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Shabbos lasting 7days truly!

Having returned from an adventure, or well a walk in the woods; Shabbos and life it self seems to be aglow. As I climbed from rock to rock, I wondered, where is the light I once saw. Where can I find his glory? Why is this blocked from my eyes?

I suddenly spot the gushing water as it gracefully falls to water bottom. I decide to walk over and touch it. IM amazed. The speed of the current, the brilliance of its movements. Then I turn around and there is a butterfly.

Black with the most beautiful yellow decretive colors. I say to Hashem, show me nature. Show me another beautiful butterfly. Before mine eyes is a gray one dazzling in the sunlight. I then reminded myself as I started to become absorbed in the bliss, whom created this dream, this playground. The passage of our sages, "How beautiful are your works" could not be withheld from my lips. It then acured to me all the senses I had been given as a gift from my creator. The sound of birds hovering over the tree tops echoed its way into my ears and then touched my heart, then my soul. I closed my eyes in order to concentrate and to hear other sounds of this wonderland. The water then splashed its way into my heart. I had found myself, my purpose and most important Hashem.

I then reminded myself of our Chassidic masters whom said to attach the physical to the spiritual. The holy kabbalists who taught that we are in this world to elevate the physical to the spiritual. I then took another look and found the true and real prospective that the play-land isn't my true home.

It is where I have been placed, it is where I work. I must do all I can while I am here to help change it into the precious diamonds it yearns to transform to. Only through doing the mitzvos and learning the Torah

will I truly see life and the playground once again. I don't want to leave, I want to stay but the physical world calls for me to return. I must go, I must. But I will take it with me. I will no longer see just the physical. If I loose my way again, all I have to do is stop and touch the water.

My friends, Shabbos is about stopping and taking in the taste of the spiritual in our crazy, confusing, fast pace world. The holy light of Shabbos doesn't only shine for one day but its glow reaches all seven:)

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