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The author of this poem - a true story - dedicates it to all those who have lost their lives due to domestic violence and also to all who are still at risk!

Copyright 2000 The International Library of Poetry


Is tonight the night
Life will end for me

His drunken stench
Sure does sour me

He reaches out
And shoves me down

Onto the floor
Then atop me he's bound

I struggle under the pressure
Of sixty pounds times three

He places his hands
Around my throat they are mean

Our eyes then do lock
It's just crazy I see

Must try to breathe
As my air's leaving me

Struggling more with my might
I reach out to my right

A handle I feel
Of a pan it must be

As my eyes see black
And my breath leaves me

My hand clenches tight
On the handle I feel

I hit him on his head
To the floor he then falls

I crawled out from under
The sixty pounds times three

The air which I had lost
Begins to return to me

I must get away
But a problem I see

To where do I go
For he'll surely find me.

I was lucky and was able to get away. But in so many cases it is a very difficult thing to do!

Love to All!

Copyright 2000 The International Library of Poetry

(This poem is reprinted with permission of the author)