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Lament of A Gambler
By: mog (


AUTHOR'S NOTES: More fluff, can't control it, can only apologize.  And *no*,
I'm not obsessed.  I just happen to think that the character of Ezra
Standish is abstruse, multi-faceted, fused with...oh hell, I'm obsessed.


Lament of A Gambler

Wasn't lookin' for a conscience, wasn't hopin' to be saved.
Done better as the dealer, than as the sucker bein' played.
Learned early from my mama that nothing comes for free.
Got by with cards and pistols and a drawled soliloquy.

But recently Fate's seen to bestow on me a curse.
The flicker of a soft soul, and I fear it's getting worse.
Bein' swayed by the behavior of a half a dozen men.
And against my better judgement I find I'm trustin' them.

Worked hard to build this wall up; mortared every stone.
Kept myself protected and kept myself alone.
So why 's it seem so easy? Like here's where I belong.
If they went to fight the Devil I'd gladly tag along.

A Leader and a Healer, A Scoundrel and a Kid
A Tracker and a Preacher and the secrets they keep hid.
They believe in me to stay here, to look after this town.
So until I figure these guys out, guess I'll just have to stick around.