    C2-858 Kagotov Leiba Nokhimov Polotsk
    C2-918 Kalishchin Izrail Abramov Polotsk
    C2-925 Kalmikov Dovid Movshev Polotsk
    C2-800 Kalmykov Dovid Movshev Polotsk
    C2-934 Kalmykov Zuska Aronov Polotsk
    C2-841 Kamenev Nakhman Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-836 Kapelovskiy Zuskind Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-929 Kaplan Motus Nosonov Polotsk
    C2-804 Kaplun Movsha Peretsov Polotsk
    C2-837 Karovatskiy Aizik Dovidov Polotsk
    C1-32 Katsenelson Movsha Lazarev Polotsk
    C2-824 Katsenelson Shlioma Lazarev Polotsk
    C2-773 Katstov Shmuila Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-834 Katstov Mordukh Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-739 Kavlin Faibish Nasled. Polotsk
    C2-784 Kayem Yuda Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-809 Kayem Yankel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-813 Kayem Dovid Getselev Polotsk
    C2-823 Kayem Zelik Iserov Polotsk
    C2-838 Kayem Iser Movshev Polotsk
    C2-851 Kayem Yankel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-909 Kayem Khonon -- Polotsk
    C2-910 Kayem Zalman-Girsha Nokhimov Polotsk
    C2-911 Kayem Isak Grigorev Polotsk
    C2-878 Kazanskiy Tsalka Dovidov Sirotino
    C2-879 Kazanskiy Gilka Dovidov Sirotino
    C2-880 Kazanskiy Shmuila Gilkov Sirotino
    C2-881 Kazanskiy Mordukh Aronov Sirotino
    C2-801 Kazhdan Itska Aronov Polotsk
    C2-839 Kazhdan Ilya Girshev Polotsk
    C2-882 Kazyanskiy Avsei Yudovin Sirotino
    C2-883 Kazyanskiy Izrail Meyerov Sirotino
    C2-884 Kazyanskiy Dovid Zalmanov Sirotino
    C2-885 Kazyanskiy Vulf Meyerov Sirotino
    C2-886 Kazyanskiy Avsei Itsykov Sirotino
    C2-887 Kazyanskiy Shmuila Zalmanov Sirotino
    C2-888 Kazyanskiy Berka Itsykov Sirotino
    C2-889 Kazyanskiy Iosel-Mordukh Leibov Sirotino
    C2-890 Kazyanskiy Khaim Mordukhov Sirotino
    C2-891 Kazyanskiy Mordukh-Khaim Mordukhov Sirotino
    C2-774 Kelin Iosel Yudov Polotsk
    C2-1628 Khaikin Itsik Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1627 Khanutin Mendel Gershenov Polotsk
    C2-1630 Khaskovich Ruvin Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1635 Khavkin Aizik Erukhimov Sirotino
    C2-1631 Kheifits Girsha Movshev Polotsk
    C1-73 Khein Yankel Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1625 Khidekel Sana Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1626 Khidekel Nokhim Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1629 Khonin Girsha Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1634 Khotsyanov Khaim Nakhmanov Sirotino
    C2-810 Kissin Movsha Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-853 Kizelshtein Sholom Itskov Polotsk
    C2-933 Kizelshtein Movsha Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-782 Klebanov Movsha Berkov Polotsk
    C2-830 Klupt Iosel Shlemov Polotsk
    C2-775 Klyachko Khaim Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-827 Kocher Iosel Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-846 Kocher Iosel Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-850 Kodotov Aron Leibov Polotsk
    C2-780 Kogotov Itska Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-788 Koldobkin Yankel Ber?ov Polotsk
    C2-937 Kolotov Itska Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-799 Konikov Abram Girshev Polotsk
    C2-811 Konikov Avsei Leibov Polotsk
    C1-39 Kopeikin Mendel Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-778 Kopeikin Peisakh Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-832 Kopeikin Avsei Izroil Polotsk
    C2-859 Kopeikin Izrail Avseyev Polotsk
    C2-828 Kopeikin  Girsha Abramov Polotsk
    C2-816 Kopelevich Esil Movshev Polotsk
    C2-783 Kopilevich Zalman Yefroimov Polotsk
    C2-847 Kopylov Avsei Abramov Polotsk
    C2-779 Kopylovskiy Ziskind Yakovlev Polotsk
    C2-924 Kotrov Zalman -- Polotsk
    C2-736 Kots Rafal Tsalkelev Polotsk
    C2-781 Kots Shneer Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-802 Kots Tankhel Elyev Polotsk
    C2-805 Kots Girsha Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-826 Kots Borukh Tankhelev Polotsk
    C2-842 Kots Mordukh Beinusov Polotsk
    C2-854 Kots Abram Peretsov Polotsk
    C2-913 Kots Borukh Tankhelev Polotsk
    C2-914 Kots Mendel Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-833 Kots-Kagan Mordukh Girshev Polotsk
    C2-738 Kovarskiy Neukh Shliomov Polotsk
    C2-776 Kovarskiy Itska Shlemov Polotsk
    C2-777 Kovner Elya Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-932 Kovner Mikhel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-806 Kozelshtein Sholom Itskov Polotsk
    C2-829 Kozliner Mendel Iosifova Polotsk
    C2-892 Kozyanskiy Mordukh Khaimov Sirotino
    C2-831 Kraichik Leiba Abramov Polotsk
    C2-849 Krakovskiy Iosel Itsikov Polotsk
    C2-840 Kramnik Miron Gerasimov Polotsk
    C2-907 Krasilshchik Shabsha -- Polotsk
    C2-908 Krasilshchik Yankel Shabshev Polotsk
    C2-930 Kremer Nakhman Abramov Polotsk
    C2-815 Krivin Abram Avseyev Polotsk
    C2-807 Krivosheyev Osher Abramov Polotsk
    C2-803 Kruglyak Movsha Elyev Polotsk
    C2-825 Kruglyak Yankel Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-922 Kruglyak Iosel Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-893 Krupkin Leiba Khaimov Sirotino
    C2-894 Krupkin Nakhman Khaimov Sirotino
    C2-895 Krupkin Mendel Yudov Sirotino
    C2-835 Kuznetsov Yekhonov Abramov Polotsk
    C1-40 Lande Khaim Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1006 Lando Khaim Gershev Polotsk
    C2-948 Lanzad Dovid Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1042 Lapiro Abel Shmuilov Sirotino
    C2-966 Lazarev Meyer Abramov Polotsk
    C2-967 Lazarev Sholom Rafailov Polotsk
    C2-968 Lazarev Dovid Movshev Polotsk
    C2-969 Lazarev Abram Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-970 Lazarev Abram Leibov Polotsk
    C2-971 Lazarev Nokhim Abramov Polotsk
    C2-972 Lazarev Rafail Leibov Polotsk
    C2-973 Lazarev Kh? Abramov Polotsk
    C2-974 Lazovskiy Khaim Shlemov Polotsk
    C2-975 Lazovskiy Abram Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-976 Lazovskiy Yankel Shlemov Polotsk
    C2-949 Leikin Beinus Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-950 Leikin Leizer Beinusov Polotsk
    C2-951 Leikin Mendel Simonov Polotsk
    C2-952 Leikin Avsei Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-953 Leikin Beinus Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-985 Lev Beinus Leibov Sirotino
    C2-986 Lev Izroil -- Sirotino
    C2-987 Lev Abram Leibov Sirotino
    C2-988 Lev Shlema Abramov Sirotino
    C2-989 Lev Leiba Khaimov Sirotino
    C2-990 Lev Khaim Leibov Sirotino
    C2-991 Lev Elya Yankelev Sirotino
    C2-992 Lev Girsha Vulfov Sirotino
    C2-993 Lev Girsh  Leibov Sirotino
    C2-1045 Lev?ov Leiba Beinusov Polotsk
    C2-1041 Levakht Khaim Velkov Polotsk
    C1-42 Levin Evna Nokhimov Polotsk
    C1-43 Levin Shmuila Shliomov Polotsk
    C1-44 Levin Movsha Yudov Polotsk
    C2-1000 Levin Shlema Evnov Polotsk
    C2-994 Levin Abram Evnov Polotsk
    C2-995 Levin Zalman Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-996 Levin Vulf Movshev Polotsk
    C2-997 Levin Dovid Simanov Polotsk
    C2-998 Levin Rafal Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-999 Levin Samuil Evnov Polotsk
    C2-1052 Levintal Meyer Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1044 Levit Vulf Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-964 Levit Khaim Abelev Polotsk
    C2-965 Levit Shmuila Beniaminov Polotsk
    C2-1001 Levman Mikhel Itskov Polotsk
    C2-1025 Liberman Aron Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-1026 Liberman Girsha Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1027 Liberman Girsha Nokhimov Polotsk
    C2-1028 Liberman Nokhom Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1008 Libman Elya Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-1009 Libman Elya Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1010 Libman Girsha Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1023 Likhterman Srol Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1024 Likhterman Izroil Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-1051 Lipkin Noson Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1022 Livshits Vulf-Berka Movshev Polotsk
    C2-954 Livshits Dovid Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-955 Livshits Mendel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-956 Livshits Girsha Aronov Polotsk
    C2-957 Livshits Movsha Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-958 Livshits Bentsion Litmanov Polotsk
    C2-959 Livshits Abram Pinkhusov Polotsk
    C2-960 Livshits Zalman Movshev Polotsk
    C2-961 Livshits Mendel Yudov Polotsk
    C2-962 Livshits Yuda Abramov Polotsk
    C2-963 Livshits Elya Pinkhusov Polotsk
    C2-940 Lupts Iosif Meyerov Polotsk
    C1-45 Lurya Zundel Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-978 Lurye Khaim Movshev Polotsk
    C2-979 Lurye Khaim-Movsha Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-980 Lurye Elya-Mera Litmanov Polotsk
    C2-981 Lurye Leiba Notov Masarino
    C2-982 Lurye Tsemokh Berkov Sirotino
    C2-983 Lurye Nokhim Notov Sirotino
    C2-1002 Lyubchik Leiba Shebelev Polotsk
    C2-1004 Lyubinskiy Girsha Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-1003 Lyublin Leiba Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-1082 Magarsak Aron Shlemov Polotsk
    C2-1125 Magid Abram Movshev Polotsk
    C1-47 Magidson Meyer Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1147 Magidson Meyer Zalmanov Sirotino
    C2-1119 Maimin Shaya Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1133 Maimin Ruvin Elyevich Sirotino
    C2-1124 Malkin Elya Shlemov Polotsk
    C1-49 Manevich Abram Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1088 Manevich Bentsion Bentsionov Polotsk
    C2-1090 Manevich Mendel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1091 Manevich Girsha Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1092 Manevich Dovid Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1093 Manevich Mordukh Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-1094 Manevich Abram Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1095 Manevich Shmuila Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1096 Manevich Aron Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1097 Manevich Gavriel Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1098 Manevich Ruvin Gavrilov Polotsk
    C2-1102 Manevich Peisakh Pinkhusov Polotsk
    C2-1084 Margolin Zelik Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-1085 Margolin Yankel Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1086 Margolin Movsha Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-1149 Margolin Oser Shmuilov Sirotino
    C2-1150 Margolin Itska Meyerovich Sirotino
    C2-1139 Markman Zelik -- Sirotino
    C1-50 Markovich Bentsian Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1152 Marmur Peisikh Abramov Sirotino
    C2-1121 Masarskiy Itsik Sheftelev Polotsk
    C2-1141 Masarskiy Leiba Dovidov Sirotino
    C2-1167 Masarskiy Mendel Khaimov Ekiman
    C2-1168 Masarskiy Zalman Berkov Ekiman
    C2-1169 Masarskiy Leizer Shliomov Ekiman
    C2-1170 Masarskiy Yuda Davidovich Ekiman
    C2-1171 Masarskiy Ruvin Zalmanov 1-i Ekiman
    C2-1172 Masarskiy Ruvin Zalmanov 2-i Ekiman
    C2-1173 Masarskiy Avsei Geshelevich Ekiman
    C2-1174 Masarskiy Yankel Movshev Ekiman
    C2-1175 Masarskiy Movsha Litmanov Ekiman
    C2-1176 Masarskiy Shevel Mendelev Ekiman
    C2-1177 Masarskiy Aron Dovidov Ekiman
    C2-1163 Matikov Zalman Leibov Ekiman
    C2-1142 Matkov Neukh Leibov Sirotino
    C2-1146 Matyuko? Zalman Berkov Sirotino
    C1-46 Maye? Izrail Itsykov Polotsk
    C1-48 Mazel Evzor Zundalev Polotsk
    C2-1138 Maziye Izroil Mordukhov Sirotino
    C2-1178 Maziye Izroil Mikhelev Ekiman
    C2-1161 Mebel Abel Mordukhov Ekiman
    C2-1120 Meikson Avsei Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1089 Mekler Sender Itskov Polotsk
    C1-51 Meller Zalman Abramov Arteikov. v.
    C2-1122 Meller Zalman Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1135 Meller Yakov Beniaminov Sirotino
    C2-1151 Mendlin Mendel Itsikov Sirotino
    C2-1140 Menta Freidel Yerukhimov Sirotino
    C2-1153 Meyerzon Iosel Falkov Sirotino
    C2-1134 Milkin Yuda Movshev Sirotino
    C2-1126 Milner Meyer Abelev Polotsk
    C2-1127 Milner Abel Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1128 Milner Dovid Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1144 Mindlin Leiba Zalmanov Sirotino
    C2-1160 Mindlin Gilka Movshev Ekiman
    C2-1145 Minkov Yuda Tsemakhov Sirotino
    C2-1148 Minkov Itska Borukhov Sirotino
    C2-1154 Minkov Abram Elyev Sirotino
    C2-1123 Minkov  Itsik Borukhov Polotsk
    C2-1087 Minkovich Berka Leimo? Polotsk
    C2-1162 Minkovich Elya Leibov Ekiman
    C1-52 Mints Berka Girshev Polotsk
    C1-53 Mints Mendel-Leiba Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1129 Mints Leiba Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1130 Mints Abel Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1131 Mints Leiba Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1132 Mints Itska Borukhovich Sirotino
    C2-1136 Miringof Afroim Beniaminov Sirotino
    C2-1118 Mirman Dovid Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1099 Mitsengendler Elya Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1099b Mitsengendler Tsalka Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1100 Mitsengendler Aron Itskov Polotsk
    C2-1101 Mitsengendler Itska Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1143 Mochkin Zalman Ioselev Sirotino
    C2-1083 Motsekhen Tsalka Leizerov Polotsk
    C2-1137 Munits Tevel Zalmanov Sirotino
    C2-1194 Neigauzen Zalman Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1193 Nemoitin Berka Avseyev Polotsk
    C2-1191 Nevinyanskiy Mendel Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1192 Nisengakhzen Movsha Avseyev Polotsk
    C2-1195 Notes Itska Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1199 Novik Gertsik Berkov Sirotino
    C2-1200 Novik Simon Gershev Sirotino
    C2-1225 Ogurek Perets Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-1213 Okunev Khaim Tevelev Sirotino
    C2-1223 Orenburg Mendel Zelikov Polotsk
    C2-1221 Orlievskiy Yankel -- Polotsk
    C2-1222 Osman Iosel Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1224 Ostanovskiy Leizer Notov Polotsk
    C2-1220 Ostrovskiy Iosel Vulfov Sirotino
    C2-1263 P?nizovskiy Zalman Shevelev Polotsk
    C2-1267 Paikin Zavel Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1268 Paikin Dovid Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1269 Paikin Abram-Itsyk Faivishev Polotsk
    C2-1270 Paikin Berka Faitelevich Polotsk
    C2-1271 Paikin Dovid Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1317 Papernov Mendel Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-1288 Peisakhov  Khaim Rofailov Polotsk
    C2-1287 Peisakhovich Abel Khatskelev Polotsk
    C2-1320 Peisakhovich Itska Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1286 Peisekhovich Mendel Leibov Polotsk
    C1-54 Peizner Bentsian Elyev Polotsk
    C2-1283 Peizner Bentsian Elyevich Polotsk
    C2-1284 Peizner Aron Aizikovich Polotsk
    C2-1285 Perelman Faibish Gilelev Polotsk
    C2-1272 Perman Monus Vulfov Rudnya, Arteik. vol.
    C2-1330 Pesenson Monus Ioselev Gomel
    C2-1331 Pesenson Monus Vulfov Gomel
    C2-1294 Pesin Shlema -- Polotsk
    C2-1243 Petrovskiy Leiba Leizerov Polotsk
    C2-1244 Petrovskiy Leizer Sholomov Polotsk
    C2-1308 Pirutinskiy Itska Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1309 Pirutinskiy Dovid Shabshelev Polotsk
    C2-1291 Pisman Rakhmiel Freidelev Polotsk
    C2-1307 Pitushin Izroil-Movsha Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1306 Pitushkin Leiba Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1274 Pizov Berka Mordukhov Sirotino
    C2-1310 Plagov Oser Yudov Polotsk
    C2-1311 Plak?in Zalman Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-1314 Plaskin Avsei -- Polotsk
    C2-1312 Plotkin Abram Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-1329 Plotkin Mendel Khaimov Gomel
    C2-1275 Podei Zalman Itsykov Osinavka, Petr. vol.
    C2-1275b Polei Meyer Itsykov Polotsk
    C1-55 Polyakov Shmerka Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1276 Polyakov Girsha Abramov Dimitrievo, Aleksan. v.
    C2-1277 Polyakov Abram Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1278 Polyakov Faivish Itskov Polotsk
    C2-1305 Posternak Borukh -- Polotsk
    C2-1316 Posternak Leiba Mordukhov Polotsk
    C2-1315 Presmushkin Alter Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1279 Pristin Movsha Borukhov Sirotino
    C2-1280 Pristin Zalman Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1281 Pristin Itska Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-1282 Pristin Borukh Itskov Polotsk
    C2-1295 Proger Borukh Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1296 Proger Zalman Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1292 Prokta Yankel Shmerkov Polotsk
    C2-1293 Provod Elya Yudkinov Polotsk
    C2-1273 Prusakov Girsha Ioselev Rudnya, Arteik. vol.
    C2-1289 Prusovskiy Yankel Motelev Polotsk
    C2-1290 Puklin Zalman Zevelev Polotsk
    C2-1264 Pyatov Abram Ruvinovich Polotsk
    C2-1265 Pyatov Shmuila Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1266 Pyatov Abel Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1388 Rabiner Leiba Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1411 Rabiner Gershen-Yankel Yudov Sirotino
    C1-57 Rabinovich Nokhim Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1376 Rabinovich Leiba Avseyev Polotsk
    C2-1377 Rabinovich Girsha Getselev im. Cherepino
    C2-1378 Rabinovich Yankel Mendel. Kurilovshch.
    C2-1379 Rabinovich Khaim Zalmanov Kurilovshch.
    C2-1380 Rabinovich Dovid Itskovich Kurilovshch.
    C2-1412 Rabkin Dovid Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-1353 Rabukhin Gilka Zalmanov Sokolishche, Efr. vol.
    C2-1354 Rabukhin Zalman Yankelev Sokolishche, Efr. vol.
    C2-1342 Ragolskiy Ruvin Itsikov Polotsk
    C2-1404 Raikhlin Mendel -- Polotsk
    C2-1345 Raikin Kasriel Elyev Polotsk
    C2-1346 Raikin Zalman Elyev Polotsk
    C2-1347 Raikin Rofal Elyev Polotsk
    C2-1348 Raikin Leizer Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1349 Raikin Mendel Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1350 Raikin Iosel Zalmanov Sokolishche, Efr. vol.
    C1-58 Rainus Girsha Leizerov Polotsk
    C2-1403 Rainus Abel Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-1407 Rakson Rofal Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1359 Rapoport Zalman Notov Polotsk
    C2-1360 Rapoport Leiba Notov Polotsk
    C2-1361 Rapoport Nota Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1374 Raskin Elya Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-1375 Raskin Azriel Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1399 Ratner Berka Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1405 Ravkind Faibish Rafailov Polotsk
    C2-1385 Razbe Sprints Berkov d. Shumilino
    C2-1372 Redkin Iosel Neukhov Polotsk
    C2-1362 Reingald Ziskind Shlemov Polotsk
    C2-1395 Reitman Yuda Elyev Polotsk
    C2-1389 Relman Dovid Elyevich Polotsk
    C2-1393 Relman Mendel Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-1369 Reznikov Yankel Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1366 Reznikov-Levit Movsha Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1367 Reznikov-Levit Zalman Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-1368 Reznikov-Levit -- Samsonov Polotsk
    C2-1351 Rikin Abram Elyev Sokolishche, Efr. vol.
    C2-1409 Rinenbaum Dovid Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-1408 Risin Beniamin Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1402 Rivin Khatskel Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1373 Rivkin Aron Leizerov Polotsk
    C1-60 Rivlin Sholom Yankelev Polotsk
    C1-61 Rivlin Beniamin Lazarev Polotsk
    C2-1343 Rivlin Abram Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1344 Rivlin Sholom Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1381 Rodshild Yakov Genekhov Lukovtsy
    C2-1370 Rofalovich Leizer Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1371 Rofalovich Shevel Elyev Polotsk
    C2-1400 Rom  Noson Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1391 Romanovskiy Kosriel Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1401 Romm Vulf Nakhmanov Polotsk
    C2-1387 Rozemblyum Klementiy Ruvelev Polotsk
    C2-1386 Rozov Mendel Aronov Nevedr. dacha
    C2-1352 Rubakhin Samuil Nokhimov Sokolishche, Efr. vol.
    C2-1363 Rubashkin Zalman Mendelev Polotsk
    C2-1364 Rubashkin Movsha Aizikov  Polotsk
    C2-1365 Rubashkin Borukh Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-1382 Rubenchik Shmuila Mendelev Sirotino
    C2-1384 Rubens Aron Leibovich im. Razsolai
    C2-1410 Rudov Shmuila Elyev Sirotino
    C2-1396 Rumel Mendel Devidov Polotsk
    C2-1355 Rusonik Mendel Borukhov Sokolishche, Efr. vol.
    C2-1356 Rusonik Shmuila Gartselov Sokolishche, Efr. vol.
    C2-1357 Rusonik Abram Dovidov Sokolishche, Efr. vol.
    C2-1358 Rusonik Borukh Gertsikov Sokolishche, Efr. vol.
    C2-1383 Rutenberg Shmuila Zalmanov Sirotino
    C2-1406 Rybakov Leizer -- Polotsk
    C2-1499 Sadkin Mendel Mikhel Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1502 Sakhartov Leiba Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1507 Sakhartov Leiba Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1529 Sandler Leiba Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1487 Saperson Mordukh Yankelev im. Makharovo
    C2-1488 Saperson Girsha Yankelev Polotsk
    C1-62 Sapirson Yankel Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1739 Shabashev Savelii Martinov Sirotino
    C2-1735 Shabashov Khatskel Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1738 Shabashov Abram Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1736 Shabasov Kerpel Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1737 Shabasov Ber  Khatskelev Polotsk
    C2-1757 Shaikin Dovid Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1726 Shakhman Mendel Pertsov Polotsk
    C2-1725 Shalman Berka Pertsov Polotsk
    C2-1727 Shalman Nota Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1728 Shalman Alter Mordukhov Polotsk
    C2-1729 Shalman Nokhim -- Polotsk
    C2-1729b Shalman Mordukh Yudov Polotsk
    C2-1707 Shames Zalman Itsikov Polotsk
    C2-1708 Shames Khatskel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1709 Shames Gilka Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1740 Shapiro Shmuila Nosonov Polotsk
    C2-1741 Shapiro Afroim Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1764 Shapiro Mikhel Movshev Ekiman
    C2-1744 Shatsman Elya Ekhilev Polotsk
    C2-1745 Shatsman Mendel Zhokhovich Polotsk
    C2-1746 Shatsman Elya Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-1766 Shaver Vulf Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-1760 Sheinin Zalman Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-1778 Shekhmeister Meyer Simonov Polotsk
    C2-1756 Shenkman Dovid Matusov Polotsk
    C2-1758 Sherman Khaim Shlemov Polotsk
    C2-1759 Shif  Beinus Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1721 Shifman Vulf Rafailov Polotsk
    C2-1722 Shifman Rafal Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-1723 Shifman Iosel Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-1724 Shifman Mikhel Abramov Polotsk
    C1-75 Shik Khaim Shlemov Polotsk
    C1-76 Shik Aizik Khonov Polotsk
    C2-1719 Shik Iosel Davidov  Polotsk
    C2-1720 Shik Genukh Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-1776 Shkolnikov Noson Erukhimov Polotsk
    C1-81 Shlosberg Leiba Nosonov Polotsk
    C2-1710 Shneivas Movsha Izrailev Polotsk
    C2-1711 Shneivas Dovid Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1712 Shneivas Zalman Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-1713 Shneivas Khaim Leizerov Polotsk
    C2-1714 Shneivas Meyer Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-1715 Shneivas Menakhem Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1716 Shneivas Shlema Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-1717 Shneivas Dovid Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1718 Shneivas Peisakh Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-1747 Shpaer Mordukh Eselev Polotsk
    C2-1748 Shpaer Ruvin Mordukhov Polotsk
    C2-1749 Shpaer Leivik Nakhmanov Polotsk
    C2-1750 Shteintsaig Mendel Itsikov Polotsk
    C2-1751 Shteintsaig Movsha Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1752 Shteintsaig Izroil Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1753 Shteintsaig Berka Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1754 Shteintsaig Mendel Leizerov Ekiman
    C2-1755 Shteintsaig Movsha Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1742 Shteinvas Zalman Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-1743 Shteivas Leiba Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-1730 Shtengard Khaim Simonov Polotsk
    C2-1765 Shuel Shmuila Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1777 Shugal Monus Zalmanov Polotsk
    C1-79 Shulkin Nekhemii Meyerov Polotsk
    C1-80 Shulkin Khaim Rakhmielev Polotsk
    C2-1699 Shulkin Zalman Rakhmielev Polotsk
    C2-1700 Shulkin Gutman Pertsov Polotsk
    C2-1701 Shulkin Leiba Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1702 Shulkin Nekhemii Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-1703 Shulkin Movsha Rivim Polotsk
    C2-1704 Shulkin Borukh Simonov Polotsk
    C2-1705 Shulkin Zavel Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1706 Shulkin Abram Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1731 Shulman Girsha Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-1732 Shulman Movsha Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1733 Shulman Elya Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1734 Shulman Sheftel Shmerkov Polotsk
    C2-1532 Sigal Shlema Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-1503 Simkin Mordukh Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-1523 Sinelnikov Leiba Itsikov Polotsk
    C2-1528 Sirotinskiy Gershen  Nokhomov Polotsk
    C2-1527 Sirotkin Mendel Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1530 Skigin Alter Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1498 Skoblo Noson Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-1443 Slavin Mendel Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1444 Slavin Khaim Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1533 Slavin Mendel Monusov Polotsk
    C2-1539 Smotkin Yuda Mikhelev Sirotino
    C2-1540 Smotkin Khatskel Mikhelev Sirotino
    C1-65 Smushkin Yuda Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1525 Smushkin Itsik Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1526 Smushkin Liba Mankov Polotsk
    C2-1524 Smushkovich Yuda Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1534 Smushkovich Iser Abelev Sirotino
    C1-66 Sokolinskiy Erofim Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1439 Sokolinskiy Abram Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1440 Sokolinskiy Movsha Smerkov Polotsk
    C2-1441 Sokolinskiy Efroim Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1538 Solomenskiy Yuda Shmuilov Sirotino
    C2-1497 Solovei  Yankel Ruvinov  Polotsk
    C2-1496 Soloveichik Ruvin Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1489 Sominskiy Elya Girshev Lyubavichi
    C2-1506 Sorin Iosel Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1535 Sorits Movsha Vulfov Sirotino
    C2-1536 Sorits Yuda Vulfov Sirotino
    C2-1537 Sorits Berka Leibov Sirotino
    C1-67 Sorkin Berka Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1500 Sorkin Berka Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1501 Sorkin Zalman Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-1492 Sorochkin Zalman Yudov Polotsk
    C2-1504 Sosman Beniamin Oserov Polotsk
    C2-1493 Sroliovich Aron Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1494 Sroliovich Sholom Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1495 Sroliovich Nokhim Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1490 Staroselskiy Khaim Simonov Sirotino
    C2-1491 Staroselskiy Nokhim Yankelev Sirotino
    C2-1505 Steklov Girsha Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1442 Stolper Simon Berkov Polotsk
    C2-1522 Strunskiy Shlema Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1486 Sushin Zalman Leibov Polotsk
    C2-1413 Sverdlov Khaim Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1414 Sverdlov Berka Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1415 Sverdlov Movsha Itskov Polotsk
    C2-1416 Sverdlov Osher Shmuilov Sirotino
    C2-1417 Sverdlov Zalman Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-1418 Sverdlov Movsha Faibishev Polotsk
    C2-1419 Sverdlov Rofail Itskov Polotsk
    C2-1420 Sverdlov Itska Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1421 Sverdlov Abram-Yankel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1422 Sverdlov Aron Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-1423 Sverdlov Berka Gendelev Polotsk
    C2-1424 Sverdlov Iosel Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1425 Sverdlov Meyer Leizerov Polotsk
    C2-1426 Sverdlov Evna Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-1427 Sverdlov Zalman Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1428 Sverdlov Mendel Itskov Polotsk
    C2-1429 Sverdlov Meyer Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1430 Sverdlov Dovid Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-1431 Sverdlov Iosel Abramov Polotsk
    C2-1432 Sverdlov Zalman Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-1433 Sverdlov Abram Shmuilov Sirotino
    C2-1434 Sverdlov Mendel Nakhmanov Sirotino
    C2-1435 Sverdlov Girsha Yudov Sirotino
    C2-1436 Sverdlov Abram Yudov Sirotino
    C2-1437 Sverdlov Movsha Faibishev Polotsk
    C2-1438 Sverdlov Yankel Movshev Polotsk
    C2-1531 Svinkin Abel Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1564 Taits Leiba Girshev Vasilevo
    C2-1575 Tarant Mordukh Berkov Gamer?ya
    C2-1585 Tatarskiy Mendel Dovidov Sirotino
    C2-1586 Tatarskiy Nakhman Shmuilov Sirotino
    C2-1587 Tatarskiy Zalman Avseyev Sirotino
    C2-1588 Tatarskiy Abram Avseyev Sirotino
    C2-1559 Teitelbaum Mendel Girshev Polotsk
    C2-1560 Teitelbaum Vulf Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-1561 Teitelbaum Ruvin Ruvinov Polotsk
    C2-1562 Teitelbaum Zalman Meyerov Polotsk
    C2-1563 Teitelbaum Meyer Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-1577 Tevelev Gertsel Aronov Polotsk
    C2-1573 Treister Dovid Simkhov Polotsk
    C1-69 Treivas Gavriil Itsykov Polotsk
    C2-1565 Treivas Gavriil Itsikov Gomel
    C2-1566 Treivas Khaim Itsikov Polotsk
    C2-1567 Treivas Girsha Beinusov Polotsk
    C2-1568 Treivas Beinus Pinkhusov Polotsk
    C1-70 Trifsik Girsha Kastriel. Polotsk
    C1-71 Trifsik Movsha Kastrielov Polotsk
    C2-1569 Trifsik Aron Kasrielev Polotsk
    C2-1570 Trifsik Berka Kasrielev Polotsk
    C2-1571 Trifsik Gilka Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-1572 Trifsik Izroil Kasrielev Polotsk
    C2-1644 Tsimakhov Abr. Menakh. Polotsk
    C2-1645 Tsimbalov Berka Yank. Polotsk
    C2-1646 Tsimbalov Movsha Yank. Polotsk
    C2-1647 Tsimbalov Adter Abramov Polotsk
    C1-74 Tsinman Peisakh Peisakhov Polotsk
    C2-1643 Tsipkin Shmuila -- Polotsk
    C2-1648 Tslav Vulf Abram. Polotsk
    C2-1649 Tslav Simon Vulf. Polotsk
    C2-1574 Tumarkin Elya Nokhimov Polotsk
    C2-1593 Usmynskiy Nota Shmerkov Polotsk
    C2-1594 Usmynskiy Movsha Berkov Polotsk
    C2-336 V?lshtein Iosel Elyev Polotsk
    C2-342 Vaimin Khatskel Sholomov Polotsk
    C2-339 Vainshtein Tevil Girshev Ropnyan. dacha
    C2-340 Vainshtein Mendel Borukhov Boris. dacha
    C2-341 Vainshtein Girsha Nokhimov Boris. dacha
    C2-347 Vaispapir Shlema Zelikov Polotsk
    C2-348 Vaispapir Berka Shlemov Polotsk
    C2-328 Vegrin Mendel Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-349 Veichkin Afroim Senderov Polotsk
    C2-306 Veltman Movsha Rafalov Polotsk
    C2-350 Verbov Shevil Falkov Polotsk
    C2-363 Vezmenskiy Simon Aronov Polotsk
    C2-353 Vilenchik Iser-Khaim Geivasov Polotsk
    C2-354 Vilenchik Nakhman Geivasov Polotsk
    C2-352 Vilkin Zalman Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-358 Vilovskiy Abram Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-331 Vinov  Nokhim Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-329 Vinovskiy Abram Yankelev Polotsk
    C2-351 Virovlyanskiy Movsha Girshev Polotsk
    C1-11 Vitenberg Shmuila Berkov Moskva
    C2-330 Vitenberg Ruvim Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-332 Vitenberg Genukh Movshev Sirotino
    C2-333 Vitenberg Ruvim Movshev Sirotino
    C2-343 Volberg Aron Avseyev Polotsk
    C2-334 Volk  Mikhel Dovidov Polotsk
    C2-307 Volkind Iosel Leibov Polotsk
    C2-308 Volkind Leiba Girshev Polotsk
    C2-309 Volkind Abram Leibov Polotsk
    C2-357 Volosov Iosel Simonov Polotsk
    C1-12 Vorobeichik Ruvin Elyev Polotsk
    C2-337 Vorobeichik Zalman Shayev Gomel
    C2-338 Vorobeichik Aizik Izroilev Gomel
    C2-355 Vulfson Khaim-Rafail Vulfov Polotsk
    C2-626 Yegnus Elya Zeselev Polotsk
    C2-622 Yekhilevskiy Rafal -- Polotsk
    C2-623 Yekhilevskiy Abram Rafalov Polotsk
    C2-624 Yekhilevskiy Simkha Traitelev Polotsk
    C2-625 Yekhilevskiy Perets Rafailov Polotsk
    C2-1805 Yudin Movsha Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-1806 Yudin Abram Yudov Polotsk
    C2-1807 Yudin Izroil Ioselev Polotsk
    C2-1808 Yudovich Movsha -- Polotsk
    C2-1804 Yudovin Mendel-Leiba Izroilev Polotsk
    C2-678 Zagachin Aron Itskov Polotsk
    C2-669 Zagovalo Leiba Leizerov m. Gomel
    C2-685 Zaidin Solomon Davidov Polotsk
    C2-681 Zak Vulf Abelev Polotsk
    C2-696 Zakhodin Aizik Movshev Polotsk
    C2-682 Zalkind Vulf Leibov Polotsk
    C2-684 Zalkind Tankhel Zalmanov Polotsk
    C2-675 Zapolskiy Mordukh Movshev Polotsk
    C2-670 Zaretskiy Borukh Aronov Polotsk
    C2-680 Zaretskiy Beniamin Girshev Polotsk
    C2-686 Zaretskiy Girsha Abramov Polotsk
    C2-664 Zelenov Shmuila Shepshelev Polotsk
    C2-665 Zelikson Zalman Abelev Polotsk
    C2-668 Zelikson Shebsya Zalmanov Sirotino
    C2-676 Zelikson Afroim Shmuilov Polotsk
    C2-683 Zelikson Zalman Abelev Polotsk
    C2-663 Zendel Leiba Khaimov Polotsk
    C2-687 Zenov Shmuila Shebshelev Polotsk
    C2-643 Zhitlovskiy Izroil Mendelev Sirotino
    C2-634 Zhuravin Abram Itsykov Polotsk
    C2-635 Zhuravin Sholom Mikhelev Polotsk
    C2-636 Zhuravin Izroil Itsykov Polotsk
    C2-666 Zinger Mendelev Yudov Polotsk
    C2-667 Zinger Iosel Elyev d. Rukshino
    C2-677 Zlatkin Itsek Berkov Polotsk
    C2-679 Zvonov Aron Movshev Polotsk