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retro clothes vintage clothes

 old toys and furniture

for movies and television

I am a collector  of retro clothes and furniture for the film and television industry. 

I hire or sell my items.

Airline Bags, mens and ladies shoes, clothes and furniture, tin money boxes, groovy telephones "Ericofon", Skippy plate, net petticoat, bed spreads, and more

Here are some photos of just a few of the items. Too many to photograph.

Airline Bags





Pict0794.jpg (26772 bytes)


Original Black and white plastic raincoat 1960's  Plastic raincoats are very hard to find.   White platform shoes 1970's. 




A very unusual dress and hard to describe. It was professionally made and has a mesh type outer  with raised flowers on it.







Petticoat has elastic around the waist


  Mens white with metal buckle. Famous Saxon brand


Ericofon groovy telephones.  They are a one piece unit. Dial tone on base of phone. On wall is the original sales brochure.



I wil be adding more photos soon but you can email me with your requests