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Want to play my cool Punch-Out!! ROM hacks?  I finally have IPS patches available to download!  You will need:

   1) One of my patches available on this page (compressed in ZIP format).  Just right-click on the links and select "Save Target As / Save Link As".

   2) A copy of the Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! ROM. Where do you get a copy of this ROM?  Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, I CANNOT provide the ROM on my website.  You will have to get a hold of it on your own.  Just think “Google”.

   3) A patching program that applies the patch to the original ROM (make sure to back up the original ROM first) and creates a new ROM with the data on the patch.  Lunar IPS is the one that I recommend to use; you can download it from Zophar's Domain, or once again, you can think “Google”.

Phred's Cool Punch-Out!! (version 5.2)
This is my first epic hack I did when I was a young adult.  Fight against Gabby Jay, Earl Boyde, Bobby Amaya, Chad Stump, Magic Ninja, Master Phred (me!), Vodka Drunkenski, Jack Hick, Mask X, Rob Dezonia, and Strauss Corfam!

Bald Bull's Punch-Out!! (version 2.0)
Bald Bull finally has his own game!  Fight 12 epic battles against Bald Bull!  Once you finally defeat him, one opponent remains...

Phred's Cool Punch-Out 2 Turbo
Finally, after three and a half years, I have completed the sequel to my first epic hack!  This time around, there are new strategies for all 15 opponents (the first time for any Punch-Out!! hack), Mac is faster and starts out with 2 stars for each round, hold a maximum of seven stars, and a new coach in the form of Master Phred!

Punch-Out!! table for Hex Editors (*.tbl)
I get a few requests for this every now and then.  I use the hex editor Translhextion for my hacks, but this table will work with other hex editors that support TBL files.  This will help you edit the text easier as well as find information faster in the rom.  FAQS on how to hack Punch-Out!! coming soon!


If you are having trouble downloading these ROM patches, you can download the full roms HERE. I cannot guarantee these downloads since I do not know who this page belongs to, but I tested my roms and they seem to work.  Any questions regarding the patches on this page or troubleshooting help, e-mail me at  I apologize for all the ads and pop-ups; I didn't want to have these patches hosted on my main Tripod site, so I'm using my Angelfire site instead!   :P


Phred’s Cool Punch-out!!    <-- BACK to Homepage