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Stop The Ribbon Campaign!!!

Pick up yr anti-ribbon here, put it on yr page, & protest the self-righteousness of webmasters who go out of their way to put together a cause on their page so that everyone who links to that cause links to the page of the webmaster who initially thought of the cause and decided to use the trigger mechanism of 'feel-good' and of ribbons to promote that cause. the reason is simple. when a person thinks that by doing something like putting a ribbon on his or her web page, he or she is suddenly helping to make the world a brighter place, they are absolving themselves of actually doing anything of import in the future, it is much the same as people who give money to their church and then ignore the starving and the homeless because they have already given to charity. the very act of using ribbons whores the cause the ribbon is supposed to be representing. so capture yrself a ribbon from up top, & link back to this page by capturing the URL off yr browser, & let the world wide web know you aren't taken in by their ribbonshit. click on back browser button to return from whence you came Zen Werewolf