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Davy Jones
The Front Street Station, Page 2
North Umberland, PA
Sept. 7th and 8th, 2000

Many thanks to Pam Gilbert for these first 6 pictures

Diane giving Davy Roses on Friday night

On Friday Davy sat on Diane's lap!!!

Diane's about to kiss Davy Jones!

Sharon's Thursday night kiss

Sharon's Friday night kiss

Jay, Diane, Cora & Sharon

Diane gets an autograph

Suzie & Davy share a laugh

Cora getting an autograph

Davy's Farm is named "Spruce Lawn"

Fans visiting Davy's future museum

We even took our dog to see the museum

Sharon, Davy and Diane together again!

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Photos copyright © 2000, Sharon and Diane Meck, all rights reserved. Do not duplicate.