Hard Drive Install

Hard Drive

Installation of any* single internal or external hard drive or storage device...


Memory Install


Installation of any* memory, including DRAM, DDR SDRAM, SRAM and CompactFlash...


Software Install


Installation of any* single software title. Not including operating systems...


Additional In Home Services

Restore DVD

Recovery DVD

Create system recovery restore DVD's from your hard drive, allowing a reformat of the hard drive and a total reinstall of the operating system to factory condition.


Data Transfer

Data Backup

Perform a data transfer from one device to another, or perform a data backup onto your chosen and supplied media. Data Transfer and Backup includes up to 8GB of data.


Install System

OS Install

A clean install or total full recovery of your Operating System. Including formatting and partitioning. Now installing Windows®, Macintosh® and also Linux® systems.


Sound, Video or Network Card

Installation of a sound card, graphics card, network interface card (NIC), optical drive, power supply, modem, floppy drive, or most items that can be installed in your expansion bus or bay. Read more

Create a Custom Configuration

Minor operating system adjustments including customizing the desktop, browser settings, user accounts, access controls, passwords, system settings, backgrounds and screensavers. Read more

PC Tune-Up and Optimization

Tune up your PC with a thorough cleaning including disk defragmentation, disk cleanup and compression, disk check for errors and disabling some unnecessary start-up programs. Read more