Mission 2222
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Mission 2222

< Dearest David


Mission 2222


This project was born, after listening to a voice that came
 out from our inner self.  
 We received a message that we should travel within the earth  
and open ascension doorways guided by spirit. 
We received more messages, as, 
 we should help people wherever we go,
not only, with healing therapies,
 but also, with workshops.
Mission 2222




We are starting a thourough study/investigation
 regarding the relationship 
among  the world subterranean energy lines,
 the christic grid network, 
KEOPS, the pyramid found in Mars and
 the Ascension Doorways, that are need to be opened.  
Spirits are guiding us to visit  several cities.
In each city ,  we are opening ascension doorways,
and we do all the  light work,as  
 earth healing and city healing,  that is neccessary.
We are in the mission of planting crystals 
to clean the air so communication between  
higher dimensions can be done  
we are activating   cities holograms to heal and clean 
 helping the descend of the a  Shekinah (Dove)  LEYOEESH (pillar of light). 
 We are also starting, a new light project:
Build healing light corridors within the cities, 
 guided by our light  brothers.



We are a lightworkers -  planetary citizens,  

spreading unconditional love.   

working for the unity of the south hemisphere  energy

 up to the U.S.,  at this time and space, 

working  towards, 

 the unity of the Shekinah 

between both hemispheres.  

The Power of Love does it all.....



Mission 2222



As lightworkers, we like to share
with you all the
workshops and seminars that we
may offer, in your area,  and that will help
and support our mission towards the
betterment of humankind


Melchisedek Workshop Spanish

Melchisedek Workshop English

Vortex 13:13 Workshop

Sueños del Alma

El Triunfo





Where to contact us?
love and peace


Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish
Adonai Tsyebayoth

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