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Friday, 11 August 2006
First post, day of invitation
Mood:  rushed
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Topic: frisbee
Hello, AllSportBlog,

I just accepted the invitation that was sent to me. Haven't touched my Angelfire account for a very, very long time, so I'm wondering about that a little. Curious isn't an option in "Mood".

In the spirit of sports, I've been playing some excellent frisbee recently. It was the choice activity for my reunion yesterday with my ex. Make him run for it when the conversation starts getting awkward. Good times. I noticed that it was my old frisbee - the one he sat on, but it wasn't too broken. Hard to catch though - bad shape.

Also at a family camp of my best friend, last weekend, we played frisbee with some strangers there until it was too dark to see.

This is my current sport. So there. Back to work.

Posted by pokemon/wannakillthemall at 2:13 PM PDT
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