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Julie Gaffney #06

Julie in D3


Born: 1979

You can see Colombe as the "lobster for a dollar in Cambodia" girl in Men in Black II.

Toastburglar's Julie Ramblings:

Sometimes Julie makes me sick. Straight A student, perfect body, teeth, game. Julie grew up as a princess, I can tell. She's daddy's little girl, mommy's little angel. She may play hockey, but she doesn't take hits. Ok, don't yell at me, I know she's strong, and a good role model or whatever. In fact, I'm probably more like Julie than I am like Connie, if I really thought about it. But I won't.

If there had to be another girl on the team, I'm just happy it was Julie and not Tami Duncan *shudder* (I am so afraid of her, she really scares me!). Goldberg trying to make her fat is truly hilarious. Partly because it probably got her thinking about her weight and made her go semi-anorexic. Ha ha. (Ah, I'm so sadistic).

A few points: Julie would not be good friends with Connie (even though Julie would probably try to be), if she did go out with a member of the team, Adam would suit her fairly nicely (but I don't think she would date anyone on the team), and I don't think showed the world what she could do.

Julie in D2

"Excuse me boys, but, could you help me with my pads?"