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July 6th

Ain't it nifty

Shelley Hack Fan Page

A tribute created to honor Shelley Hack, the talented and beautiful Angel, brilliant, classy and elegant.

Shelley Hack was born July 6, 1952 in Greenwich, Connecticut. While still in her early teens, Shelley Hack began a career of modeling. Modeling remained a side-line however, as Shelley concentrated on her studies. She attended Smith College and studied Archeology at the University of Sydney in Australia. But her success in modeling led her into acting. Shelley studied acting at the Herbert Berghof Studios under Jack Wolzer in New York. And in the mid-seventies she appeared in Woody Allen's Annie Hall and If Ever I See You Again. This exposure helped to get her the lead in the television film, Death Car on the Freeway.

By the late seventies, Shelley was identified as the Charlie girl while promoting Revlon's No. 1 Charlie cologne in print ads. It is no surprise that the Charlie cologne ads brought Shelley to the attention of Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg. The Charlie's Angels producers had to replace actress Kate Jackson, the smart angel, and decided to hire Shelley Hack because of her classic looks. Ms. Hack joined Smith and Ladd as Angels in the series and proved to be classy, indeed. Ms. Hack had class, poise and elegance unmatched by anyone on TV at the time. And there was more behind that classic beauty than good looks. This young woman had depths which could enrich her character and the series. There were depths to plumb in this young actress. Depths which could add to the character she portrayed. Unfortunately, the show had lost what direction it had and proved a poor vehicle for the talents of Ms. Hack or the others. She was better than the role assigned her. But Shelley's character Tiffany Welles was let go at the end of her first year primarily because they lacked a plan to develop the character. The producers unfairly blamed the show’s drop in ratings on Shelley. The show had simply become stale. The proof of her talent lies in her later works. A complete list is on the filmography page.

Reruns of Charlie's Angels on TV Land allow us to revisit the series & Ms. Hack in the role of Tiffany Welles. It is worth a look. Her next appearance is Love Boat Angels June 27, 2003 broadcast at 5:00 am Eastern 4:00 am Central. The rest of the 4th season will play ldaily thereafter.

Some 20 years later Shelley Hack returned to Charlie's Angels after a fashion. Timed to coincide with the November 3, 2000 premier of the Charlie's Angels movie, she hosted the biography of costar John Forsythe, the voice of Charlie, and biographies of Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd, Farrah Fawcett and Drew Barrymore (the new Angel) on Arts and Entertainment. As usual, her class and charm accentuated her beauty. Her voice and presence made her well suited to the assignment. Pairing her with John Forsythe that week was ideal. The statement about John Forsythe,"Itís very hard not to be classy when youíre just born classy...," would apply to her as well. But, while you may be born with class, you need to live your life with class to be a classy as she.

After Charlie's Angels, Shelley moved to two other dissimilar series, Cutter to Houston and Jack & Mike. Neither series lasted a full season, but both did give Shelley the means to keep her acting alive and develop her craft. Since Charlie's Angels, Shelley has done a lot of acting on stage, in theatrical films and on television appearances. In March of 1996 Shelley's film Frequent Flyer (ABC) won its time slot and beat out the 1996 People Choice Awards. Shelley also had a cameo role in the 1996 film House Arrest. In 1993 she read for audio the book Lord of Hawkfell Island from the Publishing Mill. She has also branched into producing.

Never a candidate herself, Shelley has been active in politics and political fund raising. Ms. Hackís political interests and her venture into production provided the opportunity for an unusual gig. She was a registration and polling station supervisor in the Bosnia-Herzegovina elections in 1997 and during voter registration in 1998. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which is responsible for conducting elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina, hired her to produce the first-ever televised presidential debates to be held in the war-torn country. This demonstrated not only savvy, but commitment and courage.

She takes an interest in women's health issues. And she fits all this aroud her family life. When she gets the chance to relax, Ms. Hack likes listening to classical music and a good book. Proving once again that there is much more to this remarkable woman than meets the eye. But for what meets the eye:

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