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***THE BEGINNING OF THE BEGINNING***I knew this day would come. I have begun the process of moving Brother Durwood's over to Geocities. You may spurn that service, but I can do much greater things with it than I can here at Angelfire. You can check out the progress, the new image map, new graphics, and all sorts of other stuff at this location Oh yes, there is tremendously big RW news about Triss and Loamhedge, and you can only see it by going to the news site. So there ;) That's my way of getting you to check it out. Thanks for all the support in this old location, and I look forward to seeing you in the new location. Bye now! Oh yes, here is the British cover of "The Taggerung". I have it, and the American cover, at the new location, so once again you should go there. Bye!

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All Characters (except those I invented myself) and all book titles are Copyright to Brian Jacques and his subsidiaries. Thanx also goes out to Katie Sullivan A.K.A Snowfur for letting me use lots of her scanned images. Thanx also to Raitha Dierbrenn, who supplied the image for the Finnbarr Shrine. "Brother Durwood's", the concept, the actual site, and all Computer-Generated Graphics in the Art section (plus the hand-drawn ones)are Copyright Me, so there! Now you are old and grey, and you'll be lucky to click a mouse again, with those enfeebled fingers. But, nobody said you HAD to read this fine-print, so we are legally absolved from all responsibility, unless there are positive side-effects, in which case we get full credit. Have a nice retirement.