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Lodoss Wars for 3rd Edition

Welcome to the newest section of my site: Lodoss Wars. For those of you who don't know, Lodoss Wars is an anime series with a very D& D feel to it. Fuzion already makes a roleplaying game based off the series, but for those of us who don't want to learn yet another system, I've decided to convert Lodoss to 3rd edition rules. This section will be a work in progress. For more background information, go to the website . This will give you the entire history of Lodoss, main characters, geography, and more. My favorite character is Ashram. Ashram was so misunderstood! You really have to watch the series to understand. Instead of completely documenting the Lodoss War series, just reference . This site is so complete and easy to use, anything I do would be second-rate compared to it! My goal is to give a conversion for 3rd edition, not completely recreate the world of Lodoss. For a very good documentation of the history of Lodoss and the key players in chronological order, click here. This is another excellent site for Lodoss history.

ASHRAM--The Black Knight

Ashram, the Black Knight, is one of the coolest non-bad bad guys ever! Originally the general of Emperor Beil of Marmo, Ashram's only true motivation was to find a better land for the "honest, hard-working people of Marmo." Ashram's actions and words make it clear that, though the Marmo army was operated by evil leaders, the people of Marmo were no different than the rest of Lodoss.


Ashram's sword is SOUL CRUSHER. The sword was originally used by Emperor Beil to slay a demon, but the demon entered the sword and took control of Beil. When Beil was killed by King Kashue, Ashram inherited the sword. His strong will allowed him to conquer the demon in the sword and thus control the power. The primary power of Soul Crusher is to destroy the soul of Ashram's enemy with a direct hit. On several occasions, Ashram had the opportunity to finish off Parn, on of the Heroes of Lodoss, but declined out of respect for Parn and King Cashue. (You really have to watch the series to understand.

WAGNARD: Evil Scumbag

Wagnard is an evil sorcerer who wanted to resurrect Kardis, the goddess of destruction. Ashram helped him until he discovered Wagnard's true goals. At which point, Ashram just walked away. Ashram was too concerned with helping the people of Marmo escape the island before the resurrection to risk a fight with Wargard.

Ashram embracing the dying Pirotess,

his dark elf love.


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