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Les Averman #04

Averman in D2


Born: June 22, 1977

To the best of my knowledge, Matt Doherty has not done any acting since D3

Toastburglar's Averman Ramblings:

I love Averman. Everybody loves Averman (well, I don't think Connie likes him that much). He's so funny and his "Save goalie, goalie" chant in D1 is a classic. I have this really obscure theory that his father is in a wheelchair and his sister died in a car accident. Don't ask me why, I just feel it fits. The funny guy always has the saddest childhood.

Then there's that whole name change thing. You know, his name's Dave in D1 and Lester in D2. If you want an explaination, I think his name's probably just Dave Lester Averman. His family calls him Lester, but Dave would show up on Coach Bombay's roster.

"But, but, but, but..." (D2)

"Hey, goalie goalie, save goalie goalie" (D1)