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Memorial in Christchurch, Rawalpindi:

"To the glory of God and in memory of the undernamed officers, NC officers, men, women and children of the 1st Bn Bedfordshire Regiment, who died while the Regiment was stationed in the Rawalpindi District from Jan 1891 - Jan. 1894.
At Rawalpindi
2nd Lieutenant H.R.K. Ford
NC Officers and men
Colour Sergeant J. Shrives
Sergeant H.T. Costello
Lance Corporal R. Cass
Private J. Bates
Private J. Wall
Private W. Saddler
Private W. North
Private J. Redman
Private A. Stone
Private F. Busby
Private H. Wingrave
Private J. Jaws
Private J. White
Private A. Thompson
Private J. Hillier
Private H. Dillon
Private W. Harvey
Private W. Teedon
Private W. Rose
Private S Stokes
Private T. Cain
Private J. Powell
Private D.G. Padgham
Private G. Watts
Private T. Coulter
Private A. Horne
Private A. Izzard
Private G.A. Benn
Private F. Brooke
Private G. Green
Private J.W. Hewitt
Private A. Terry
Private H. Perry
Private E.G. Goddard
Private T. Wackett
Private G. Shorter
Private A. Stratton
Private S. Cooper
Private W. Weston

At Murree
Private H. Rogers
Private W. Baker
Private A.H. Pither
Private G. Cook

At Kuldana
Private G. West
Private F. Keen
Private T. Ibbitt
Private A. Hewitt
Private G. Crayford
Private T. Haynes

At Campbellpore
Private E. Young

On Isazai Field Force
Sergeant G.C. Marshall
Lance Corporal T. Sullivan
Drummer T. Betts
Private A. Wray
Private W. Bartholomew
Private J. Culver
Private E. Kerrison
Private A. Gudgin
Private W. Walker
Private H. Norton
Private G.E. Deadman
Private W. Garratt

En Route to and from England
Corporal C. Keeler
Private A. Harvey
Sergeant Major T. McGinn
Private C.H. Bond
Private W. Warren

This memorial is erected by the officers, NC officers and men of the Regiment."

Memorial in St. John's Church, Peshawar:

"To the honour and glory of Almighty God and sacred to the memory of the undernamed non-commissioned officers and privates of the 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment who died during the period the Regiment was stationed in Peshawar and who were killed or died whilst on field service with the Chitral Field Force 1895.

Sergeant Henry E. Whiting - Private Walter Ellis
Private Robert Brown - Private Robert Symonds
Private Alfred Perry - Private Jesse Burton
Private William Wren - Private Phillip Hawkins
Private Frederick Piggott - Private Arthur A. Green
Private William Ruff

Chitral Relief Force
Colour Sergeant Charles Hitchcock - Corporal David Chambers
Lance Corporal Alfred Knight - Private George Stephens
Private William Thompson - Private George Warren
Private A.J. Bullen - Private Ernest Cooper
Private Walter Hammond - Private William Flanders
Private Arthur J. Richardson - Private Frederick Miles
Private Charles Morrell - Private Henry Bird
Private Joseph Burgess - Private George York
Private George Harvey - Private Henry Bullen
Private Ernest Smith - Private James Howard
Private Charles Lee - Private Simon Presland
Private William Warby - Private Harry Gillard
Private John Baker - Private Joseph Tarbox
Private Thomas Page - Private William Zimmerman
Private George Roft - Private Frederick Joyce

Lance Corporal Francis F. Thorne - Private Arthur Ramsay
Private Ernest Brown - Private Richard Clarke

Murree Hills
Bandsman George Cook

Private Charles W. Young - Private Charles Waterton

Isazai Field Force
L892 Private Arthur Brice

En Route to England
Private F.J. Bates

This tablet is erected by the officers, NCOs and privates of the 1st Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment."