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Sharon's Trivia Challenge

Take my MASH Trivia Challenge. Keep score and see how you rate below.


1. What two things were strange about the sweater Hawkeye's sister knitted for him?
2. What did Frank Burns say was the only reason he became a doctor?
3. What was Charles Emerson Winchester III's sister's name and her problem?
4. What did they name Colonel Potter's newborn grandaughter?
5. Where did B.J.'s father-in-law live and what was his name?
6. What was Margaret's father's name and nickname?
7. What was Doctor Freeman's first name?
8. Why did Radar have to go home before the war was over?
9. What was the name of Henry Blake's wife?
10. What was the name of Klinger's favorite baseball team?
11. What was Trapper's full name?
12. Who was Lt. Leslie Scorch?
13. What did father Mulcahy's mother call him?
14. What was Frank's wife's name?
15. What was Colonel Potter's wife's name and measurements?
16. What were the names of BJ's wife and daughter?
17. What were the favorite drinks of Henry, Hawkeye, Margaret, Charles and Radar?
18. What was Klinger's sister's name?
19. Who was Chaplain Dego Red in the original movie and what part does the actor play now?
20. What instruments did Charles, Father Mulcahy's sister Angelica and Col. Potter's wife play?
21. Who played Lt. Tony Baker and what other related part did he play?
22. Who played General Bartford Hamilton Steele?
23. What are Hawkeye's boot size and BJ's tennis shoe size?
24. What was Radar's mother's name?
25. What is the connection between Edwina Ferguson, the underage private Wendell, and Dr. Roy Dupree?

BONUS QUESTION: What MASH star also starred in a series created by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry?


1. It was way too big for him, and according to other episodes, Hawkeye was an only child and didn't have a sister.
2. To clear up his skin.
3. Honoria, she stuttered.
4. Sheri Pershing Potter.
5. Kwa Paw, Oklahoma, Floyd Hayden.
6. Alvin "Howitzer Al" Houlihan.
7. He was originally called Milton, then it changed to Sydney.
8. His uncle Ed died, leaving his mother alone on the farm in Ottumwa, Iowa.
9. She was originally called Mildred, then it changed to Lorainne
10. The Toledo Mud Hens.
11. John Francis Xavier McIntyre.
12. Henry's girlfriend and Trapper's John, MD's (Pernell Roberts) scrub nurse.
13. Johnny.
14. Louise.
15. Mildred, 42-36-42 (the combination of the company safe.
16. Peg and Erin (Mike Farrell's real life daughter is named Erin too).
17. Scotch, Gin, Bourbon, Cognac, and Grape Nehi, respectively.
18. Yvonne.
19. Rene Auberjonois, who played Odo on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
20. French Horn, Saxophone, and Classical Banjo, respectively.
21. Gregory Harrison, who also played Gonzo Gates on Trapper John, MD.
22. Harry Morgan before he became Col. Sherman T. Potter.
23. Ten and a half C boots and size 13 tennis shoes.
24. Edna. He also had a pregnant cow named Edna and a show cow named Bessie.
25. They were played by Arlene Golonka, Ron Howard, and George Lindsey, and
they all starred in the Andy Griffith Show as Millie Swanson, Opie Taylor, and Goober Pyle respectively.


0-4 correct = Ferret Face, you'd better go back and watch some reruns.
5-10 correct = Klinger, ok keep trying, maybe someday.
11-15 correct = Trapper, your pretty good at trapping the facts.
16-20 correct = Potter, the details are firmly planted in your brain.
21-24 correct = Radar, you always know what's going on don't you?
All 25 correct = Hawkeye, you don't miss a thing!

Was this too easy? Was it too hard? Please email me and let me know how you did, I'd love to know your score.

BONUS ANSWER: Mike Farrell (BJ) starred as Dr. Jerry Robinson in the 1973 sci-fi series "The Questor Tapes."

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