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Special thanks to Clay Loomis
For those of you that don't know how to download to your computer, click on the sound with your right mouse button and choose "Save Link As" (or some similar wording).

  • Homer, Krusty and Chief Wiggum, the "Ah, Crap" special. simp276.wav47k


  • Apu pronounces his full name apuname.wav 10k

  • "And our beef jerky is now nearly rectum-free." simp220.wav 16k

  • This is from the Scorpio episode and has a little Homer at the end.
    simp247.wav 94k

    Burns & Smithers:

  • Mr. Burns is an ogre. simp113.wav 38k

  • Mr. Burns' Pocket Rocket simp179a.wav 24k

  • The gristly Chinese. simp197.wav 19k


  • "Ahh crap!" simp86.wav 16k

  • Krusty brand laughter krusty.wav 10k


  • "I know a Web site that shows monkey's doin' it." simp254.wav 11k

  • "I want my monkey-man!" simps1.wav 43k

  • Bart wants a new kind of vitamin simp98.wav 29k

  • "The dead have risen and they're voting Republican." simp201.wav 19k


  • "Daddy" simp167.wav 5k

  • "Dadilly-doodilly" simp168.wav 16k


  • Cletus gets his drivers licensesimp19.wav 54k


  • "Kiss my ass" simp102.wav 6k

  • "The Internet? Is that thing still around?" simp253.wav 13k

  • "Ahh crap!"homcrap.wav 7k

  • Homer plans a kinky evening with Marge simp159.wav 109k

  • He's not gaysimps4.wav 13k

  • Homer can't say 'tit' and keep a straight face simp140.wav 21k

  • "The human wang is a beautiful thing." simp198.wav 11k

  • "Oh yeah, drugs, you gotta have drugs." simp182.wav 11k

  • "It has come to my attention that NBC sucks." nbcsucks.wav 14k

  • Homer, Krusty and Chief Wiggum..."Ah, crap".simp276.wav<47k


  • "Shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out" simp152.wav 12k

  • "Here I am- Eat me." simp204.wav 10k

  • "I'm on Dope." simp196.wav 7k

  • "Homer, there's a family of possums in here." Homer: "I call the big one Bitie."
    simp225.wav 25k


  • "The metric system is the tool of the devil" metric2.wav 50k


  • Ned's foreign relatives simp67.wav 113k

    Professor Frink:

  • A Lemon ball so sour simp166.wav 79k


  • Snake robs computer nerds Yoink.adios\losers 77k

  • "Time for a crime spree" simp54.wav 20k

    Miss Springfield:

  • "Gentlemen, start your whacking"whacking.wav 29k

    Ralph Wiggum:

  • "The doctor said I wouldn't have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger out of there."
    simps6.wav 26k

  • "Look, Daddy, a whale egg."simp195.wav 10k

    Chief Wiggum:

  • "Get one of those inflatable women" wiggum2.wav 28k

    Lunch Lady Doris:

  • "More testicles mean more iron." doris.wav 20k

    Grounds-keeper Willy:

  • Due to budget cut-backs, Willy teaches French simp63.wav 40k

  • Trouble with the wee turtles simp121.wav 63k

    Principal Skinner/Armond Tamzarian:

  • Stephen Hawking punches Skinner out IQ punch 38k

  • "Up yours, children!" simp250.wav 9k

    Sideshow Bob and his brother Cecil:

  • Princeton, the clown college simp248.wav 128k

    The Songs:

  • First up, Homer, singing Born Under a Bad Sign. That's B.B. King on lead guitar.
    Bad Sign 460k MPEG Layer 3 wav

  • Burns and Smithers, getting down and funky. This song is almost four minutes long.
    Look At All Those Idiots. 572k MPEG Layer 3 wav

    simsong2.wav 158k

  • The Barney, Linda Ronstadt "Plow King" duet.
    simsong3.wav 219k

  • The Ramones sing Happy Birthday to Mr. Burns.
    simsong4.wav 293k

  • The Simpsons sing Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer.
    simsong5.wav 252k

  • The Stonecutters "We Do" song with Patrick Stewart chaser.
    simsong6.wav 82k

  • The Skinner theme.
    simsng24.wav 128k

  • Otto the guitar God.
    simsng11.wav 185k

  • Krusty's prison song.
    simsng29.wav 107k

  • Kroon Along with Krusty at Mt Splashmore.
    simsng21.wav 55k

  • The Flanders theme.
    simsng28.wav 122k

  • High School Homer sings "The Joker" (Space Cowboy, to you kids).
    simsng19.wav 28k

  • Barney and "Yoko" in hilarious send up of the Beatles #9.

    From the Sheri Bobbins episode:

  • Willy sings I'm a Maniac.
    simsng14.wav 61k

  • The Simpsons, Sheri, and Ned sing We're happy, just the way we are.

    simsng25.wav 331k


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    The Simpsons sound files are a collection courtesy of Clay Loomis. Check out his web page at Clay's Sound Emporium.

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