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Explanatory Notes to Expand on Expectations

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WIINDMILL PRESS (Canadian publisher of media literacy books and resources)

The following concepts will help clarify some of the expectations outlined for each grade level:

Purposes of Media Works: to instruct, inform, persuade influence, entertain, advertise, present opinions.

Storyboard: a sequenced mock-up of images and sound used to plan a film, video, television program or drama.

Technique: A means of producing a particular effect; for example, use of voice-over narration, animation, simulation, camera angles, close-ups, zoom shots, telephoto shots, fade-in or fade-out of sound, superimposition of sound or images, juxtaposition of sound or images, time-lapse photography, juxtapostion of colour and black and white photography, live action, special effects, volume, speed, motion, flashbacks, collages, dialogue, foreground and background information in a picture, body position, facial expression.

Types of Media Works: Some examples are documentary, situation comedy, television or radio drama, news report or sports drama, nature program, editorial, newspaper, magazine, brochure, billboard, interview, film, video, travelogue, TV commercial, newspaper ad, cartoon, etc.