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Arnold, Paul Evan


Born:  December 12, 1967

SS # X0X-9X-0900

Blood Type: A+

67", 188 lbs

Employed as a Federal Dentist and also in the United States Army Reserves (Deployed)

Update:  Currently stationed at LSA Adder, Iraq

Last HIV Test: August 4, 2007


Married: Kimberly A. Arnold (Flaugher)


Who currently practices at: 

mapdental.jpg (73575 bytes)

3161 Oakland Avenue

Catlettsburg, Ky 41129



Both graduated in 1993 from the University of Kentucky


Kimberly originally wanted to obtain an Ohio license so that she could take over for James Schweickart who was recovering from back surgery.

Paul also applied for an Ohio license to work at Portsmouth Community Action Dental Clinic

NEWEST UPDATE:::: Apparently Paul has a small penis!  He also has been known to have a crazy mustache!

Updated: October 8, 2007


The big t is a big fat ass


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