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  • The BIRDCHAT QUIZ is a bi-monthly international bird quiz marathon. A new picture is presented every two weeks and the ENGLISH and LATIN names of the bird must be e-mailed to Stéphane Moniotte before the announced deadline (midnight, local time).

  • One point is earned for the correct answer on each quiz. The points accumulate until a new round begins. A round consists of a sequence of 10 bird quizzes. Three of the round winners (with all of the correct answers for the 10 consecutive quizzes) chosen by random drawing, will receive a great Original Mockingbird Birdcall generously offered by George Gilbert, and will represent all of the winners for the round in the Hall of Fame ! Names for all winners for the round will be listed, however.

    Detailed results are available here for the current round and cumulative results are here.

    Note that if a submitted photograph is used, the photographer will receive one point credit toward the quiz.

  • The pictures used in this quiz are copyrighted by the photographers and may not be used without his/her written permission. To avoid the possibility of the photographer's name giving a hint to the quiz, his/her name will be withheld during the duration of the quiz. If you have an immediate use for this photo, please contact the photographer him/herself. I can give you e-mails and such information when you submit your guess.

  • The BIRDCHAT QUIZ HOMEPAGE is copyrighted (1999) by Stéphane Moniotte (Brussels - Belgium), working with the precious collaboration of his brother, Nicolas (known as "Koss").
    Address all remarks and requests to