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The Bachelor of Geology degree provides education and training in vital aspects of earth science, and students have the flexibility to tailor a program to suit individual needs and interests. The program can lead to employment in avariety of areas

Journals of Earth Science

Staff memebrs

Dr. Hamad Al-Saad, Chairman, Stratigraphy. Fax 00974852587 Tel. 0974892160. E-Mail:

.Prof. Dr. Sobhi Nasir, Mineralogy/ Geochemistry/Hard rock Petrology Tel. 00974-478920, E-Mail:

Dr. Fadil Sadooni CV , Petroleum and Sub-surface and environmental Geology email to: sadooni___Research Example 1____Researc-example 2

Dr. Seif El-Hajari, Hydrogeology,

Dr. Abdel-Ali Sadek, Remote-sensing, E-mail

Dr. Mohamed I.A. Ibrahim, Micropaleontologist "Palynology & Formaininfera"

Dr. Latifa Alnouimi, Hydrolgeology, E-mail:

Dr. Hind El Hitmy, Stratigraphy and Paleontology

Dr. Alia'a Al-Kawary, Sedimentology

Compulsory Courses

General Geology (Geo101, 4 C.H.)
Mineralogy & Crystallography (Geo201, 3 C.H.)
Optical Mineralogy (Geo202 ,3 C.H.)
Paleontology (Geo211, 3 C.H.)
Princuiple of Stratigraphy I (Geo212, 3 C.H.)
Igneous Petrology(Geo301, 3 C.H.)
Metamorphic Petrology (Geo302, 3 C.H.)
Sedimentary Rocks and Sedimentation (Geo303, 3 C.H.)
Stratigraphy II (Geo312, 3 C.H.)
Structural Geology (Geo321, 3 C.H.)
Survey and Field Geology (Geo322, 3 C.H.)
Geophysics (Geo332, 3 C.H.)
Geology of Qatar and Arabian Peninsula (Geo411, 3 C.H.)
Photogeology and Remote Sensing (Geo433, 3 C.H.)
Hydrogeology (Geo434, 3 C.H.)
Research Project (Geo499, 3 C.H.)

Elective Courses

Carbonates (Geo304, 3 C.H.)
Paleoecology (Geo313, 2 Ch.H.)
Petrophysics (Geo334, 3 C.H.)
Geochemistry (Geo401, 3 C.H.)
Economic Geology (Geo403, 3 C.H.)
Isotope Geology (Geo405, 2 C.H.)
Micropaleontology (Geo413, 3 C.H.)
Geomorphology (Geo423, 2 C.H.)
Applied Geophysics (Geo436, 3 C.H.)
Sub-Surface Geology (Geo438, 3 C.H.)
Mining Geology and Quarries (Geo446, 2 C.H.)
Special Course (Geo498, 2 C.H.)


Web Site : Sobhi Nasir

Courses online

Mineralogy and Crystallography (Geo201)

Optical Mineralogy(Geo202)

Igneous Petrology (Geo301)

Metamorphic Petrology (Geo302)


Economic Geology (Geo403

Isototpe Geology(Geo438)