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31 st North America NTUMCAA Annual Convention was opened at Jingfu Hall,Taipei from Dec.17-19,2010 and the "last" one will be held in Sheraton Laguardia East Hotel,135-20 39th Avenue,Flushing,New York 11358 Phone:718 460-6666,Fax:718 460-2655 from August. 17-19,2012.Your support and participation will be greatly appreciated.If you have any question,please contact Dr. Min-yen Han(1969) :by mail-249 Rt.94,Vernon,NJ 07462,by Fax-973 827-5845,by phone;973 827-4787 and by E and visit and Board of Directors* meeting 3:00-5:00 PM on August 17(Friday)*Current Directors including 10 National meeting Presidents -李彥輝(2000, Philadelphia),張勝雄(2001,Anaheim),陳子坤(2002,Chicago),陳家榮(2003,New York),徐大衛(2004,Los Angeles),沈仁達(2005,San Francisco&2010,Taipei),韓明元(2006,Taipei),張和雄(2007,Los Angeles),莊武雄(2008,Cleveland),王緒(2009,New York);local chapter presidents(not list yet)-黃清煌(New York),陳鐵宗(Washington DC/Baltimore)及他院科系會長-牙醫,藥學,護理,醫技,復健(職能治療,物理治療),研究所.Past & present Board Chairman-沈仁達(2001-2003),陳家榮(2003-2005),顏裕庭(2005-2007),韓明元(2007-)
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Congratulation on Prof.Chien,Shu(M 1953)錢煦教授 been awarded US National Medal of Science美國國家科學獎章 on Oct. 21, 2011 Year 2010 North American Taiwanese Medical Association (NATMA)Convention was held at Marriot St.Louis West from Sept. 17-19, 2010.140 physicians/dentists came to the meeting.Even though this convention was not only for our alumni living in North America, yet 50 alumni were present and played the key role including: *Keynote speaker:Hsu,Chung Y(class 1970),Kao,Ming-shian 1961) *Honored guest:Wu,Ying yi(Minister,Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission,class 1969),Chou,Samuel(Founding President,Class 1957) *President:Chiou,Norman Yih-nan *Executive Director:Yeh,Sze-ya(1962) *Treasurer:Liao,Kun T(1958) *Convention Executive Officer & Travel Coordinator:Yang,Kai-chien(2000) *Moderator:Hwang,Che-yang(1967),Yeh, *Speaker:Kao,Hsu,Lin,Jia-huey(D 1966),Chen,Patrick(1967),Yeh,Tseng,Paul(1967),Kao,Luke Ying(1967),Huang,Tony Yuh-ching(1983) *panelist:Chou,Grace(1956),Wu,Hsu,Chiou,Lin,Hsiu-san(1960),Cheng,Chin-cha(1971) *Tour Coordinator:Lin *Performer:Tseng,Kao,Yeh *website:Chiang,Han T(1963) *other alumni in the convention: Lee,Ju-cheng(1960),Tsai,Thomas(1961),Chen,Su-chiung(1962),Lee,Franklin Y(1963),Wu,Frank LY(1966),Yu,Henry(D 1966),Class 1967-Kuo,Amy,Wu,Chien-nan,Huang,Shang po,Yian,Ho-ming,Suen,Vitus,Chen,Chih-yih etc.,(total 20 plus including the above mentioned).
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Pictures from the past conventions can be found below:
Philadelphia convention (2000) -
San Francisco convention (2005) -
Dean's Message and Dean's Resume, 11-July-2001
The Annual scientific and dinner meeting of NTUMCAA-New York chapter was held at Crown Plaza Hotel,Fairfield,NJ on December 15,2007 (Saturday) from 16:00 to 23:00. This was the first joint meeting with Chinese American Medical Association of New Jersey.

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