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November 22,1998
The Legacy is Eternal

John F. Kennedy Jr. said...

I think both of us have a strong sense of my father's legacy and how important it is, and we both respect it enormously.

On the 35th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's death, expect the propagandists to come out swinging, to revive the absurd conspiracy fantasy that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. An absolutely fraudulent claim which was concocted by J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon to cover up the truth, the claim that Oswald shot Kennedy is still maintained through aggressive, deceptive, manipulative advocacy. But serious people who have taken the time to explore the evidence clearly understand the fact that it is simply not possible to defend such a transparent fraud. Indeed, Johnson was so obsessed by the need to cover up the truth that he appointed the Hoover-controlled Warren Commission, to blindly advocate the fraudulent claim that Oswald had acted alone -a claim which was obviously concocted even before the President was assassinated. The world was still grieving when Johnson authorized Hoover to control the so-called truth about the Kennedy assassination, but the world is now wise to that sort of time-honored fraud. Nothing terrified Lyndon Johnson more than the public outcry for a complete and thorough investigation and nobody was better suited to betray justice than the unaccountable, J. Edgar Hoover. Not surprisingly, Hoover used Lee Harvey Oswald to divert attention and to cover up the truth about the Kennedy assassination.

Lyndon Johnson claimed that the truth about Lee Harvey Oswald could never be determined -it was buried with Lee Harvey Oswald, and he is absolutely right. An aspiring "James Bond" at the height of the Cold War, history does not produce an accurate record about the adventures of young, intelligent Marines like Lee Harvey Oswald. But this is about the Kennedy assassination, and history has recorded everything about that. Specifically, the evidence that directly implicates Johnson is too consistent, too compelling and too exhaustive to deny. On the very day that John F. Kennedy was murdered, while the world was in shock, Lyndon Johnson unleashed a non-stop, pre-planned frenzy of deliberate conduct which betrayed the planning and the pre-meditation of the elaborate effort to conceal the truth. In particular, the lie that was deliberately and meticulously promoted is that John F. Kennedy did not plan to withdraw from the war in Vietnam and that the Johnson administration simply carried forth the intentions of the slain President. Indeed, despite the fact that Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson had diametrically opposed views about the Vietnam war, Johnson brilliantly created the impression that the stark contrast did not even exist. Even Kennedy's funeral did not distract Johnson -by then, he had already produced the foundation of the Warren report fraud and had instantly, meticulously and thoroughly created the impression that he did not intend to reverse the foreign policy course that Kennedy had planned to chart. The suggestion that he was not prepared well in advance for an event that only co-conspirators could predict, is simply not credible. A brilliant strategist, Lyndon Johnson was not a brilliant, spontaneous thinker, and the thought behind his deliberate actions, clearly exposes an undeniable, incriminating level of premeditation.

Richard Nixon exposed his hand in the plot to cover up the truth about the Kennedy assassination when he claimed that he called Hoover on November 22nd to ask him if one of those "right-wing nuts" had killed Kennedy. According to Nixon, Hoover replied, "No, it was a Communist." If that isn't a phony description of a phony dialogue, it's difficult to top it. Nixon further added that Oswald's wife latter disclosed that Oswald had been planning to kill Nixon when he went to Dallas. Nixon and Hoover were both in Dallas on the 21st of November, and in the process of seeking to concoct a violent image to demonize Oswald, they probably tossed all kinds of war stories around. Moreover, when Richard Nixon did not challenge Lyndon Johnson for the Presidency in 1964, he ultimately betrayed the secret collusion between political ideologues who were united over the determination to prosecute the Vietnam war and the obsession to cover up the truth about the Kennedy assassination. As late as November 22, 1963, Richard Nixon made it clear that the Kennedyswere the only ones who stood in the way of his plans when he said, "I am going to work as hard as I can to get the Kennedys out of there. We can'tafford four more years of that kind of administration." At the same time, Richard Nixon called Dean Rusk the ablest Secreatary of State that America has ever had and despite the fact that he was the most popular Republican Presidential candidate, he did not oppose Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Monday morning quarterbacks call that brilliant, a calculation that was deliberately made because Lyndon Johnson was allegedly unchallangeable in 1964. What they did not realize is that Nixon and his secret allies had engaged a bi-partisan plot to prosecute the Vietnam War and there was no room for partisan elections in an atmosphere where every move was defined by the obsession to win the Vietnam war. Indeed, as Nixon made clear, he did not challenge Johnson in the election of 1964 because his only concern was to work as hard as he could to "get the Kennedys out of there." Like Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon believed that John F. Kennedy was a foreign policy amateur whose repeated refusal to deploy combat troops to the conflict in Southeast Asia threatened the entire planet. Indeed, Nixon was so obsessed to deploy American power that he even recommended a full-scale military invasion of Cuba. In his own words: "I would find a proper legal cover and I would go in. There are several justifications that could be used, like protecting American citizens living in Cuba and defending our base in Guatanamo. I believe that the most important thing to do at this point is to get Castro and communism out of Cuba." Lee Harvey Oswald was the ideal patsy because he could be connected to Cuba and the Soviet Union through his political activism and to the Mafia through his relationship with Marcello associate, David Ferrie. Indeed, Lee Harvey Oswald was essentially the ideal patsy of every potential conspiracy, regardless of whether Oswald, Castro or the Mafia was used to deflect attention away from the truth. But in stark contrast to all the absurd, unsubstantiated, commonly promoted conspiracy theories, Lee Harvey Oswald expelled every single fraud when he simply said, "I am just a patsy". And FBI informant Jack Ruby, silenced the patsy. Beyond his relationship with Hoover's FBI, Jack Ruby was the Mafia contact who was responsible for corrupting the payoff-riddled Dallas Police. In other words, Jack Ruby was the pointman of the plot to silence the patsy -he handled the contract on Oswald's life. But every assassination plot has a hitch or two. Clinton's fatal shot was supposed to be delivered by a filibuster-free Senate. Oswald's fatal shot was supposed to be delivered by the long arm of the vigilante law while the alleged assassin was trying to evade the authorities. When Jack Ruby shot Oswald on national television, he exposed the desperate improvisatioon of an assassination plot that had skipped a beat. Lyndon Johnson certainly noticed the fact that the script had been modified and he panicked to the point where he called the hospital where Oswald lay dying and thundered the following demand: "Dr. Crenshaw, I want a deathbed confession from the accused assassin. There's a man in the operating room who will take the statement. I will expect full cooperation in thismatter." Johnson apologists claim that Dr. Crenshaw lied, but there is no reason to dispute the ethical standards of a man like Dr. Crenshaw. Sooner or latter, people have to start listening to the simple truth and start ignoring elaborate spin -but unfortunately, some people routinely prove that they either deliberately ignore or are not able to distinguish the difference.

The ultimate point is that when deception dominates, the legacy of great Americans is distorted beyond recognition. Specifically, Camelot was neither myth, nor martyr, nor legend. Against the advice of his own military Chiefs, Camelot was not arrogant in the use of great power and he refrained from satisfying their fantasy to bomb Cuba back to the stoneage. Unbeknown to the world at the time, that decision actually averted an imminent nuclear war. Cuba was prepared to launch a nuclear missile and the Soviet Union and the United States were geared to respond. Indeed, despite all the propaganda, all the deceit, all the revisionists and all the fraud artists who manufacture documents to distort the Kennedy record, Camelot was real.

[footnote]Hoover apologists dispute the claim that Nixon and Hoover were in Dallas on the 21st, but it doesn't matter -proximity is ultimately a moot point. The significant fact is that Hoover and Nixon were two peas in a single pod when it came down to plotting strategy to destroy their enemies. Nixon got a good taste of developing plots to assassinate his enemies during the Eisenhower Administration where, as a member of the National Security Counsil, he was the pointman of anti-Castro assassination plots. Hoover used the Mafia to destroy Communists at home and the covert merger of their anti-Communist resources was a typical phenomenon. During the McCarthy era, Hoover's FBI was the investigative arm that kept the witch hunts going and Richard Nixon was the beneficiary of the national attention that anti-Communist hysteria generated. It was well understood that J. Edgar Hoover had "made" Richard Nixon, and public pronouncements about their relationship are simply phony cover stories. In actual fact, Richard Nixon and Hoover were clearly aware of every single detail about who and what was behind the Kennedy assassination, the claim that some right-wing nut or some Communist was responsible, is transparently phony -and they both knew it.

We would like to pay an overdue tribute to an unheralded American hero. A former OSS and Senate Investigator, Harold Weisberg is a man who has devoted his heart, his soul, his integrity and most of his life to the task of uncovering the truth about the Kennedy and King assassinations. If he has produced authoritative records, it is certainly not surprising. To make a long story short, Weisberg proved the fallacy of blaming Oswald for the Kennedy assassination and he disproved all of the evidence that implicates James Earl Ray because it was evidently all bundled up and waiting to be discovered even before King was shot. Harold Weisberg is an honest intelligent man who develops conclusions that are so well reasoned and so meticulously researched that they are impossible to legitimately reverse. Having proved that he is an overwhelming threat to exposing the truth, Weisberg was befriended by a secretely funded fraud artist whose sole purpose, it now appears, was to keep the real truth about the Kennedy and King assassinations covered up. Indeed, without even bothering to sacrifice the time required to study the Kennedy assassination, media darling Gerald Posner wrote what is essentially a corrupt "prosecutor's brief" to implicate Lee Harvey Oswald in the crime of the century. If it was an honest brief, the effort would be commendable, but Weisberg exposed Posner's work for what it is when he said: "The dishonesty is unending and, without this permeating dishonesty he has no book. Misrepresenting established fact is his forte and omitting what he knows and is true is one of the means by which he undertook to rewrite the truth about the assassination, whatever his motive or motives may be." Harold Weisberg knows what he is talking about and it takes a much bigger man than a fraud artist like Gerald Posner to destroy the legacy of an American hero.

Posner's attempt to savage the integrity of an honest giant like Harold Weisberg is contemptible. The fact that the media embraces Posner and grants him the opportunity to promote a "legal brief" that in Weisberg's unfailing words, "deceives and misleads the people" is deeply troubling. In his typically understated manner, Weisberg laments the deceptive state of affairs and muses about the manipulation of and by the media when he says: "What does all this say about the state of the 'fourth estate' of the nation, and of its future?" The media obviously has a long way to go to regain its credibility, and it can perhaps begin by acknowledging genuine American heroes like Harold Weisberg.

It is because independent, reasonable, meticulous researchers like Harold Weisberg advance the quest for the truth that we are now in a position to unravel some of the lies behind the Kennedy assassination. First and foremost, the assassination of John F. Kennedy was evidently motivated by the fact that the President refused to deploy combat troops in Southeast Asia and that he planned to pull out of the Vietnam war by 1965, win, lose or draw. It is not our position to claim that Lyndon Johnson was a murderer and we in fact doubt it. What we do know is that Lyndon Johnson passionately shared the belief that the failure to draw the line in Vietnam would have triggered World War III and Kennedy was essentially the first casualty of the determination to deploy combat troops. Having equated the need to win the Vietnam war and theprospect of saving the world from a nuclear holocaust, Johnson's choices were firmly and clearly pre-defined. It was a tragic circumstance that Lyndon Johnson agonized over and accepted because in his mind, every single Vietnam war casualty was a necessary sacrifice. He did not share Kennedy's historic perspective regarding the futile war that French combat troops had abandoned, and that made all the difference.

Dean Rusk betrayed the Kennedy assassination cover up when he repeatedly claimed that Kennedy had always planned to deploy combat troops to the war effort in Vietnam. In his own words, Rusk said: "There was never any question in Kennedy's mind that Southeast Asia was vital to the security of the United States. The only question in his mind was where we would make the fight if we had to make a fight, and his decision was we should make it in Vietnam." The bold, unadulterated lie that Kennedy had planned to deploy American combat troops in Vietnam was repeated over and over and over again by both Dean Rusk and McGeorge Bundy, and now we know why it took Robert McNamara over three decades to finally tell the truth about those lies.

No, no, no, we are not conspiracy kooks who claim that Chief Justice Earl Warren also engaged the plot to murder the President. Warren simply rubber stamped the "evidence" that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover compiled to fraudulently implicate Oswald -a controversial conspiracy is never shared by the entire government.

The truth, as we now know, can be very elusive and shocking and we are not claiming infallibility -like everybody, we are certainly prone to be misled. All you have to do is read our newsletter to determine the fact that we had dismissed the legitimacy of reports about a semen-stained dress and they proved to be true. At the same time, how could we have possibly determined the fact that the Lewinsky dress was the insurance policy of the plot to destroy the President? What Clinton did was clearly wrong but it does not rise to the level of a fraudulent insurance policy claim. Time has a way of sorting out the truth and having lived through one political assassination, we refuse to support another. But most importantof all, it is absolutely vital to acknowledge the sacrifice and the contribution of genuine American heroes like Harold Weisberg. [postedSeptember 18, 1998]

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