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Anorexia Nervosa: Judy's Story
Photo Album

Below you will find links to pictures that comprise a condensed photo album of my life story. I thought it would be nice to create a photo album that would correlate with the story in my book, "The Long Road Back: A Survivor's Guide to Anorexia." Many times pictures capture the moment better than the written word is able to do. Also, I believe that pictures add an important human perspective by providing faces to go along with the names. I hope you will enjoy the picture journey through the links provided below. ----------------- Judy Tam Sargent

A baby picture of the twins: Judy & Bobby

The twins: Judy & Bobby

The infamous "people-stack"

Judy: I was a happy child.

Bobby & Judy in the wagon (Our 2nd Birthday)

Bobby & Judy (Our 2nd Birthday)

Judy & Bobby in our crib

Judy: Playing tag around the living room chairs

Bobby: Playing tag around the living room chairs

The Twins: Judy & Bobby


Anne & Judy

Dad & Judy in the Study

Bobby, Mom, Anne, & Judy: Days Before Bobby's Departure to "the Cedarside Institute"

Judy: After Bobby Left

Judy: After Bobby

Anne & Judy: A Tea Party

A Happy Family: Dad, Judy, Anne, & Mom in Chicago

Judy: Cross-Country Skiing

Judy: At the State Finals Swim Competition (I'm the little one in the bright green suit)

Judy: In my ice-skating attire

Judy, Bobby, & Anne (Our visit to the "Cedarside Institute")

Anne with Violin & Judy with Clarinet

Anne & Judy (My 1st Day of 6th Grade)

Judy & Anne in the Crabapple Tree

Judy & Anne with "Heidi" in the Wagon

Judy: After the divorce & before the anorexia

Judy: Anorexia Nervosa (The Beginning - Age 15 shortly after my 1st hospitalization)

Judy: Cheerleading Picture

"Melissa" at Dr. Bailey's Program

Judy: My Senior Year High School Picture (Age 17)

Judy: Between Hospitals (Age 19)

Anne, Dad, Carolyn, & Judy (My father's re-marriage). It was summer in California!! I was ALWAYS cold!!

Judy: Anorexia Nervosa (Age 20 - Days before checking myself out of the hospital against medical advice)

Judy: On a pass from the hospital, shortly before my release. My 21st B-day.

Judy: In my concertmaster attire - Recovered at last!! - Age 26

Judy (far right) with friends on graduation day

Judy: Graduating from college (undergrad) Summa Cum Laude - Age 27

Judy: Senior College Picture (undergrad)

Quillin: My Hedgehog

Bruno - My friend the Orangutang

Judy with Roses

Judy with Violin

Carolyn (my step-mom), Dad, Anne, Nick and John (My step-brothers)

A picture of Bobby today

Judy, Bobby, Mom, & Anne - Summer 1998

Graduate School - Pharmacology Study Group

Spring in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mom & Judy Today

April 1999 - Graduate School Friends

April 1999 - Graduate School "graduation party"

Judy with George (publisher)

Book Expo America 1999 (Judy & George)

Judy: At the Office (March 2000)

Judy: The College Where I used to Work (March 2000)

Judy & Dad at The Getty Museum

Judy: Crossing the finish line at Timberman Triathlon (July 2001)


Anorexia Nervosa: Judy's Story
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