Welcome to the Hangman's Gallows! We are a chat server which is
linked to Action-IRC Network. Our server was officially linked on
July 30, 1999. In two short months we have already exceeded our
expectations and hope that you will join us for friendly chat, leeching
mp3s and/or movies, a game of trivia, or even a drink in our virtual bar!

To join us, simply type /server irc17.phix.com in any window of your mIRC client

It is our goal at Gallows, to provide the safest, most comfortable and enjoyable
chat experience as possible for you, our users. Please feel free to check out any
and all of the links below for further information. If you should have any questions,
please do not hesitate to let us know. We are always willing to assist you in any way we
are able to. The links below will give you more information on who we are, what you can
expect, and will tell you about our staff. Come check us out!

We Are Linked To
Action-IRC Network

After attaining much success, it is with regret that we must announce the closure of this server. We grew so rapidly that the server and network truly required more time than our small staff could give to it. It was never our goal to become the next Dalnet, but to have a small, friendly place for our friends to gather together for fun and games. Before we knew it, we were getting over 500 people per day, and with it came problems - warez, power struggles in channels and legal issues as well. It was a great run and we thank all of those who participated and helped us make Gallows and Action-IRC tops in the IRC field. I personally learned a lot and will carry that with me throughout my internet days...thanks to everyone who helped out. God speed - Kelli

Site Updated November 3, 2004

It is the policy of this server to provide a service to all users, free of discrimination based on race, sex or religion. Harrassment on this server will not be tolerated under any circumstances. No channels are allowed on the network that contain names or topics regarding child pornography, beastiality, or any other means of discriminating against a person. Any channels and/or persons found violating these policies will be removed immediately.

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