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What is Melchizedek?

I am going to try and give you an overview of who/what the Melchizedek energy is all about, as well as my own feelings and associations...Remember that truly, you have to just feel in your heart what is true for you, and what the Melchizedek energy feels to be for you, please don't allow all the information to get you all caught up in the head, but if felt in the heart, it may assist in awakening some of your own cellular/genetic memories...

My Personal Summary...

There are many of us upon Earth at this time who have been Priests, Priestess, and initiates in the ancient Melchizedek Mystery schools upon Earth and other worlds as members of the Order of Melchizedek, although there are only a few direct Melchizedek physical embodyments upon our planet at this time. Many of the beings who are claiming to be Melchizedeks, are ultimately, stating a truth, for we are all Melchizedeks at the highest level of Oneness.

However, most who claim to be a direct Melchizedek are actually tuning in to the Melchizedek energy, genetic memories, or of past lives within the temples of the Melchizedek Order. Although I am of Elohim in vibration/service, I do have soul-memories of the ancient Melchizedek temples and mystery school initiations, and of the Melchizedek mystery temples of light within the higher planes, for once a Priest/Priestess of Melchizedek in any "lifetime" or level, you are always working in harmony with this energy and Divine Purpose, it is a part of your crystalline matrix, a part of Who You Are. Those of us who have been within the ancient temples as teachers in the past are here today each in our own path, to once again assist humanity in remembering...It's important for us to not re-create the temples and mysteries of Egypt, but to re-member them, that is, to put together again what we already know within our Soul memories, and apply the simple truth and alignment of love into our lives today.

Melchizedek energy works in alignment and harmony with the Divine Plan, and also with the various divisions of the Great White Brotherhood, (all beings of love and light who are dedicated to the unfoldment of the Divine Plan). The Melchizedeks maintain a connection throughout all levels of Creation, as somewhat of an imtermediary between the Highest realms of Creation and the denser, more physical realms such as mankind. They tend to physically manifest in worlds at times of great transition and change, to assist in the transformation into higher vibrations, teaching the Spiritual Truths that awaken the cellular memory of the inhabitants.

In a nutshell, the Melchizedek Order, and those physically embodying the Melchizedek essence, are messengers and anchors of love and truth across all dimensions, serving as reminders and teachers for all of the Oneness in everything, and how to find within ourselves that Oneness, and return into full enlightenment!

Melchizedek History from Various Sources...

(Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak)
"Melchizedek: Eternal Lord of Light. Sovereign of Light in charge of organizing the levels of the heavenly worlds of YHWH for transit into new creation. Co-Equal with Metatron and Michael in the "rescue, regenesis and reeducation of worlds going through the purification of living light..."

"Melchizedek is a manifestation of a Son of God. In the history of a planet, Melchizedek was commissioned to prepare the true priesthood of sonship upon a planet for eschatological participation with the Sons of Light..."

"Enoch said, 'The elect of the Order of Melchizedek are Sons of light who have chosen to come into the world of form and manifest the sovereignty of YHWH is transmuting the Earth.'

"They work in impoementing the truths of God, and occasionally even show themselves as a 'visible Order' administering to man through the Merkaba, so that the architectonic models in the heavens can be built on the Earth as signposts to the many levels of universal creation..."

"It holds the keys to the opening of the heavens with respect to the contact areas on the Earth, and has the ability to commune with the celestial communities of the Brotherhoods of Light throughout the father universes, coordinating the work of the Christ in the heavens and on the Earth. The Order is Eternal, and has forordained its 'Priests and Programs' before the world was. In the history of the planet, the Order of Melchizedek has existed in a small family communities of priests, scientists and poet-scholars who have faithfully attended to the word of God..."

"They admister the 'gifts of shekinah', affecting the mental, physical, and spiritual states of existance. This priesthood is 'visible' within every generation as a scattered Brotherhood of Light, so as to permeate the tree of the human race with the annoiting power and the light needed to reawaken and resurrect the rightous seed into the Light of the higher worlds."

"They are the 'Sons of Truth' behind historical wisdom, holding the keys to the true history of the planet and the true genealogy of the Adamic people..."

"According to Enoch, the 'sacred library' of their priestly documents were moved from the Temple in Jerusalem into desert areas such as Qumran to preserve their records until the 'end of time', when the Sons of Light, as the Order of Melchizedek, will return to Earth to unite the scattered brotherhoods of Melchizedek and establish the Kingdom of God with Jesus who is Eternal Son and High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek."

"Moses had the keys to the Priesthood of Light, revealed to him by God before the Creation of the world. When he came to Earth, he was annoited by the priesthood on Earth as a rightous recipient of that light which had been passed on from Noah and his generations to Abraham, and from Jethro, and then to Moses..."

Other summaries

(Urantia book summary)
"Father Melchizedek, created out of creative union with Creator Son and Creative Spirit, the local Universe Daughter of the Infinant Spirit. He acts as the fist executive associate of the **Bright and Morning Star..."

"Being an Order of Sonship wherein one of their own number functions as co-ordinate Creator, Melchizedeks are partly of self-origin, and therefor candidates for the realization of a supernal type of self-government..."

"The Melchizedeks are the frst order of Divine Sons to approach sufficiently near the 'lower creature' (NOTE FROM ERI: the term 'lower' here refers to vibration/density) life and be able to function directly in the ministry of moral upslift, to serve the evolutionary races without the necessity of incarnation..." "The Seraphic Orders, Angels and all forms of intelligent life find delight in workin with these wise counselors, sympathic teachers and understanding friends...They are by nature unprejudiced observers, they have the full confidence of all classes of beings..."

"Melchizedeks are the chief aids of the Bright and Morning Star in carrying out the mandates of Creator Son...There is no phase of planetary/spiritual need they do not minister to. They are teachers who often win whole worlds of advanced life to final and full recognition of the Creator Son and Paradise Father..."

(**"The Bright and Morning Star is known as Gabriel of Salvington. He is chief executive of all Nebadon, functioning as the personal representative of the Soverign Son and spokesman for his Creative consort...embracing the Divine Will of the son combined with the Creative imagination of the Spirit...")