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Kabbalistic Page!!!!

Kabbalistic torah vorts on Shabbos!!!

On the weekdays, the soul of the enlightened meditates on mundane affairs. But on the Shabbat, it must meditate to understand the works of Hashem and his miracles.(Avraham Ibn Ezra)

Why is it called the seventh? Is it then the seventh? It is not. But it is because Hashem rested on the Shabbat with the attribute of which it is written (Exodus 31:17), "For six days Hashem made the heaven and the earth, and on the seventh day he rested and souled." This teaches us that each day has a Saying that is its Master."
This is not because it was created on that day, but because that is when it does the task to which it was assigned. Each one does its task and maintains its activities.
The 7th day therefore comes and does its task, making them all rejoice. Not only that, but it also causes their souls to grow, as it is written, "on the seventh day he rested and souled." (Bahir-158)

What is this "rest"? It is the absence of work. It is a cessation which is called Shabbat (meaning rest).
What is this like? A king had 7 gardens, and the middle one contained a fountain, welling up from a living source. Three (gardens) are at its right, and three at its left. When it performed its function and overflowed, they all rejoiced, saying, "It overflowed for our sake." It waters them and makes them grow, while they wait and rest.
Do we then say that it waters the seven? But it is written(Isaiah 43:5), "From the east I will bring your seed." This shows that one of (the seven) waters it.
We must therefore say that it waters the Heart, and the Heart then waters them all.(Bahir-159)

A person who keeps the Shabbat is like an apologizing son whose father then gives him everything he wants. He decrees and Hashem gives him everything he wants. Furthermore, the reward he now enjoys is drawn against the profit earned from his good deeds; the principal remains intact for him to enjoy in the world to come.(Sefer Hamidos P.228)

The Mezricher Magid:

During the inaguration of the Shabbat(Kabbalat Shabbat), just before the Shabbat evening service, all universes and ovservances are elevated. This is the concept of the elevation of the universes. (Magid Devarav LeYaakov 60)

When one observes the three Shabbat meals, it is as if one unites YKVK with the essence of YKVK in one and his name is one, which is the unity of the 3rd sphere with the seventh. These 3 customary meals correspond as follows. One corresponds to adna, which becomes one of Shabbat which is the essence of the seven's unity. The second corresponds to YKVK. The third to Binah, which is connected to the essence of EKYH.(Sha'are Orah, Gates of Light)