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If you trample not the Shabbat, do no business on My holy day; Call the Shabbat a delight, and honor G-D's holy day; Keep yourselves from daily tasks, from weekday interests, speaking mere words. Then will you find joy in G-D, soar the earth's heights, tkae in Jacob's heritage- G-D Himself has said it.(ISAIAH 58,13)!!!!

Little sayings about Shabbos. Maybe you have never heard these before.

By keeping the Shabbat according to the halacha you will feel an additional spiritual power within your soul.(Reishit Hochmah)

To fully experience Shabbat, the ideal would be for you to never cease to be aware that it is shabbat.(Hanhagot Tzaddikim, p.36)

Reb Eleazar of Kretchnif would say many times softly on shabbos with great feeling, "holy Shabbos.... holy Shabbos" over and over.(Raza d'Uvda,p.28)

Rabbi Mordechai of Neshkiz was quite careful not to speak any profane words on Shabbat, and would strongly caution others about this as well.(Zichron l'Rishonim, P.105)

The Rebbe of Tzanz said as follows:
It is a great Tikkun (rectification) for the soul on the night of shabbat when you [ stay up late into the night and ]sing songs and praises to Hashem. (Rabbeninu ha-Kodesh mi-Tzanz, p.221)

Reb Nachman said to sing Zemiros and other Shabbat songs. He said, "Do not pay attention to any obstacles. Others may be sitting at the table and not seem to have any desire to sing. Strengthen yourself and sing with joy. Conduct the Shabbat table in a happy mood. The main thing is Shabbat joy!! (Reb Nachman's wisdom p.301)

The holy Reb Chayim of Kosov, every holy Shabbat night it was his custom to lead dancing among those who sat as guests at his table.(Even Stiya, p.48)

The Chassidim of Tush say the whole entire Psalms as they enter Shabbat.

It was the custom of the holy Rebbetzin (wife) of Rabbi Dovid of Tchortkov to say the whole sefer Tehillim the night of Shabbat. (Tiferet Adam, p.11)

Of Reb Meir of Kolishin, it is said:
His way was to stay awake all night of Shabbat and occupy himself with Torah and the service of Hashem.(Tiferet Banim Avotam, p.223)

The main time for the giving of Tziddaka is Erev Shabbat and Erev Yom Tov. (Derech Chayim, 3,4)
In the merit of tziddaka our Rabbi's say, you can see Hashem's face.

We are given an extra soul for Shabbat!!!! Back to the first Page!!