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Neat thoughts on Shabbat!!

The Shabbat is like a great wedding. People are dancing and celebrating with great joy and delight. You are standing outside and looking in.
You put on your best clothing and quickly run to the wedding, wanting to join the festivity. But you need great merit even to look through the narrow crevice.(Sichos Haran-254)

Hashem wanted to make Klal Yisrael worthy in the the future world, therefore, he gave them the Torah and Commandments. Hashem also wanted to give his people a taste of the spiritual delight of the world to come. He therefore gave them the Shabbat. The delight of the Shabbat is a counterpart of the world to come, for every man can experience spiritual pleasure of the Shabbat.
Our sages also teach us that "Reward for the commandments does not exist in this world." The question then arises, how can a person enjoy the Shabbat?
Hashem gave us the Shabbat as a free gift. Reward for the commandments might not exist in this world, but Hashem can give it as a gift, even in this world. He therefore gives us a taste of the delight of the future world to those who do his will and keep the Shabbat.
It is thus written, "You shall keep My Shabbaths.(Exodus 31:13) If you keep the Shabbat, you will experience the spiritual joy of the future world. The Shabbat is therefore a "sign" pointing to the future reward.
The passage says, "It is a sign...that I am Hashem, who makes you holy." Through keeping the Shabbat, you will come to know the Hashem who will make you holy in the world of Eternity; In the world where all is Shabbat. (Kedushas Levi, Ki Thisa,p.162)