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Acadamy Award (best actress)

Acadamy Award nomination (best actress)

Acadamy Award (best picture)

Academy Award nomination (best picture)
Nederlands in zeven lessen (Dutch in Seven Lessons) 1948. KLM Stewardess

One Wild Oat. 1951. Unnamed part.

Laughter in Paradise. 1951. Chiquita.

Young Wive's Tale. 1951. Eve Lester.

The Secret People. 1952. Nora Brentano.

Nous irons a Monte Carlo (We Will Go to Monte Carlo). 1952. Melissa Walter.

Monte Carlo Baby. 1952. Linda Farrel.

Roman Holiday. 1953. Princess Anne.
Sabrina. 1954. Sabrina Fairchild.
War and Peace. 1956. Natasha Rustov.
Funny Face. 1957. Jo Stockton.

Love in the Afternoon. 1957. Ariane Chavasse.

The Nun's Story. 1959. Gabrielle Van Der Mal\Sister Luke.

Green Mansions. 1959. Rima

The Unforgiven. 1960. Rachael Zachary.

Breakfast at Tiffany's. 1961. Holly Golightly

The Children's Hour. 1961. Karen Wright.

Charade. 1963. Regina Lambert.

Paris When it Sizzles. 1964. Gabrielle Simpson.

My Fair Lady. 1964. Eliza Doolittle.

How to Steal A Million. 1966. Nicole Bonnet.

Two for The Road. 1967. Joanna Wallace.

Wait Until Dark. 1967. Suzy Hendrix.

Robin and Marian. 1976. Maid Marian.

Bloodline. 1979. Elizabeth Roffe.

They All Laughed. 1981. Angela Niotes.

Always. 1990. Hap.