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Good morning/Good evening/Goodnight, whenever you're here, you're welcome. Ok, so you've found "THE BOX", this is where all of the updates, news about Hanson and appeareances start navigating, just keep scrolling.......

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  • TRL; Hanson was not on TRL!! Ok, they finsished off with "If Only" at #2. Oh well, I guess for now we wait for the next single.....and then we vote THAT one at number 1!! This is how you would do it-> You can vote online ANYTIME, also from Monday thru Friday, you can call in your votes at 1-800-DIAL-MTV from 2:30-3:00 PM ET.

  • RollingStone; In the September 29th issue of Rollingstone (Madonna on cover), Hanson are featured in the Random Notes section. It is a short article titled "Hansons School House Rock." It talks about their homeschooling, the tour, and the fans. It also includes a picture.
  • MONTREAL concert Are any of YOU going? I am....and so far there are quite a few people who are aswell. I've got my ticket ready! I can't wait! if any of u ARE going let me know!!

I got mine, why don

*Appearances and Tour Dates are @ the bottom of the page*

UPDATES/NEWS For September 3rd, 2000


  • Wiltern Review; Head over to Teen Zone Magazine and read the review by clicking on "Hanson Rocks Los Angeles".
  • Y-100 Miami Pictures; Go to the Y-100 Photo Gallery and view the pictures they have from Hanson's visit to the radio station and Macy's Aventura.

UPDATES/NEWS For September 2nd, 2000


  • Tulsa's Spot Music Awards; Hanson are nominated in three categories in Tulsa's Spot Music Awards. They are nominated for "Artist of the Year", "Best Rock Performer" and "Best National Album." These awards will be held at Tulsa's Brady Theatre on November 11th. You can vote for Hanson.
  • Hanson Artist of the Month; Woo-Hoo, I won SECOND PLACE it's all good, ok, now for the month of september I can't decide it's either Jenny or Victoria, but I think I'll vote for Jenny's it's really GOOD!!! Now u go VOTE!!

UPDATES/NEWS For August 29th, 2000


  • Teen Choice Video; Click here for some hanson stuff, wether it be a desktop pic for ur comp or some footage from the pre and post show interviews...alrighty then...have fun!
  • All Stage Jumping Freaks; STOP IT! That what I got to say, now here's another way of putting it..."It is *never* cool to jump on stage, let alone jump on Isaac, Taylor or Zac. That is never acceptable. Put yourself in their place. And always remember to watch out for your fellow Hanson fans, especially the younger ones, the concert should be a fun experience, not a bad one."~"Hanson was playing at smaller venues with less security for an intimate feeling... Not a group orgy! Please, please respect them! Thank you!" GET IT...GOT IT...GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!
  • VH1- My Music Awards; VH1 is starting up a new kind of awards, the My awards This awards show will all depend on the fans. You pick the awards, the nominees, and the winners. This is a perfect opportunity to nominate Hanson.
  • HansonWorld Cybercast & Chat; There are two upcoming Cybercasts and Chats scheduled on HansonWorld. On September 21st, they will rebroadcast the Bowery Ballroom concert and follow up with a chat. On October 21st there will be an hour long chat with Hanson which precedes a television broadcast of their live concert filmed in Chicago.
  • TRL Top 40; Hanson's "If Only" came in at #3 on MTV's Top 40 end of the summer countdown.
  • 20 to 1: Teen Idols; Hanson came it at #13 on the VH1 show, 20 to 1: Teen Idols. The show counted down the top 20 teen idols. It will repeat August 31st at 3PM ET; Sept 2nd at 10 AM, 4PM, and 8PM ET.
  • VH1 Ticket Auctions; is auctioning off a *pair* of Hanson Tickets for EACH of the following shows: Boston, Columbus, Louisville, Milwaukee, Washington D.C., Chicago, Wilkes-Barre, Poughkeepsie, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Ft Wayne, Montreal, and Philadelphia. With each pair of tickets will be *two* Meet & Greet Passes. Money from these auctions will go to benefit the Musicians on Call charity. So, head over to VH1 and check it out

UPDATES/NEWS For August 22nd, 2000


  • Teen Choice Awards; Don't forget, Hanson will be presenters on "The Teen Choice Awards 2000". It airs TONIGHT, Aug 22nd on Fox at 8PM ET. Look for Hanson to be out during the first part of the show.
  • Atlanta Fans; Isaac left a new message on the Hanson Hotline and he mentioned that Hanson will be on Channel 11's "Peachtree Morning show" at 10AM ET. They will play some songs and also talk about the new album.

UPDATES/NEWS For August 21st, 2000


  • Audio Clip; Isaac called during the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Show at 106.1 out of Dallas,TX. Head over there to listen to the audio clip of Isaac's conversation.
  • Top 100 Ever Weekend; Vote for Hanson in the "Top 100 ever weekend" on mtvEUROPE. The results will air on August 26th and 27th on MTV Europe.
  • Chat Transcript; Nick has put up Hanson's chat transcript.
  • VOTE; Vote for Hanson on Claire's poll, "Who's the hottest boy band?".
  • Chat Transcript; You can now read the Fox Chat Transcript.
  • VOTE; The Swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet" is having a little competition of which band is the best. Please, go and vote for Hanson.
  • Upcoming Chats; Two more Hanson chats are coming up:

UPDATES/NEWS For August 9th, 2000


  • MONTREAL CONCERT; Ok, I know that the date isn't officially confirmed but a local radio station (Mix 96) here in montreal announced about 1 hour or so ago (around 11:30am or noon) that tickets for the Metropolis concert are going on sale THIS FRIDAY!! (August 11th) and that if u listen to the radio station on the same day from 9am to 5pm u can try and win tickets to the show!!! They say it's gonna be "Hanson Day @ The Mix". So, good luck to all the montrealers out there!!!
  • Official Hanson Skateboard; Let's see, hmmmm... I think it's cool! Although I don't skate...I WISH I DID!
  • Meet and Greets; Here is some info about Meet and Greets at upcoming concerts: "EVERYONE wants a meet and greet. We do about 50-100 per night so literally like 5% of the audience gets back. There is no formula cause if there was everyone would do it. Most of the M&G passes are preselected from people who have written letters and such, others are randomly handed out on the day of the show. From people who have travelled far or waited in line for days, etc... Preference is given to MOE and members, but it is random. If you beg, you will not be chosen, just act normal, be nice and smile!!!" GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!
  • Teen Choice; Wanna see some pics? And also don't forget to check out the Teen Choice Awards on August 22nd (FOX).

UPDATES/NEWS For August 6th, 2000


  • VOTE; In the September issue of TEEN magazine, "This Time Around" is nominated in the Favorite Rock Song category. So, pick up the issue if you can, and send in your vote :) I think we will be able to vote online when it is updated.
  • Louisiana Fans; Hanson are supposed to be stopping by the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge on August 16th. They will be there from 4-6PM ET and will be signing autographs.
  • MTV's Cool Crap; MTV's Cool Crap is auctioning off an @MTV T-shirt that Hanson signed the day they visited. The bidding started on July 31st. The highest bid is currently at $610 Dollars. Wanna see what it looks like?
  • The Tonight Show; Don't forget, Hanson will be performing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday, August 7th.

UPDATES/NEWS For August 4th, 2000


  • M+; Any one of you want to see some Musique Plus pics?...this is it. ENJOY!
  • iCast; If u missed it, click here if u want to listen to it.
  • !!!!!; Ticketmaster has released more tickets for the Sold-out San Francisco-Warfield Concert and the Los Angeles -Wiltern Concert. ALSO, there are still tickets left for the Charlotte, Greensboro, and Myrtle Beach venues. Go to the Hanson Concerts section of for more info.

UPDATES/NEWS For July 31st, 2000


  • Rick Dee's; Hanson's "If Only" moved up 1 spot to #39 on the Rick Dees weekly top 40 countdown!
  • Hanson on Direct TV; Don't forget, all of you that have Direct TV, Hanson's concert at The Fillmore will be shown on Channel 103 *daily* for the whole month of August. This is a free channel offered to all Direct TV owners. If you turn it to channel 200 right now, you will see a preview of the concert about every 15 minutes or so!

    hehe, funny..

UPDATES/NEWS For July 30th, 2000


  • what's this?; hmmmm, here's a cute pic. These are the kinds of pics that I like, they're just themselves..ya know?
  • Switch Magazine; Hanson is featured on the cover of Switch Magazine. This is a magazine in Mexico. View it.
  • Chat; Hanson will be doing an online chat at on August 3rd at 7pm EST.
  • Cool Crap; MTV's Cool Crap is auctioning off an @MTV T-shirt that Hanson signed the day they visited. The bidding starts July 31st. Go to for more details.
  • Pollstar; As of July 24th,, a website for concert tour listings, shows Hanson at #14 (right between Neil Young and Pearl Jam!) on it's Top 50: "The Internet's most requested concert tours".
  • DirecTV; Hanson's performance from the Fillmore will be available to all DirecTV customers on August 1st and run continuously throughout August.
  • Alloy Charts; Hanson was #1 on the Alloy Charts Weekly Top 25 Celebrities.
  • MXG Beach Countdown; Hanson's "If Only" was #10 today on the MXG Beach Countdown on the Fox Family Channel. You can vote at MXG Beach Countdown to get them higher on the countdown.

UPDATES/NEWS For July 27th, 2000


  • Video Pick on Nick; Go to and vote for Hanson as Video Pick of the day. They are up against Britney Spears and BSB.
  • Argentina Countdown; If Only moved up 5 places to #1 at the Much Music Argentina Countdown. We can vote. Fill in the spaces with the information requested: nombre (name), apellido (surname), edad (age), email, artista elegido: HANSON, canción elegida: IF ONLY; then click on ENVIAR and finally ACEPTAR.
  • Vote for Hanson; They are losing to 'NSync so let's get them to the top!
  • MOE Members;MOE 9 states that MOE will be stopped after issue #12. After that, they'll put MOE online. And they also give you a phone number (918-446-1729) to call for MOE preferred seating. You have to leave your name, phone number, and MOE number. They'll call you back with your confirmation. You can't order tickets until your date is CONFIRMED!

UPDATES/NEWS For July 25th, 2000


  • Snick; Yeah! "If Only" was voted #1 on Snick House!!
  • Rick Dees; "If Only" debuted at #40 on Rick Dees weekly top 40 this weekend.
  • Seventeen; There's this "You Rate It" thing and hanson's in it....there isn't much positivity about the album so how about u shine ur hanson light on it!
  • Australia News; TTA (Single) debuted on the ARIA charts at #42.
  • Girl's Life Article; Hanson is one of four celebrities featured in the August-September issue of Girl's Life magazine. They're interviewed as though they were going to be on Celebrity Survivor (a spoof of the Survivor show). The article is extremely funny, and Hanson is voted the most likely to win!
  • Global Charts; TTA (Album) is #1 for the second week on the Global Charts. Also If Only moved up to #2 and the TTA (Single) moved down to #7. VOTE!
  • Tulsaworld Article; Check this article.-> it ain't there no more.but here's a pic from it..
  • Superteen; Hanson are featured in the May 2000 issue of Superteen. There is a 4 page centerfold poster, an article, and a contest to win 1 out of 10 Hanson posters.
  • Hi-Fi; They only showed Hanson's performance of "If Only" on Fox Family's "Hi Fi" Room. They did however show that Hanson's interview will be shown later this week, when the show airs at 5PM ET Monday - Friday. When the date is known, it will be told.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Raffle; Last year, an autographed MOE went for $250 dollars. Very cool. Hanson has once again donated something for charity. This years item, is an autographed copy of the "This Time Around" CD. This year it will be a raffle, so more people can participate. Head over to the page and find out more info.
  • PICIE!; OOOOOh, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!

UPDATES/NEWS For July 21st, 2000


  • Admiral Twin; It's official! Admiral Twin will be doing a few shows with Hanson during the early part of the tour. To find out what shows, keep checking their site for news.
  • Hanson on Hot 30; Australian Hanson Fans, Tonight (21st July 2000) Hanson is going to be hosting on the Australian radio station 101.9 FOX FM with Kyle and Jackie O, over the phone. So, don't forget to tune in at 7-10:30 p.m. Melbourne time. Eastearn time it's 5am to 8:30 am-> just incase u would want to listen over the net, go here when it's time and enjoy!

UPDATES/NEWS For July 20th, 2000


  • Billboard Chart; Check this people->"This Time Around" (Album) moved UP 23 spots to #133 this week on the Billboard Charts. Awesome! This album rocks, it's nice to see more ppl are realizing it!
  • Global Charts; TTA (Album) is at #1 on the Global Charts!!
  • Hanson Webcast; MTV Latin America will be airing a HANSON WEEKEND next Saturday and Sunday- July 22nd and 23rd. There will also be a repeat webcast airing of Hanson at the Hard Rock Cafe, Mexico. It will air, Saturday, July 22nd at 5PM Mexico time, and 7PM Argentina time. I think this would be 7PM Eastern time. Click here to watch an interview hanson did while in Mexico.
  • MTV Select; "And we won't go down.." well, they HAVE, to #2 that is and the dude is happy 'bout that! Nuh-huh, that can't be good! Come on! Vote here!!!
  •; Hanson is a choice for the nick click pick of the day on nickelodeon. They were winning but destiny's child is catching up! Vote here!!!
  • Shannon Curfman; Ever since that article on EW Online about Shannon Curfman and the mention of Hanson, fans have been wondering "is she dating one of the hanson's?", well she answered it herself. One of our fellow hanson fans took the liberty of e-mailing her and this is what she got back: "I am not dating one of the Hanson's. I have met them a few times and I talk to them once in awhile. They are great guys who do the same thing I do. It's just nice to talk to fellow young musicians sometimes. Thanks for writing and take care. Love, Shannon". There u have it! I personnally think she's totally AWSOME!!
  • Two versions of If Only?; hehe well YES there ARE two versions of it- but just one tiny little difference seperates on.."when the boy throws the ball of paper on the RV and it almost hits Taylor in the face, instead of just continuing to sing, he shrugs and gets a really cute look on his face. And you can see Zac smiling at him in the background."
  • STAR mag.; Arghh, stoopid tabloids! Well, here's one little snippet about hanson that's actually FACTUAL! Click here to read it.
  • International Artist of the Century; Oh yeah, that's for HANSON! PLEASE, vote here, they're at #2 BUT->come on! We did it on TRL, why not this??
  • TTA=GOLD!!; According to the RIAA, TTA (album) and TTA (single) have both been certified Gold. This was reported on June 29, 2000!!!
  • HOB Ticket Giveaway; The House of Blues in New Orleans will be running a Hanson Ticket Giveaway on August 3rd. So, if you would like to try to win a pair of tickets to that show, head on over there and find out how to enter.
  •; There are a few Hanson venues that some ticket agencies are selling tickets to over at Some of the prices are very high though.
  • SWK; If you missed it, there's a REPEAT...ahh, thank God for those! It's on July 21st at 1:00 PM ET!!
  • Hi-Fi; Here we go! Now we have the CORRECT date/time for this thing! Fox Family's "Hi Fi" Room will be on Saturday, July 22nd at 12:00 PM ET. They will be singing "If Only" and answering some questions.
Hey guys! Check this out,
I am a...

UPDATES/NEWS For July 12th, 2000


  • TRL SoCal; Hope u guys didn't miss it! I know I DID!! hehe, anyway, I hear it was pretty cool! ['o']. Alright now what's next..oh yeah! VH1's "The List", it's a comin' ppl! It's an hour long, the host is Ashton from "That 70's Show" and the 4th person is Paula Cole, be sure to watch!
  • Tour; Thanks for The Hanson Hotel's great tour info, the confirmed dates on my Tour Dates page are almost completely done (the ticket info).


UPDATES/NEWS For July 11th, 2000


  • SF/LA Tix; Tickets for the San Fransisco and Los Angeles shows have SOLD OUT!!! BUT->
    San Francisco-> The tickets have sold out on telephone sales and ticket sales in person for the August 4th, San Francisco Warfield Concert. But the online tickets are still available (as you can still buy them online at Also, The Main floor of the concert sold out within 10 minutes! And rumor has it the whole concert has sold out!, in the time of a half hour!
    Los Angeles-> Tickets for The Concert In L.A. sold out in 2 mins!! HANSON should add another L.A date cuz alot of ppl weren't lucky enough to get themselves some tickets! This should send a message to promoters! SFX?
  • MTV/Rosie; Don't forget! hanson on TRL TODAY and Rosie reapeat is TODAY, get ur VCR's ready!

UPDATES/NEWS For July 9th, 2000


  • SF/LA Tix; Tickets for the San Fransisco and Los Angeles shows are on sale TODAY! Go to Ticketmaster for more info.
  • ARC Top 40; Hanson moved up to #26 with "If Only" on the ARC charts.
  • Channel 933 Pictures; Pictures-> from Hanson's visit to the Channel 933 Studios. Hanson stopped by a couple of days ago, after they filmed their appearance as "judges" on MTV's Say What? Karaoke.
  • Dutch Fansons; TTA was #26 in the clipparade top 30 on the Dutch musicsender TMF. They deserve to be higher!! Come on and vote!

UPDATES/NEWS For July 8th, 2000


  • HI-FI; Hee, well Hanson WASN'T on Hi-Fi, I guess we just have to wait for the CORRECT date/time.
  • Preferred Seating; For HANSON.NET members-> There is now info up in the Pulse Section about preferred seating. Follow their directions very carefully, the rules were changed a bit yesterday.
    For MOE members-> Many have been wondering how MOE members will be offered preferred seating. Members in the early concerts will be contacted through e-mail, for the rest of the concerts there is info in MOE 9.
  • Video; Wanna see a hanson video? Head over to,Kissfmi and watch Hanson perform "If Only" in the studio. There will be a link on the main page.Click here for the second part.
  • MuchMusic Countdown; "If Only" is at #7, go vote for it here.
  • Open Mike pic; right here
  • Spain News; "If Only" is #1 on "Del 40 al 1" chart. It is one of the most important charts in Spain, so we should keep voting!-->phone number: 906 30 40 40.
  • SHW; Hanson is #5 on the Top40 in radio SWH. You can vote here