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D'ni Restoration Council Website

UPDATED February 21

Besides, the Information for New Members link posted earlier, I also recommend you check out the following links:

D'ni Essentials

On the D'ni Essentials page, some completely new information about the D'ni on Gaternay, and their early period on Earth has been posted. I highly recommend you check out the "Pre Earth," "Why a Cavern?" and "Early Earth" links on that page. Of particular interest on that page (to our Guild at least) is the mention in the "Early Earth" section of the belief that a number of D'ni might have migrated to Earth's surface during that time period.

On the topic of Zandi, his puzzles seemed to have ended temporarily. Zandi 2 continued as expected, with people taking pictures of themselves holding books. With each correct "proof," Zandi would give a clue - the number on the cover on one of the MYST novels (5 (BOA), 17 (BOT), or 25 (BOD)), plus the page, paragraph, and word in the novel. The words were always directions or numbers, which when combined, led to the GPS coordinates of another "Zandi spiral." In Zandi 3, CDs had to be tracked down. The UPS code of a CD was given, with a number of how many people must be in the picture, holding the CD. When correct proof was posted, the track number and a time were given. At that time a word was spoken. These words led to a time to be at a phone in Oregon. People there received a phone call from Zandi, who gave them the GPS coordinates of another spiral (All the Zandi spirals would end up being in New Mexico). In Zandi 4, fans were hunting for DVDs, as identified by their number in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB). Four unique groups of four people were required (since it was Zandi 4). Again this led to clues which led to GPS coordinates for a spiral. Zandi 5 required those who had found the spirals (the gathered) to meet and gather the "journeys" (the spirals).

Throughout the entire "Zandi escapades," the DRC seemed to be concerned. They seemed to know Zandi personally somehow, and were worried what his motives were - if he simply wanted attention or something more. They seemed worried about where he was leading us, and his use of the spiral. Some of their concerned posts can be seen at:

"Security" thread
"Games" thread

Then, one day, Zandi dropped a bombshell on the DRC, and a thrill upon the D'ni community. On a page titled URU, he invited those who were interested in taking a journey to D'ni to write to him. Apparently a group was chosen, and taken down to D'ni. (OOC: This is actually assumed to be an invitation to beta-test Cyan's new game, titled Uru, that will allow us to explore the D'ni caverns online in a 3drt environment). Although some of those who received a reply from Zandi are known, there are many more who are unknown. It seems that nearly a hundred "unauthorized explorers" have entered D'ni. See the DRC's reaction at:

"His Game has Begun!" thread
"URU Explorers thread"

Fairly recently, in an attempt to relieve some of the mystery and awe from Zandi, Dr. Watson posted his history here. It states that Zandi is the son of someone named Elias - a man who owned the land under which D'ni is located. When Elias died, Zandi inherited this land. Zandi's views on the D'ni Restoration seem to be a bit different from the DRCs. Zandi seems to believe he was "called" by some remnant of D'ni blood flowing in his viens to D'ni, and wants it to be a spiritual as well as a physical restoration. This post also finally confirms, after all the hints on GRID, that D'ni is actually located under New Mexico.

In April of 2002, the D'ni Restoration Council website opened to the public. According to the site, the D'ni Restoration Council is a group of people (included our beloved Dr. Watson) who are currently working to restore D'ni so that it can be opened to the public.

The Information For New Members section of the DRC forums explains much of the important information about the DRC and their work.

Eventually, however, a strange figure named Zandi began to make appearances on the DRC boards, dropping strange clues. These clues included coordinates that led to a site in New Mexico, "The gathered are known by their faces of stone," "aistream," "billboard," and "Current Argus." Theories abounded about the meaning of these clues. It wasn't until a fax included the coordinates was sent to the Mysterium attendees, however, that the thought came up to actually send someone to the site. Geocachers were sent out, and discovered that a billboard had once been there that included a spiral with 9 lines protuding from it, and more coordinates.

At around the same time, Zandi opened up a photo album online which included a picture of him wearing a shirt with a spiral it. Finally, looking in the Current Argus (a Carlsbad Newspaper) for August 4th, a full page picture of the same spiral was found.

Geocachers were sent out to the second set of coordinates. The area was riddled with Anasazi petroglyphs. At the place where the coordinates pointed, however, the petroglyph was of a face drawn on stone (a "face of stone"). Buried in the ground at the area was a metal replica of the spiral, with the words "preafter" carved into it three times. Going online, preafter.com turned out to be Zandi's website. On the front page was a picture of the spiral.

For a time we were not sure what the next step would be, but Zandi provided another clue "Show the gathered, with the Journey, at the face." Assuming the Journey was the spiral, the geocachers took a picture of themselves holding the spiral in front of the face of stone. This picture was added to the preafter site, replacing the first line from the spiral. The picture was labeled by Zandi as "the gathered."

Soon after, new clues appeared as a link on the second line from the spiral at preafter. There were is ISBN #s for two books (In Search of Schrodinger's Cat and Time). Underneath it reads "Personal proof is required." Most currently believe we will have to send Zandi a picture of someone holding the books.

For more information on Zandi, see Zardoz's Zandi site: http://home.attbi.com/~zardoz05/zandi.htm