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This was taken about four years ago. One of my favorite photos...
(in my absolute favorite dress!...;-)

Hi! My name is Kimberly Anne. Thank you for stopping by and visiting awhile. Perhaps you'd like to get to know me a little better... Well, let's see, I'm 5'11", have blonde hair and blue eyes. No, I'm not your typical blonde. Believe me! As you've probably already figured out, I'm NOT genetically female, although I feel every inch the woman I appear to be and I live my life as any typical woman would. I work full-time and I enjoy my job very much. Here's a few of my favorite pastimes: I love watching movies; GOOD horror, thrillers (so someone can hold my hand), dramas and romance (to cry with someone), and sci-fi just to escape from it all. I like to read; mostly Koontz and King the horror masters. And then music comes into play, of which I have such an eclectic taste, I won't go into all of it here! Just keep the old twangy country out of my hearing range! I now live not too far from where I grew up in the early 60's. My parents are still there, their home a welcome place to visit from time to time - so many wonderful memories. I consider myself fortunate that I can still "go home". Not very long ago I had a falling out with my parents over my being transgendered. But through some help from a wonderful sister-in-law helping educate them and a LOT of patience, we have come back together and begun rebuilding our relationship on new ground. Things aren't perfect yet, but all in all I am very happy with what has transpired in the last year - and day by day we continue to grow as a family... To all my friends that I haven't met yet, I send my fondest wishes, hopes and dreams. And if you're anything like the friends I have now, I can hardly wait to meet you! I hope to be updating this page on a more regular basis, so please check back often to see how I'm doing :-)

I finally got a digital camera and that should make updates a lot easier and more often - I will finally get to share the rest of my family with you - my kitty and her sister, that is ;-)... Plus provide you with more pics of my surroundings here and what kind of beautiful area I am blessed to live in...

Taken by my good friend Kimberley during a visit she made to my home in 1998.

This is my kitty, Allie. She and her sister came to us from New York back in May.
She's a real sweety - and very photogenic too!

This is Allie's sister, Callie, who belongs to my brother Dave. She's extremely photogenic as well...

Here's both of them looking very much like mirror images of one another! Although they look alot alike, they have very different personalities. Here they are kissing to make you think they are sweet angels...NOT!

This was taken most recently. They have grown up into some beautiful cats...although they can be a handful at times! You'd never think it by these pictures!

This is the gorgeous (no pun intended) Rogue river...
at the scenic gorge section, which is about an hour away...
This was taken not far from where the river begins -
near the beautiful Crater Lake National Park.

Work, work, work...somehow you can always
manage to get a smile out of me :-)
Here I am at work being goofy as fashion model candidate??? ;-)

Here I am with my co-workers, Debby and Christina...they're just as nutty as I am - almost!

These are three of my dearest friends, seated from the left, Roz, Myself, Kimberley, and Corrin
We were having a great time at "HOBO'S" in Portland July, 1998.

Roz and I clowning around in the kitchen, Christmas of 1998

This is Kimberley, one of my dearest friends. She is also one of the most beautiful, inside and out.
I met Kim on the internet after visiting her website. After corresponding for awhile,
we decided it was time to meet in person, and so we visited one another in Portland.
(The pics from that time are up above.) Since that time she has made it down to my
home in southern Oregon and we had a wonderful time...
I feel very fortunate to have this wonderful person included in my circle of friends.
If you ever get the chance to get to know her, you'll see what I mean...

Thanks Kimberley for your friendship over the last couple of years!

Well my friends, that's about all for now. Stop back by soon, OK?
Oh, and most importantly...
(Short-Round from "Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom")

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