Well, you've probably come to this page by mistake, but if you are here to learn 
about me, let me introduce myself...

I'm Tiffany, a lover of the X-Files since about the fourth season.  (You've gotta 
give me a break, I was only ten when it premiered in 1993.)  I have grown up in a 
military family in the good old USA, and as a result, have moved quite often.  
My family currently lives in Colorado.  I, however, am in my Sophomore year of college 
at the University of Notre Dame, located in Indiana.
Here's some quick stats, because I'm too lazy to keep writing it all out:

My Name: Tiffany
Age: 19 
Sex: Female
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Marital Status: Single 
Pets: My cat, Tyger, is my baby
Family: Three siblings, two parents, and one step-parent
My job: Being a student is my #1 job, but I also work in our dining hall on campus 
as part of a work-study program.
Hobbies: Cross-Stitching, Writing X-Files Fanfiction, Writing Poetry, 
          Web-Page Design
Obsessions: The X-Files (duh!) and Buffy (Willow and Tara are the CUTEST couple!)
Fav. Food: Ice Cream
Fav. Place I've ever lived: Idaho
Most Interesting place I've lived: Iceland (really!)
General Likes: Cats, Computers, Colder weather, rain, 
General Dislikes: Dogs, Hot Summers, Stupid computers that don't work, 
                    most sitcoms

Hmm...that's about it.  If you really want to know more about me, email me, 
and we can talk!  :)  I may add more later if I become motivated.  Sorry if I've 
bored you to death. :P