"I'll Be Here" -6K
Rating: PG (dark subject matter)
Spoilers: "William"
Classification: Scully/Reyes Friendship
Summary: Reyes' POV of "William"
"It's My Pain Too" -7K
Rating: G
Spoilers: William
Content: Scully/Reyes friendship
Summary: Missing Scene from William, Reyes' POV

"Healing Has To Begin Somewhere" -7K
Rating: G
Spoilers: "William"
Contents: Reyes/Scully Friendship
Summary: Dana opens up to Monica after the events of "William."  
                 Varies between Monica, Dana's POV and 3rd person.
"Ready To Face The World" -16K
Rating: PG
Spoilers: "William"
Content: SRR (Scully/Reyes Romance)
Summary: Follows the story "Healing Has To Begin 
                 Somewhere"; after the events of "William," 
                 Dana and Monica realize what they 
                mean to each other.
"It Could Be Love" -31K
Rating: NC-17 for consensual f/f sex
Spoilers: None
Content: Scully/Reyes Romance
Summary:  Dana and Monica take that final step in 
their relationship, but quickly run into trouble.
"Confirmation" -52K
Rating: 1st part is NC-17 (is clearly marked); the 
            rest is PG-13 to R
Spoilers: Slight reference to Scully's chip, a few 
               other mentionings, but nothing serious.
Classification: X-File/Romance/Angst,  Scully/Reyes, 
Summary: Dana and Monica work their first case 
                 together after becoming a couple.

Stand-Alone Stories Related to "Soulmates"

"Breath of Life"
Rating: PG
Archive: Sure, but PLEASE let me know about it, preferably beforehand.
Spoilers: General XF Mythology from seasons 1-8, specifically 
               events dealing with Scully.
Classification: Angst,  Scully/Reyes Romance (Slash)
Summary: Dana has a difficult time on Motherís Day, 2002.  
                Monica tries to help her feel better.