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Open source MP3 Player


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Current firmware release

The following information presents two versions of a player I built using code that was created by myself, Leandro Gentilli and Ben Stragnell. Rev A (called the MW version) will only work with a CD-ROM and does not contain in circuit reprogrammability. Rev B will work with a CD-ROM or hard drive and has the following features:

- supports a CD-ROM with ISO9660 and Joliet extensions (now reads subdirectories)

- supports a hard drive with up to 64GB capacity

- onboard parallel port for file transfers from PC. Windows software with decent GUI for going through directories and transfering files

- firmware will auto detect whether a CD-ROM or hard drive is attached. There is no need to reprogram the PIC controller for each device.

- hard drive code has IR remote control. Uses Sony SIRCS 15-bit or 12-bit.

- FLASH firmware which is upgradable through the parallel port. A small DOS .exe is used to send the new firmware. It works great!

- Backlight control and AUX input selection has just been completed (two stereo pairs can be switched into the line outs and headphone amp)

- RANDOM playback and line level gain control are in progress

- EEPROM memory retains volume, treble and bass settings for CD and HD code when power is off

The source code and design information can be found here:     All of the latest files are being stored on that site and I am only leaving some of the larger pictures for viewing here. There is also a message board there where you can ask questions and voice your opinions. Please understand that the authors of this project did this in their spare time and really don't have a lot of time to be answering many questions so try your best to learn how it works on your own. Questions like "tell me how the source code works" or "can you make up a big flow chart of how everything works?" will definitely go unanswered! :)

Picture of Rev A board

Another picture of Rev A

Size perspective of Rev A

Picture of Rev B board

Another Rev B board

Rev B board in hand

Rev B board size perspective