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The Bands

All of these bands support Pro-Life! I put stars by my favorites. I haven't hear some of them but I am working on that. 44 Evergiven, 8 Ball Cholos, Alabaster Box, *Alter-Ego, AOK, Ashfield, Asight Unseen, Baggage Claim, Beki Hemmingway, Blackball, *Blindside, Bloodshed, Boiling Point, Bride, B-Squad, *Buckledown, Burnside Cadillac, Calicoes, Chasm, Christafari, Clash Of Symbols, Common Children, Comunalien, Cranium, Crashdog, Critical Mass, Crucified, Crux, Dan Numbers, Dirt, Disciple, distraught, Dogwood, Elim, Erase, Every Day Life, Evil Twin Brother, Extension, Faceless,Far Rite, Another Fiasco, Fine China, Five Iron Frenzy, Five O'Clock People, Five Thousand Fed, Focal point, Focussed, Fold Zandura, Forthwright, Fourman Furnace, Franks Enemy, Godcomplex, Galactic Cowboys, Gary Cherone (lead singer of Van Halen), *Ghoti Hook, Gifty, Good Mud, Grace for the Fallen, Grammatrain, GreyTown, Halo Frendlies, Havalina Rail Co., Head Noise, House of Wires, Hyperstatic Union, Impact, Inflict, Jeremiah's Grotto,Jesse and the Rockers, Joshua Generation, Joy Electric, Junction Seven, Kemper Crab, The Lakepipes, Larry Norman, Left Out, Liberation Front, Living Sacrafice, *LugNut, Starflyer 59, Madison Greene, Makeshift, MC Hammer's, Mercy 78, Messanger, Mike Devine (ex 2 Live Crew), Mikee's Shoot Girls, Morella's Forest, Mortal, Motor Mouth, *MxPx, Nailed Promised, No Compromise, No Innocent Victim, Nobody Special, Oak, Octane Blue, Officer Negative, The OiSka's, One Bad Pig, One Way Ticket, Orville *Conspiracy, Overcome, Overthrow, Pale Skeeter, Peg Leg Jones, Pensive, *Pep Squad, *Persevere, *Pierced, Piqqadown, Plankeye, Pocket Change, P.O.D., Polar Boy, Poor old lu, Precious Death, Prodigal Sons, Quest, Racket and Drapes, Raspberry Jam, Red Shoed Star, Rie, Sappo, Saved, Saviour Machine, Scarecrow and Tinmen, Scatered Few, Severance, Shortchange, Shorthanded, Shutout, Silage, Six Feet Deep, **Slick Shoes, Society's Finest, Sometime Sunday, Soulfood 76, SoulSeed, Spitfire, Spyglass Blue, *Squad-5-0, Starf, Stavesacre, Street Light Fancies, Strongarm, Supertones, System Failure , Terra Firma, The Asylum, The Blamed, The Carry Outs, The Clergy, The Few, The Incredible Mustardseed, The Insyders, The Israelites, the Janitors, The Kry, the lakepipes ,TANTRUM of the THE MUSE, the Violet Burning, The W's, Three Car Pile Up, Through and Through, Tim Urich, Tragedy Ann, Twin Sister, Typical Sloan, Unabridged, Unashamed, Unchained, Unpopular, Unsettled, Veer Chasm, Visitor 3, Viva Voce, Warlord, Warp Factor 9, Wedding Party, Wendy Baily, Whole Emotion, Wilby Dunn, Willing To Bleed, Working Class Threat, Yum Yum Children, ZAO

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Rock For Life, has a complete list of bands for and against.