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If you have questions regarding which service is right for you and you live in Los Angeles or Orange County call us at (949) 502-1728.
A representative can guide you through the process and send out a certified specialist who can help you with your technical needs..                    
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Site Update                      5/01/2012
Our Services Complete system install full recovery services, data backup or file transfer, recovery disk creation..
Site Update                      4/30/2012
Our Services Upgrade your computer memory install services, hard drive or storage device install, software install of your new application..
Client Pack Three
Install wireless router and adapters. Configure PC's and devices to connect to router. Test network for connectivity. Set user encryption..             
Client Pack Two
Unpack your new printer. Connect your new printer to the existing system. Test to ensure devices are working properly. Install print drivers..             
Client Pack One
Unpack your new PC. Connect your PC, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Ensure that all systems are working properly. Install software title..            
“Finally someone is making technology easier so you can concentrate on real work instead of PC issues! Electron Bus has great services designed especially for small business and home office users like me...”                                
Why we're Special
We offer services to fit all of your computer needs. We offer Installation, Repairs, Troubleshooting, Security, Optimization and Networking services. Call us for a Hard Drive Install, Data Transfer, Software Install, Memory Install, Operating System Install, Sound Card Install, Video Card Install, Custom Configuration, or Restore CD's.. 
Treating Clients Well
We care about our your business. We spend time to get to know your needs. Our emphasis is always on high quality and good value..