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Here's how you can join the Save the Guinea Worm Foundation in the struggle to save the world's most endangered species.

The Foundation refuses monetary contributions from all private and public sources, insuring our ability to operate as non-partisan advocates. All we ask of our members is that they lend their energy and commitment to this important cause.

To join, send us an email stating your support for the worldwide preservation of the Guinea Worm. As we build a constituency of concerned citizens, Save the Guinea Worm Foundation will follow up with information on how to become a Guinea Worm activist in your community, as well as how to organize around August 7 -- International Save the Guinea Worm Day. Click here for more information about becoming a Preserver, and volunteering to host a living Guinea Worm. As we are backlogged with requests for more information, processing your membership may take some time. We apologize for the delay.

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