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I have been the Office Manager of AdaSoft, Inc., a software development company, since 1989. In 1997 AdaSoft branched out into Internet Training and we started another company called Avilar Technologies, Inc., so I really work for two companies now.

Avilar developed and markets WebMentor(tm), a complete LMS (Learning Management System). WebMentor(tm) makes it possible for anyone to use their favorite browser to develop, build, maintain, and deliver their training courses on any subject and deliver them over the Internet or a corporate Intranet. You can buy WebMentor(tm) for use on your own server or you can build courses with the free authoring software WebAuthor(tm) and Avilar will negioate a hosting arrangement. If you're interested in Learning Management Systems or Web-based Training please go to the Avilar website for more information, a demo and free Authoring software download.

My boss also developed a program called MAnE, Mission Analysis Environment(tm) that plots optimum trajectories for both high and low thrust space missions. NASA is using it at Goddard SFC, Johnson SFC, and Marshall SFC along with some other impressive aerospace clients.

We mourn the loss of the 7 heros of the Columbia Space Shuttle.
They were the bravest of pioneers, committed to the future of all humanity.

I have two other bosses, one specializes in Engineeering and the other in Programming. They are great too. Tom and I always talk about Star Trek. Paul is into golf. There are two other women in the company besides me. Amanda is a college student Bowie State College. Diane is an instructional designer, she now has five llamas and a cat that we talk about.

I really like my job. I get to do many different things so it's never boring. As an Office Manager I do the work of a Secretary, Accountant, Receptionist, Payroll Manager, Benefits Specialist, Employee Relations , Human Resources, Sales and Marketing Support, and Executive Assistant. I do just about anything office related. Payroll tax reporting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, contract management, cash flow, invoicing, financial statements, travel arrangements, purchasing, credit card authorizations, e-commerce, you name it. I type and scan, make copies, order supplies, go to the bank, sort the mail, answer the phone, maintain the company databases. I've been doing this kind of thing for about 28 years now, 14 for AdaSoft and now Avilar.

It's getting very busy around work these days. There's a lot to remember, especially when your doing all them for two companies at the same time. I have always been a compulsive organizer and that really helps. Even with all my duties you'll usually find my desk clean and neat.

Thinking about work reminds me of an interview I saw Billy Joel do on tv once. He made a comment that really made me angry, I'll never forget it. He was talking about his support of equal rights for women and his mother's career experiences. He said that growing up he saw how tough it was for her to get a good job. That for years all she could get were "meanial" jobs like that of a secretary. That really burnt my biscuits! A secretary is a hard job yes, but "meanial" that's bull. Tell me where he'd be today if it weren't for all the secretaries who bought his records and went to his concerts? It was their "meanial jobs" that put him wherever he thinks he is today (Mostly in rehab, I hear).

I thought that was really rude and I will not ever buy another Billy Joel record ever again. If he was playing next door I wouldn't go see him either. Secretary is not a "meanial" job. It takes skill, intelligence, organization, tact, personality, ingenuity, perserverence, and a great deal of patience. This world would grind to a halt if all the Secretaries in it decided to quit. Comments like that are giving Secretaries a bad name. It's that type of attitude that is keeping secretaries from getting the professional recognition they deserve. With today's technology a Secretary is expected to know things that only a Computer Specialist would have known 10 years ago. I'd like to see Billy Joel behind my desk for a week. "Meanial". . . HA!

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