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Delaine's Afterthoughts

We want you to be a part of our family. So many people want to know who Callie was. We want you to know, too. We know that many lives were affected by Callie and we want to share everything with you. Callie was more than just a kid......

Callie was 16. She was a funny, crazy, full of life teenager. She gave to anyone who asked. She had a funny was of saying "no" to anybody....even the pesky child who continuously used her friendship to make brownie points...she wanted anyone around her to succeed like her....she didn't associate with losers. She was the child every parent dreams of.

I watched her blossom from a semi-chubby adolescent into a tall, slim, gorgeous "chick". Her size 5 figure was the envy of alot of her friends. She would eat like a horse....tons of cereal (without milk-ha) and still keep that petite figure. She finally reached 5'7" with her Grammy's hazel eyes. The small smattering of freckles caressed her cheeks and nose. Her uncle, Michael, said she looked like a new born fawn. They never faded....but then, they were never "bright"....just faintly glowing in the background of her creamy complexion.

The picture at the top of this page was taken during December...when it snowed in Mississippi. Yep, it snowed in Mississippi....she and I were about to go out to play and I snapped this pic of her.....we had a glorious day that day and enjoyed the beautiful scenery that God had given us....we dumped snow on each other and laughed as the other one acted "dumb" and pulled a limb down...only to be plundered with snow.

If you didn't have a chance to know my Callie, may you feel closer to her once you have finished our letter.

May the organ recipients live to enjoy, if only one more day than our Callie did, life and know that she gave her all. Our beautiful child lives on in them.

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