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Yahoo Chat - September 30, 1999

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Michael Fredo: I'm so excited to hear from everybody.

chaosjc: I love your music, you are awesome, is there a fan that did something that made them stick out in your mind and you can't forget them?

Michael Fredo: To make a long story short, I let her come back to my tour bus and I gave her t-shirts and my phone number. I was doing commercials for Gitano jeans, and Britney was doing the same, and we just kinda met. Can I say one thing? I'm so happy that you guys are here, hanging out with me tonight!

female_14_4_u: I just got your single this time around and I wanna know what that means to you

Michael Fredo: It's about an ex-girlfriend, my friend wrote the song about me. Two years ago I had broken up with my girlfriend. They used it for the Gitano jeans thing. I don't know if I've changed my ways.

LIZardGS: How does it feel having your song used in a Tommy Hilfiger ad?

Michael Fredo: The song used was basically, it was cool for me, it was kind of having a video before having an actual video. That was shot right before the tour, around June 20th. The first time I saw it, I turned around really fast and knocked a lamp off the table, and it smashed on the floor.

foxlee51: Hi Michael, I think you are terrific! I just wanted to know what you think of all these boy bands out now and how you think music will or should change in the future. Keep The Youth Quake Rockin'! Luv Ya Lots!

Michael Fredo: First, I love you too. I love all those dudes from n'sync. We're all kinda just in the same realm of everything, around the same age. Me being 20, it's kind of easier. I come from a different sort of school for singing, but we all come from the same kinda background. I was born a rocker, y'know what I mean. I grew up on the Rolling Stones and The Doors, that rock and roll kinda thing. I was afraid at first, before anything came out, that people wouldn't like me. The sound on the record gradually evolves from a seed to a flower.

(ME!!!) crunked_kell: If you were in a desert and could only have 3 things, what would they be?

Michael Fredo: If I was in the desert, and I only had three things: number one: Marvin Gaye "lets' get it on" cd, #2: pineapple, cuz I eat it all day long., Number 3: Tommy. (takes shirt off)

dcorbell: "Do you really wear Tommy Hilfiger clothes?"

Michael Fredo: Yeah. Other than being my uncle, he helped me understand the business. It's really cool to be the first artist on the label. We're both interested in each other's thing. They know my voice, they've heard it for so long. Quincy Jones, my executive producer, has been very helpful. Michael Jackson, Bjork, Bette Midler, I listen to all of them.

WildChild1713: Do you have an internet site?

Michael Fredo: I do have a web site, there's a lot of different sites. Try

nsyncerlance4: This is going to sound very funny, but were you on a televised concert with Britney Spears and Nsync?

Michael Fredo: No, that was not me. That's my friend who plays with us some times, Michael Africk.

funnyfunnybunny: what do u like to do for fun?

Michael Fredo: I like to eat candy. Drink a lot of coca-cola, coffee in the morning. I like to have a lot of fun. I like to sing rock n' roll. I like sculpting, I like animals a lot. I have a chinchilla somewhere.

mikefredoisastud: Do you have any secret celebrity crushes?

Michael Fredo: Nope. Working with Britney was a lot of fun. Every show we'd be back stage, hangin' around.

mikefredoisastud: Do you ever go online and chat in disguise?

Michael Fredo: Yeah, only twice. I have a code name, it's candy882000. I go on Sonicnet.

crookways_15: What is your favorite song on the album ?

Michael Fredo: My favorite song is #7, "Everybody Wants Her." It's about a mystical journey. The music really takes you on a ride, it's called "Everybody Wants Her." It's just a lot of fun.

cerge asks: "I'd like to ask Michael what advice would he give to someone who's trying to become a singer?"

Michael Fredo: Just, sing your ass off. Always remember to warm up and warm down, before you sing. Make sure your voice doesn't hurt before you sing. Singing for a lot of people, important people, call 2121-555-1877, ask for Stephanie, she'll take down all your information.

(ME!!!) crunked_kell : Do you still keep in touch with Britney Spears now that the tour is over?

Michael Fredo: On and off I see her, but we're so busy, in different directions, it's really hard to keep in touch. No, I don't have a girlfriend.

dynamissfc: Hey, Mike! I love you a lot... Guess what? I named my puppy after you... what are your pets names? (my adorable lil' puppy is named Fredo)

Michael Fredo: I have two love birds, Luigi and Mario. My fish, I didn't name, that's about it.

babyblues9999 : What were you like in high school?

Michael Fredo: I was a jokester, hitting my head on lockers and stuff, got in trouble sometimes, but I was friends with the teachers, so it was fun. It was cool. Macaulay Culkin and Christina Ricci and kids from Nickelodeon went to school with me. I sang classical. Guns N' Roses, Marvin Gaye.

SpankSupersonic: So, Tommy Boy named Michael, what's your email address?

Michael Fredo: My email address is, I don't even have a computer, I don't know. I use my friends' computers. The fan club is called the First Unofficial Michael Fredo Fanclub. Log on to


Michael Fredo: That's so funny. I'm just a singer. It's so funny, how people say, "when are you gonna start modeling?" I've been modeling for Tommy for three years, and I'm more of a spokesperson than a model.

buggy99_1999: would you ever date a fan?

Michael Fredo: Of course. (laughing) I just can't have a girlfriend right now. I love girls, I've tried it. I fall for girls so much. If I fall in love with a girl, it's gets obscured by my music. I go on dates, I just can't kiss a girl right now, because I'll get attached. Maybe just a little kiss.

Five_Fanatic_4_Ever: what's your idea of the perfect date?

Michael Fredo: My perfect date would be in Maui at the beach, with my guitar, just singing, drinking Hawaiian Punch. Maui's awesome.

mikefredoisastud: What's one word you would use to describe yourself? Michael Fredo: Rebellious and adventurous, one word, I don't know.

Modestiee_1: Do you read and Keep the mail that fans hand you when they meet you? Michael Fredo:I keep all the letters, thank you so much. I don't read all the fan letters, but I would like to. Yeah, I get a lot.

girleee_18_99: What's your favorite TV show?

Michael Fredo: My favorite TV show would probably be, I dunno, I don't watch much TV, The Discovery Channel. A&E Biography. I read sometimes. Some Ernest Hemingway. Books on Marvin Gaye.

babyblues9999 : What do you like better singing or modeling?

Michael Fredo: I love singing way better than modeling. I model just to promote my music career. I'm always singing when I'm modeling.

(ME!!!) crunked_kell: What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

Michael Fredo: Chocolate Peanut Butter. Hagen Daazs.

limitedtoo55: What's your middle name?

limitedtoo55 : Do you play any instruments on your album?

Michael Fredo: I play guitar. Bass on "Everybody Wants It." BTW my middle name is Anthony. I've been playing guitar for six years. I never took lessons, I just played.

(ME!!!) crunked_kell: Do you have any siblings?

Michael Fredo: Siblings, yeah, I have one brother, in North Carolina, his name Is Joe Fredo. He's a year younger than me. He likes Hockey. He has a new puppy.

manda_998 : Hey! Do you have a nick name?

Michael Fredo: My nick name is Mike.

mikefredofan: Michael when do you think you will do another USA tour?

Michael Fredo: In the year 2000. Yes. I will travel Singapore Dec. 1st -14th. The song is #1 there. And in Malaysia.

jenacarter: Would you strip for my 18th birthday :) (hehe) LoL, or would u perform for me on my 18th b-day??

Michael Fredo: Um, yeah, sure. To all the fans: Do you want me to treat this chat like a regular show or what?

MillenniumLvr: Michael, what's the most embarrassing moment on stage?

Michael Fredo: When I dove off into the crowd, and I slipped and messed up my elbow, but nobody knew and everyone laughed. I got all bandaged up. I had to get 8 tiny stitches.

Modestiee_1: Do you keep your Cell phone on with you when you travel??

Michael Fredo: Yeah. Sorry it hasn't been on for the last 8 days, cuz it's busted, but I just got it fixed. I promise I'll answer it.


Michael Fredo: I'm not familiar with the Treasure Trolls.

a_true_limpbizkit_fan_69 : What is the sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?

Michael Fredo: Put a web site up. Thank you everyone who has put up a site for me.

albatross_1588: Michael, if you could do a collaboration with any star who would it be and why?

Michael Fredo: Michael Jackson, because he's the king! I have plans to do stuff with Aaron Neville. We're gonna work on a song.

sunshine3658 : Michael I love your bus doesn't it draw alot of attention to you when you are trying to hide?

Michael Fredo: My bus is funny. It does draw attention to us. I can hold concerts on top of the bus. It has huge pictures all over it. Anybody who meets me, my only disguise would be just to be funny. I would dress up as a girl for fun.

thistymearound35: I'm a HUGE fan and I thought I knew soo much about you but my friend stumped me today, what size pants do you wear?

Michael Fredo:30/34.

muchluv_forjustin : Michael, does color or race matter to you and would you ever be in an interracial relationship?

Michael Fredo:I'm partially blind in the first place. If I don't wear my contacts, I can't see. Sometimes I can't tell if a person is white or black because my vision is so bad.

teenydreamy: do you have trading cards?

Michael Fredo:The trading cards come in my cds. They’re just little picture baseball cards.

defdickie : I write alot of songs, but I don't have the courage to get up with a band and sing, how do you do it, what inspires your song writing ?

Michael Fredo:Rainy days inspire a song, losing people. The courage all comes from giving God back what he gave to me. My voice, which he gave me, and performing. My dad died a few years ago. After he died, I was like, I'm not going to college. I grew my hair down to here, I was a mess. I wrote him a song, and the whole album is dedicated to him, Christopher Fredo.

laurap323 : Do girls consider you a good kisser?

Michael Fredo:Yeah..

jen04onu: What's your favorite get-away spot?

Michael Fredo:Kauka. It's near where I'm from, Elmira, NY.

specialk2828 : Who has been your biggest non-musical influence?

Michael Fredo:My dad. He was musical, actually. My biggest non-musical influence is JFK. He is just a person of the people, he knew exactly how to handle himself. Thanks to everybody, thank you guys so much, I love being here. One thing before you guys leave . . . . (takes off his shirt) (showing his Tommy underwear) Bye.