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Player Classes For Lodoss Wars


Here you will find everything you need to know to create a player character in a Lodoss Wars setting. Whether you're looking for a valiant free knight to follow in the footsteps of the Hero Parn (above), an evil wizard intent on destroying the world, or anything in between, you will find it here.

Player races for Lodoss are as follows: human, elf, half-elf, dark elf (i.e. drow), dwarf, and grass runner (halfling). In actuality, a grass runner is more like a Kender from Dragonlance, but we won't confuse the conversion more by adding THAT bundle of mess into the campaign!

Clerics in Lodoss

Clerics follow the same rules as the standard 3rd edition cleric. Please note that two new domains have been designed to support the interpretation of Marfa, Kardis, and Barbas: Creation and Necromancy.


Falis: Greater God. Align: LG Domains: good, law, sun, protection

Marfa: Greater God Align: LG Domains: good, healing, protection, Creation

Myrii: Intermediate God Align: CG Domains: War, strength, protection

Cha Za: Lesser God Align: LN Domains: law, luck, travel

Rada: Lesser God Align: NG Domains: knowledge, magic, protection



Falaris: Greater God Align: CE Domains: chaos, evil, trickery, strength

Kardis: Greater God Align: CN Domains: magic, war, chaos, Necromancy

Baylos: Lesser God Align: LE Domains: law, war, strength

Barbas: Lesser God Align: CE Domains: evil, chaos, Necromancy



Granted Power: You may, once per day, cast the spell MINOR CREATION, regardless of caster level. At 9th level, the item created becomes permanent. At 18th level, the caster may once a week cast the spell MAJOR CREATION. The item created by this spell is permanent.

  1. Create water

2. Create food and water

3. Make Whole

4. Plant Growth

5. Fabricate

6. Transmute Rock to Mud/Mud to Rock

7. Transmute Metal to Wood

8. Ironwood

9. Permanency


Granted Power: You receive the Extra Turning Feat for free. Also, chose one necromancy spell of your choice as your domain spell per level. Spell must be of equivalent level of the cleric.

Looking for Clerical Prestige Classes? Ask Little Neese!

Sorcerers and Mages in Lodoss

Generally, use the same rules for sorcerers and mages as you would for standard 3rd edition. However, the following changes apply:

1. Sorcerers and Mages do not use material components for spells. However, they do require a focus to cast. This focus can be either a wand, staff, crystal ball, etc. Without this item, the caster cannot cast spells (with the exception of cantrips and 1st level spells). Spells are casted through the focus. The sorcerer or mage must create his or her own focus, using either the craft wonderous item, craft wand, craft rod, or craft staff feat. To cast spells above 4rth level, the caster must use a rod. To cast spells above 6th, the caster must possess a staff. Will this forces the caster to take certain feats, it eliminates the need for spell components.

2. ALL SPELLS require a verbal component. Forget the feat SILENT SPELL even exists. Nowhere in Lodoss do we ever see anyone cast without an incantation.

3. Evil spellcasters must make concentration checks to cast spells due to the intense paid experienced. Evil spellcasters are cursed to endure great pain for making alliances with the dark forces. The DC is calculated as follows: 10+spell level for spells that only effect the caster or protect the caster and his allies. 10+spell level+base save modifier of target for spells designed to harm a specific target. 15+spell level+1 for each person in an area of effect spell that does harm.

Looking for Spellcaster Prestige Classes? Ask the Grey Witch Karla!

Shamanic Magic

There are no Druids in Lodoss. The Shaman is the equivalent of the Druid. However, the Shaman's powers do differ from the standard Druid in certain respects. Use the standard rules for Druid creation except as follows:

  1. A Shaman can never be of evil alignment.
  2. Shaman's do not possess the Wild Shape ability, nor do they ever develop the abilities of A Thousand Faces or Timeless Body.
  3. Shaman may use swords as well as the standard Druid Weapons.
  4. Besides the standard Druid spells, the following spells should be added to the Druid spell list:

1st Level

2nd level

3rd level

4rth level

5th level

6th Level

7th level

8th Level

Ray of Frost

Burning Hands


Air Walk

Control Water

Cone of Cold

Move Earth

Meteor Swarm


Water Walk

Gust of Wind

Flame Arrow


Wall of Ice

Otiluke's Freezing Sphere



Thieves, Bards, Barbarians, and Fighters---follow standard 3rd edition rules.

There are no Ranger or Monk classes available in Lodoss.

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