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RL Burnside at Morehead Chophouse, Fall 1997

These were taken by Daniel Coston.
He can be reached at
Drop him a line and tell he did a great job.

In the first two pics you will see a group of
people sitting in front of the monitors at RL's
feet just like the Stones sitting at the feet of
Howlin' Wolf back in the sixties.
A good friend of mine, Jogen, after enduring the
six fat people dancing in front of us, suggested
we go up front. We did. That's when the show started.

The crowd at RL's feet.
Another view of the crowd and RL
RL with the geetar player from Fat Possum recording artists, the Neckbones
RL getting serious
RL playing slide, see it from the left side
RL concentrating
Great close up. Deep in the blues
RL Burnside belting the blues
RL with a grin
RL feeling good still