And just who the hell are Lysandra and Lysistrata?
Why, skanky hos, of course, and damn proud of the title.
And that's about all you need to know about us.
 After all, we've got a reputation for bitchiness to live up to.

We're even more pissed than normal.
We wanted our own domain name, so we went searching.
We were incensed to discover that is not only taken,
but being sold to the highest bidder.
And we may be skanky, but we ain't rich.

So we're still here.

About this page, you just need to know a few things:

1. What you'll find here now: Fanfiction, some of it on the extreme side.
2. What you'll find here in the future: More fanfic, plus the occasional rude comment.
3. What you won't find here: High quantities of sap. We're allergic.

So don't ask; just read.

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In Media
In the middle.


Scully makes an unusual request.

NC-17 with a vengeance

A note about "Crux":
When this story was written, it was intended as the first in a three-part arc
that would deal not only with the events of the story but also with the aftermath
and recovery. For many reasons, I have been unable to complete the remainder of
the story, and I don't know if I ever will. Because I am not comfortable with the
original story as a stand-alone, I have removed it from my site and requested
its removal from Gossamer. If I ever complete the arc, I will repost.

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