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Majikal Activism

:trying to confine all the various ideas and spells that I encounter to one page: Zen and the art of media manipulation by angel69 posted to I think a lot of the time eco magic is practised too late, and it's heart breaking, because by the time a big corporate or government machine has something condemned as being the raw materials for making money, the chances of changing the outcome are very low. One of the areas where we can easily get to see how much the cosmos is behind us and what we do is media workings. In this area, things are less fixed, and we can get results which will hopefully have good lasting consequences There follows some of my own experiments and results in this area. But first of all, some of my views on ethics. Some people's manipulative magic is a bad thing to do because it has a mind numbing and disempowering effect of it's target(s) and it can lead to cultish phenomenon and new kinds of proto fascism. Illuminating or awakening magic is a good thing to do because people are more fun when they are switched on. Whilst it's bad to control people by psychically battering their judgement into submission, it's fair game to arrange for information to get to someone whilst they are receptive, or whilst they are looking for something to do. Here is a method which I used to support and cultivate some worthy presentations and productions whilst I lived in Leeds. This method is a slight adaptation from the 'Probability scattering' method in Phil Hine's Prime Chaos It uses a magical alphabet, such as runes, and it also uses a probability board. A probability board is a flat surface with concentric circles marked on it The inner circles represent very high probability, the outer circles represent low probability. (I've made them out of chipboard and marker pen, or big bits of paper from skips) With the example of a publication or an article/piece of artwork: 1) Have the material or a link to it available in the temple space. 2) Do a ritual opening. 3) Here's the magical bit: Focus intensely on the intention such as: 'It is my will to use probability scattering to bring _______ to receptive audiences in unexpected areas' Cast the Runes (or whatever you're using) onto the probability board, Briefly treat the result as a divination, but there is no need to bring the reading to a verbal level. After a meditation on what the casting might mean and how it could work, arrange the letters in order of probability. either low probability first or high probability first (according to what seems right, or whatever) Use this as a Barbarous word and vibrate it with all your might! Or Chant it, maybe dancing giving power to it, or seething, or swaying or putting chi into it! If appropriate, cast it at the sky or the ground, or a suitable target. 4) Close the magical working space quickly afterwards. 5) Ritual aftermath: Either move on to the next working, or ground and centre, and eat something, or go out and get pissed and be manic, or whatever, according to preference. Variations and results. I did a series of similar workings when a very gifted, fellow campaigner was going on a regular TV programme. (This was in the UK by the way) His presentation involved a pre made film, and a panel debate with a Conservative MP about development planning, particularly road building. I had about three weeks to work on it, So my early works used geomancy figures, which I've found to work slowly, My middle range workings used runes. My soon before workings used the Hebrew Alphabet with (slightly adapted) Thoth deck* correspondences which I've found to have a more swift acute impact when used in this way. *Also called the Crowley Harris deck. The results as according to my colleague were a change in ratings of a few million more people watching than normal, and someone told him that her Tory voting Dad had changed his mind on the matter, after watching the programme. As for underground press things which I've also supported in similar ways, both to increase distribution, and to get brilliant people contributing, it has worked in this area too. Of course, I would not have done the work if I had not been very impressed by the projects and the people involved. _____________________________________________________ theory of vampiric servitors Add Addresses I've been working with a vampiric servitor recently, and I think that, with a few minor adjustments, the theory I'm utilizing could easily be adapted... here's how the little guy works... I set up an intent first off, I happen to be attending college, and there is a huge emphasis on sports, but not very much on literature. well, being a literature type person, I figured that was all wrong, so I created a servitor that feeds on the energy given off by sporting events, uses the energy to grow and spread, and shits out creative literary energy for anyone to pick up and use... leaves energy in the air for artistic direction. then I took the sigil of the servitor and hand drew it onto little green stickers which I started placing on out of the way areas all over the campus (I like stickers, its a fast, easy way to graphitti) I started showing some friends this sticker, and now they all help placing them around campus, and a few friends at other universities nearby are also using this little sticker... over the last two weeks, attendance at creative writing groups is at an all-time high, the literary guild is starting to grow, and the university has already lost two games (or so I hear, maybe more by now) given the successful nature of this entity, I figure it would be relatively easy to direct this kind of servitor against companies which were destroying the enviroment... sigils representing the servitor would need to be placed on and around both the company's hq and the area to be rescued, with an intent along the lines of "sap the resources of the company to rebuild and protect the enviroment" this works on two levels, sapping the energy of the organization to protect what the organization wishes to destroy. should have applications in politics as well. a sidenote on angel's comment on manipulation: after a prolonged meditation on the rune ehwaz (the one that looks like 'M') I came to very similar conclusions... direct manipulation of an individual always always always creates negative energy, both for the worker and for the enviroment around the worker, as well as the individual. anywho: === Prairiewolf ~ Zen werewolF ~ Waric Fortuna Amergin :from Angel in response: As for me personally, I see vampirism as an addiction, and like any other addiction it has it's art and chic, but also it becomes a burden to the people who practice it, and the people around them. I have not come across many situations where vamping brings positive results, and I see it as very much an emergency measure. Vampirism has been the bane of protest sites, and a lot of hostility has occurred from urban magicians against eco mages, because protest site people usually put their foot down when vamping goes on, whilst vamps often presume that we'd be a soft touch. I drifted into it by accident by using viruses which feed off magical attacks, and recycle the power into exposure spells. When I reabsorbed them, (because they were much too powerful,) I had a womping great Karmic tide which they had established, And overcoming it required so much continual effort that I had little of my resources left for other things. I still use vamp. viruses in extreme situations, but I would rather not have to. Also I think that the practice of donating energy to protest sites has caused problems, partly because people can become addicted to it, and partly because it attracts vampires who stab us in the back. Anyway, that's my two pennies on the matter, Putting stickers around seems like a good idea. :) Don't let me tell you what to do and what not to do. My experiments in this area have proved to be very messy. Also I've found that having vamps around can make other magic turn messy as well. Perhaps I just don't notice the ones who are good at it. More views and experiences anyone? Best wishes, Angel, _________________________________________ From: benjamin j collar >From: "zen werewolf" >what if >an egregore was constructed with the intent of formulating a personality >that was in line with a set parameter of political ideologies, then sent out >to spawn copies of itself in various politicians, and these copies then took >over the personalities of the politicians? > I have a couple of thoughts on this.   First, I beleive a mass attack on the government would work well with a bunch of small servitors (or other spells, but I like servitors) rather than one big punch.  A big punch is too easy to block. The above idea is a good one.  To me it seems it would work well as a viral servitor.  For instance, let's say everybody who's participating does this: 1.  Create a servitor   1.a.  It's viral, i.e it infects the target then replicates and the child moves to a new target.   1.b.  The virus is a word virus, thus easily transmittable. 2.  Send the servitor to your favorite congressperson   2.a.  The first way I thought of to do this was compose a letter in which the servitor and it's instruction set is encoded. The hope is that the code will infect the mind of the congressperson and will replicate the next time they write a letter or communicate in some way with another congressperson. I then had a weirder idea, but haven't gone to far with it yet. Programmers out there are most likely familiar with linked lists.  For those who don't know what this is, each servitor has a way of communicating with at least 1 other similar servitor.   What could we do with this? Ben ___________________________________________ from Eyelumin8 What about this for starters?   "INVERT THE PYRAMID"     "invert the pyramid" "DINVERT THE PYRAMI"     "dinvert the pyrami" "ID INVERT THE PYRAM"     "id invert the pyram" "MID INVERT THE PYRA"      "mid invert the pyra" "AMID INVERT THE PYR"     "amid invert the pyr"         "RAMID INVERT THE PY"     "ramid invert the py"    PI? "YRAM ID INVERT THE P"     "yram id invert the p" "PYRAMID INVERT THE"     "pyramid invert the" "EPYRAMID INVERT TH"     "epyramid invert th" "HEPYRAMID INVERT T"     "hepryamid invert t" "THE PYRAMID INVERT"     "the pyramid invert" "THE PYRAMID INVERTS!!!!!"   As a mantra it seems to make sense and acts as a focus for whatever energy release you all decide upon. Also invokes the sacred 23 as my little tribute to Eris, each line intoned twice to make a total of 22 plus the "the pyramid inverts" as the final energy releaser.   Rather than choosing a candidate let the chaos do it for you, any political structure is based on knowledge filtering up through the pyramid and that knowledge being retained as state secrets. Invert the little fucker and let it be a symbol that in the action of invertion it becomes the only symbol to realign itself to its true purpose, that of knowledge unbound and unrestrained.   1.First draw the political structure as an equal armed pyramid, with the all seeing eye in the centre. 2.Strike a horizontal line through the eye to symbolically blind it. 3.From the edges of this new line trace two lines down to the point of the new inverted pyramid. 4.Draw a new eye through the second horizontal line to represent the sight of the people. 5.You should now have something that looks vaguely like a Solomonic Star with a vertical 'infinity' symbol created by the two eyes. 6.After intoning the mantra above the seal and using the energy for whatever you think best. 7.Send the seal to your Congressman with the following note : 8."Communication is Only possible between Equals" I want you to tell me................................................? I would imagine if enough people did it at least the Congressmen/Women would have something to talk about at senate!   Yours Englishly _______________________________________________________ > JR here. With re to servitors, to be forwarned is to be forearmed. Servitor > magick is foundationally based on the psychology of how the human nervous > system/mind works. Jung and others have helped a great deal to allow us to > see that not all of the mind is seen by the individual. At bottom a servitor > is generated from a part of the magician's psyche that basically has been > split off from the psyche so that the energy is disowned or separated from > oneself, hence is separated out from the self, and used. This is also the > origen of the shadow, the repressed or starved sides of the psyche. As > such, the energy that has been split off from the psyche must come from some > energized part of the magician's psyche and the common problem is that that > could easily come from unrecognized psychological problems such as > unrational or deep-seated fears and scriptings. > > Hence the warning about the need for a thorough understanding of oneself > (know thyself) and one's own split off parts (desires, obsessions and why). > A magician's got to know his desires, and on a fundamental, cellular level. > Too often magick is performed without adequate forethought. If a servitor > (based on your refused or split-off desires) does go on a rampage, then at > least you know what you're dealing with and can act accordingly. > > Servitors, just like any energetic thought-forms, maintain their existence > by sapping the magician's energy and strength. With sufficient energy and no > reabsorbtion back into the psyche, servitors can pose a problem. They can > sometimes go on sucking up the magician's power and attention, or worse. > The wise magician remembers that the apparent independent existence of the > servitor was brought about by the splitting off of some emotional reactive > part of his own psyche and s/he can reunite or reabsorb that energy properly > back into his psyche with understanding. The key is understanding why the > energy or desire was split off from the conscious psyche and shoved down > into the unconscious in the first place. Understanding why the pysche's > desire and intention came into being in the first place. Control of the > servitor comes from control and understanding of one's self and real > desires. > -JR > > > > > ________________________________________________________________ > Get FREE voicemail, fax and email at > Talk online at > > > ____________________________________________________________________________ ___ > ____________________________________________________________________________ ___ > > Message: 2 > Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 07:48:17 -0700 (PDT) > From: Wraith > Subject: Re: Digest Number 161 > > --- JRoost wrote: > > > Servitors, just like any energetic thought-forms, maintain their existence > > by sapping the magician's energy and strength. > > Have to disagree with ya JR, cuz my servitors don't work that way. None of my > servitors have any tie back to me, and usually don't involve any of my personal > energy in their creation. If they're one shot constructs that have enough > energy to get the job done and that's it, and if they're longterm they generate > energy out of what they're doing or taking it from another source. > > Wraith (it's too damn early) > __________________________________________________ > Wraith, Thanks for your msg. ‘Sapping’ may have been a poor choice of words. You were right to dispute that servitors only derive their energy from the mage, (I’ve got to stop writing stuff at 4am) they don’t always and I didn’t mean to imply that they did. I always appreciate those who correct my errors, may it not be my last. `D>\ ‘Utilizing’ may be a better choice of words instead of ‘sapping.’ This whole ‘mess’ came to me as I was thinking about heavy duty servitors that require a lot of attention and monitoring and that require serious input, such as a year or more of mantra or other energy-charging and on the intensity level of a major self-transformation. These are not easily disposable thought-constructs and absolutely require re-absorption or they can bite. But you’re correct, certainly there are degrees of intensity and many shades of gray when talking about thought-forms and in particular, servitors. Your experience speaks for itself and I don’t dispute it. I think my meaning could be made more clear. Let’s examine closely what happens with the mind when an intense thought-form is created and let rip. What I was pointing to with regard to ‘sapping’ is the fact that it is unavoidable that personal energy, if not used in charging the energy of the servitor, is in other fundamental ways, tied to the servitor. Personal energy is always the tie between the thought-construct (in our case, the servitor) and the mind. But by this personal energy I don’t mean where the servitor gets its energy from, I mean the energy on more subtle levels involved in one’s mind that is required for thinking about the servitor in general. For example, say you wanted to monitor and check up on the servitor to see what’s happening with it. Is it effective etc? Maybe you wanted to alter the course or actions of the servitor. Each of these actions takes personal energy and attaches attention in some way from the mind to the servitor. Or even if you were just writing down your experiences in your magickal journal, in a real sense, your mind, at that moment is linked with the thought-pattern, with the servitor, and your sense of reality (web of knowledge) is affected by its existence. The servitor necessarily (in the logical sense) has this linkage with your mind or it would not be a part of your life. Even for the thought-form to take a place in one’s memory, a tie between the mind of the mage and the thought-form is required. This is simply due to the nature of the mind when holding a thought-pattern. By the action of the mind holding that thought, ipso facto, the mind is tying itself to that thought as well as to a web of other inter-related thoughts and truths that make up the mind’s construction of reality. This is all we have to go on, basically. The mage gives the thought-pattern a home in his psyche on some level or levels, whether s/he realizes it or not. Take Uncle Setnakt’s example (in his USs Essential Guide to the LHP, p 10) of having ones life pass before the mind in the instant before the experience or feeling of impending death. (BTW, I enjoyed the way U.S. described the common reactions of survivors: ‘Gee, you mean at any time I could have done something about my wretched little life? Why didn’t someone tell me?’ LOL baby! I used to joke with my bud that a nice epitaph could read ‘I’ve got to get my shit together.’ Can you spell ‘waking up out of the Matrix ooze?’ Sure, I knew ya cood. Right on the money. Of course I’m not laughin’ too hard as I’m STILL realizing this stuff in certain ways different than before myself. The claim of the near-death-experience (which I also happen to subscribe to) is that every significant and even many non-significant actions and events in ones life rapidly passes before the mind’s eye before the moment of transformation. This example, if true, shows that at least most, if not all, ones experiences remain tied into the mind, till the end. Nothing can get forgotten, even if we wanted to forget, because all of the experiences of the mind, in other words, is made up of either memories, desires, or thoughts. Therefore, Integration of the mind with the mind’s experiences in this sense may very well occur at death whether we like it or not. Perhaps this is a self-reflexive action by the mind at death. After all, the principal feature of the mind is will, language, and the communication of words, energy, and other things, so the mind is basically a ‘meaning-producting organism’ anyway (I forget who first said this). Food for thought as I’ve seen humans die twisting, fear-based deaths in RL. And you know from looking at them that the thoughts they’re thinking are ugly! Freaked out torment is more like it, like in a frightening dream. It’s kinda like watching a dog dreaming, seeing its legs move and jerk as if running. Or, have you seen a fully hypnotized person in a show act hilariously and without restraint? In all three cases, the thought-constructs in the mind are exactly determining the experience that the mind’s eye is perceiving. The mind of the dying person similarly is seeing itself pass through its experiences and thought-constructs. Some deaths are smooth and easy, some are purely gruesome and tortuous. The key is the content of the thoughts that are held and the mind’s relationships and ties to those thoughts. Bluntly, any thought about the servitor at any time is by that action, logically a tie back to the mind and the sense of self. (This tie is reflected in such sentences as: ‘I’ created that servitor. I see it’s doing so-so as of 2pm. I can improve it by doing such and such. It’s done its job now, maybe a little too well, so I’m going to shut it off now by my power per my desire. Etc etc ) You can learn to mitigate some of how the mind’s link with the thought-pattern affects you, but the fact that you hold the link in the first place requires you to keep a place in your mind for that thought-pattern, unless you’ve dissolved it after a period of time. (know thyself) This is called mitigating karma and the law of cause and effect . The value of this knowledge is that one can examine oneself and change course if needed by examining the warp and woof of ones life and ones fundamental net of knowledge (ones belief structures) by looking at ones net of thought-patterns, incl the use of servitors. So you see the ties back to yourself, back to your mind, are unavoidable, and as such, they ‘sap’ or ‘utilize’ your mind’s strength in the sense that they are energized or take attention by the mind. Because at any time T1 that you’re thinking of thought-pattern X, chances are pretty good that you’re also not dealing with thought-pattern Q. That decision takes energy by the mind and energy is valuable. It’s part of the very nature of the mind to have ties. Just try giving up the ties that you have basic needs, or the tie that the earth has gravity, or if you’re a modern, that the earth has a particular special space-time deformation that allows everything to stay on the surface of the planet and not fly off into space. Some mental ties are taken for granted, but without them, life doesn’t mean the same as before. The key is to make sure those ties to one’s mind are ‘doable,’ and are truly what you really want, eh? (not what would be ‘cool’, passing fancy, or ‘nice,’ but what you want etched on your gravestone.) This is called focusing ones time. The old and tried and true advice is to make sure the desire is non-harmful to the planet that supports us all. Strange as it seems, I always ask for independent Work be done as a gift to Mother Earth and her inhabitants so that a good playground for consciousness remains.), by making sure the intense thought-pattern invoked can be thoroughly understood and reabsorbed into the psyche. This may reveal foolishness and stupidity or fear or any other emotion or judgment thought in the psyche. I speak from first-hand knowledge. Sounds cornball, but Be strong enough to go through that self-examination by examining your mind’s involvement with the thought-construct or servitor or even some other piece of magick, why have you chosen it, what purpose it served, etc. Does it really align with what you want, etc. Did you merely react to peabrain or did you make essential goal oriented choices that yielded interesting info so that you can create a larger view of yourself and your world. Some thought-constructs may be seemingly insignificant, they’re like computer programs running in the background of the mind. Each has its proper use and proper cautions, and each must be examined as to its role. The heavy duty servitors that require a lot of attention and monitoring require serious charging- these are not easily disposable thought-constructs and absolutely require re-absorption. I’ve seen some people who’ve just lost it when they tried to deny or not take seriously a strongly-empowered servitor or thought-form, and the servitor lashed back at the mage mirroring her own disowned feelings in her own head. Ugly. In these strongly charged thought-forms in the mind (when you really have put some serious marbles into a basket), the only antidote I know is to take responsibility for the creation and reabsorb it back into one’s consciousness. This should be done with most constructed thought-forms as a general rule. The trick being to give it the “proper home” in the mind which means creating the right situations for it to act and live in so it doesn’t overwhelm, too much. So, eg, a servitor energized with rage and hatred (say of being picked on for whatever unfair reasons as a kid) can serve its use, but must then be given a proper understanding of its reason for existing in the first and reintegrated in some way back into the mage’s psyche. This entails seeing what a yahoo I’ve been by falling into the trap of reacting to and believing someone else’s power. Without seeing the truth of the situation, whatever it happens to be, I might miss the lesson for my own mind. And that fuckin’ pisses me. ‘Cuz then NOTHING happens, or else bad things happen because of continuing the stupidity. For the rage-based servitor example, one way I could own it would be by using an art-form to express the energy and create something out of it, say a musical piece like Schoenberg’s monumental 5 pcs for orchestra if such a craftsman’s talent was available in my mind along with the desire, which neither is quite at the moment, otherwise said talent decreasing until you get down to the likes of the Charlie Daniels band, the gogo’s, journey (just joking, journey rocks dude) and then, I dunno, Bill on a harp down at the morgue on a slow night. Or I could re-focus the rage into a different new adventure altogether. The point is to be aware of the really strong, as well as really subtle energies of thought-forms on as many levels as possible so that freedom is maximized. Then too, realize there is a price to be paid for each and every thought-form in one’s head, if nothing else that a little bit more memory gets used up. Obviously not every thought-form is a big deal and there are huge differences in intensity and purpose. Still, any thought-construct has a role to play, question is, is it the right role? I’ll try to not to be so long-winded in the future. -JR _______________________________________________________ Just like with everything else, servitors can be done in a number of ways.. I do have to agree that there is, or should be, some linkage back to long term ones tho.. gotta keep tabs on the big suckers... but has anyone else out there created any truly autonomous long term ones? Like a set of reactive, polymorphic wards.. they absorb incoming energy, and change 'frequency' to prevent someone from lock onto and tearing apart a static construct, so don't need my guidance.. same thing with shields (well, mine anyway, but they're an artifact).. I can affect these constructs, but I tend not to unless absolutly necessary. But I don't leave any kind of active linkage for someone to trace me back with; leaving an open channel could allow someone to track me down & do a damn damn on me.. Wraith (ask ten mages a question and you'll get thirteen different answers) _____________________________________________________- From: "zen werewolf" servitors are, in my humble experiencial opinion, independant thought-forms which carry on activities in the ideosphere/astral space in the manner in which they are programmed... this is important, because a servitor can continue existing even after the death of the mage that spawned it... sigilic magick does work as a deep-seated trigger in the magicians subconscious mind, but a servitor becomes an independant entity, although the mage may use bits of hir emotional center to spawn the entity... the birthing process... zen ________________________________________________ return to the table of contents page

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