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Babes in Toyland (also known as: Revenge is Sweet and

March of the Wooden Soldiers)

(released November 30, 1934)

Stannie Dum and Ollie Dee are working in the toy factory of Toyland. They help little Bo-Beep (Charlotte Henry), who is forced into a marriage with the evil Silas Barnaby.

But, as usual, the Boys think up a brilliant solution: Stannie Dum will take the place of the bride!

In the end, Stannie and Ollie save Toyland by beating off a bogey men attack by using toy soldiers and a cannon.

Stan Laurel wasn't quite happy about making this film, because he thought it wasn't a right story for Stan & Ollie. On the other hand, it was Oliver Hardy's favourite film. It has some very good moments, and you must notice the presence of the three little pigs and Mickey Mouse. Hal Roach was a very good friend of Walt Disney, and got permission to show these characters. In return, Laurel & Hardy starred (in animated version, of course) in a few cartoons made by Disney, like "Mother Goose Goes to Hollywood" (1938). This film was colourized a couple of years ago, and this really helps it: the scenery cost several thousands of dollars, and it certainly looks magnificent in colour.

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