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This is before I bought the car, and any mods were done to it...

 mustang3.jpg (71809 bytes)                 mustang2.jpg (72608 bytes)            mustang1.jpg (89096 bytes)



engine 1.jpg (53986 bytes)                engine 2.jpg (46971 bytes)   

and some pics of the V6 engine and tranny out of the car:

oldengine.jpg (41693 bytes)              oldengine2.jpg (39052 bytes)              engine3.jpg (42669 bytes)


Pics of the V8 engine going in:

all open.jpg (55951 bytes)                    v8engine.jpg (38820 bytes)            onblocks.jpg (34514 bytes)

engine.jpg (54083 bytes)

Pics of the First new V8 engine before and after chroming and powdercoating:

  engineclean.jpg (1185107 bytes)     engineright.jpg (1163074 bytes)   engineleft.jpg (1236671 bytes)





  UPDATED February 9, 2009



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